3 compelling reasons to trust me ...

When I tell you about creating transformation and manifesting with ease.


I am Elizabeth. I’m not hotshot or guru ( but i sometimes play that on the internet)

I have manifested /  created countless “impossible” things in my life in the past two yearsto know that what I share here CAN and WILL also serve you as well.

here are some of the “impossible” things I have created so far:

  • a large and consistent inflow of money when I had no job,  to pay off personal and family debts as well as maintain our standard of living
  • Free fully paid holidays in luxury hotels
  • House renovations with zero to little budget
  •  and so much more

I  have a short attention span

Which means I don’t do meditation or affirmations or visualisations so well…. and yet I create “impossible things” on a daily basis without them, and so can you.

I’m not perfect…

I'm incredibly lazy, over-weight, anti-social and prone to random kindle ebook binges so i’m the perfect person to teach other “imperfect” people looking for an uncomplicated process to create the “impossible” outcomes in their lives

You don’t need to be perfect, meditate, chant and create endless affirmations to manifest speedy and accurate results



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