The hesitant stolen kiss, a rustle in the dark and your intentions coming to life…

The first bite of decadent cake, your first kiss or that stolen summer nap does not even come close to the first high you get when you see your intentions come to life - without the excessive willpower and mental torture that you previously thought you needed to have

Imagine this…

you’ve set you intentions, and you’re staying with the feeling and suddenly, things seems to unfold more beautifully than you could ever have imagined. 

You start to notice all sorts of things synchronising and working together - sometimes without you even having to get involved in the process; And outcomes that may have eluded you previously begin to happen seemingly `all by themselves.

What seemed so impossible suddenly has a clear path of delivery.

You suddenly get an insight that it’s not about how hard you work, or whether you deserve it or not, but about how consistent you are in maintaining your inner wisdom.