Creating Success From Inside-Out

When it comes to manifesting / creating things in the world, generally we as human beings tend to use two different creative sources:

  •  Willpower ( aka: motivation / logical thought). This is the one that starts with a huge burst of energy. It burns quick and fast. Its nature is more top of the mind. It is what defines you. It tells you who you are and what you need to do to keep maintaining that illusion. It needs to be topped up constantly or performance starts flagging. Eventually wear and tear occurs from the build up of so much pressure, and it has to be taken out of commission for some kind of tune up or patch up before it can start working optimally again.


  •  Intuition ( aka: spirit): This is sustainable energy. It’s nature is impersonal. It doesn’t really care about defining you. It’s all about what you want to create. It’s about what you want to create and bring to life in the world. It is the one that resides deep within you. It is the one that runs smoothly without any energy spikes. It doesn’t need to be topped up, so performance is not affected by wear and tear of pressure build up. It is designed to keep sustaining itself without any outside support.

In the personal development world, there seems to be two clear camps and most guides seem to  focus exclusively one one of these creative sources
Usually, most people that depend on willpower will admit that whilst you have to top up your motivation everyday for it to be effective,  it is possible to do and absolutely vital, to create the success you want. 

People that depend on intuition focus more on spirit power. They seem to suggest that all you need to do is to think the right thoughts and feel the right feelings and success will automatically happen. They seem to gloss over the other actions that these people take to create success.

From my personal experience, it takes BOTH creative sources to create and bring the unknown to life. Both of these creative sources are designed to work together and they serve different purposes. No one gets very far without taking some sort of action and no one sustains the desire for success without inspiration that comes beyond just willpower.  The problem arises when we believe that only one is capable of doing all the work

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So going back to goals or intentions. Here’s how I usually experience using both creative source to manifest and create results.

Your intuition is the actual mastermind of the operation. It is the one that when you are connected to it, gives you the fastest and easiest route (actions to take) to get to where you want to go - and you will find that sometimes, there is less to do than you think.  

Your logical mind / willpower is what takes over when you’ve received the game plan from your spirit. And it will take that inspiration and begin to execute using your own personal  / unique flavour.

Both of these each have their purpose and work seamlessly to create LIFE. When you’re able to see this, the journey starts getting more enjoyable. You don’t have to worry about what to do next, because moment by moment, it will be shown to you. And all you have to do, it take it, trust it and use it to get to where you want to go.

You’ll know when you’re not using the right creative source for the purpose for which it was created by FEELING. When things feel tight, stressed, burned out then there’s a high chance that you’re using you’re trying to use your willpower alone to get the job done - and it not designed to do that. 

When you’re feeling a sense of ease and flow, ten it is highly likely that your system is running the way it was designed to run.

But you don’t need to worry about which creative source to use at any given time. The human mind is designed to switch seamlessly from one to the other…but you do need to notice when you’re not allowing things to work the way they’re supposed to and you do this by noticing the way you FEEL. 

So here’s a summary of all of the above….

Sprit / Intuition - guidance on what actions to take

Willpower / Logical mind - execution of action

Feelings - tell you which creative source you’re running on

(spirit / Intuition) + (willpower / logical mind) = success

you don’t need to worry about which creative source to use at any given time. The human mind is designed to find balance for success


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Elizabeth Archibong