Living Your Story

/ R I G H T. N O W / this moment.. this is all there is. This the hardest and somewhat easiest thing that I've had to accept on this self-care journey

Its been hard because I've always been a compulsive goal setter.. continuously setting goals for every area of my life.. with the " GET IT! hustle HARD!" attitude. 

The problem comes from thinking your self worth and happiness exist in the goals that you set for yourself. The problem comes when your sense of well-bring is connected to how well you think you're doing with your goals.. and since I was constantly raising the bar and setting new and bigger goals, I never felt I was doing well enough to believe I had finally "made it". there's always more action to take.. more targets I could reach, so there was never a sense of contentment with where I was RIGHT NOW.... and eventually burnout, weight gain and ill health became something I was familiar with. 

The thing is, there is nowhere for you to get to - you're just HERE.. this doesn't mean you'll no longer have ideas of experiences you want to have.. it doesn't mean you can't upgrade your car, finances, job or even relationship.. it just means that you don't spend all the time in your head believing you've failed because it's not happening exactly the way you think it should so you won't get to the "promised land"

Opportunities to create new life experiences come easily not because you've pushed harder than everyone else, but because you see your present story in a different light.

Elizabeth Archibong