let me help you demystify the process of wrapping a business around your coaching work.


Blissfully booked will help you to create a coaching practice that is authentic to you, connects you with your ideal clients, and continuously generates new bookings. In particular, we're going to work together to create your first 12 paying clients income in 90 days or less


I am Elizabeth Archibong and  I'm the voice behind Minted Creative. I not only have a background in marketing and business  (I started my first business 12 years ago), I'm currently immersing myself in what is known as the "three principles"  / transformative coaching. Learning how to delve even deeper into the human experience and how we navigate it to create a deep sense of inner security, confidence and strength that will transform the way we  "do" business  and life

I have a unique combination of expertise and experience that I am excited to make available to you.


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