class one: Your program

This week, you'll learn how to create  a program that actually solves problems people WANT to pay you premium prices for - even before you start creating content for it. You'll learn how to get paid BEFORE you spend time and energy to create a single piece of content. With this program outline, you will then be able to create multiple offers that fit your specific business model


CLASS two: YOUR sales invitations

You'll learn how to create new clients and ask for fees congruent with the life-changing work you do. we'll cover sales pages, email sequences, online workshops and sales conversations. you'll learn to slow down and shift out of the "getting a client" mindset into simply building relationships that reap rewards for both you and your ideal client. 



  It's much easier being who you truly are instead of trying to emulate someone else. You’ll learn how to select images and write authentic copy for your Facebook ads and landing pages, so you can easily open and continue relationships with your ideal clients on your own terms.

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  You'll learn how to target and customize your audience on the most popular platform available to date, so you'll never again have to ask :"where can i get clients?" . (These are the exact strategies I use to create clients and earn an income – and they can be applied to all types of paid traffic and online marketing.) 

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CLASS Five: YOUR marketing makeover

  Our final week together will be on implementation and laser coaching. We'll focus specifically on ad assessments, sales pages and refining your marketing flow for optimal results. You'll also learn how to make your systems work harder by learning how to test and track your success, which will eliminate all the frustration and guesswork drama.