the girl behind the voice

I'm Elizabeth Archibong. Founder of Minted Creative.


I believe that there is a deeper part of us that is already perfect and whole, exactly as it is. It doesn’t require us to learn or remember anything. It just provides a chance to keep looking inwards into our true nature. And in that place where out true nature resides, so does our wellbeing and creativity that drives all we create in the outside world.

Here are a few things to know about me:

  • I am not "enlightened", nor do I pretend I am likely to be so during this lifetime; but I am certainly enjoying this journey of discovery on what creates life experiences.
  • I’m genuinely happy and at peace than I’ve been in years - which is no mean feat coming someone who has been a high functioning depressive for a large part of her life.
  • I’m as insecure, impatient, and emotional as the next person; but I find that this doesn’t impact my ability to enjoy life to it’s fullest or my effectiveness in my world.
  • As a transformative coach, I share the inside out understanding with people and watch as they discover a deeper part of themselves that allows them create crazy beautiful outcomes in their lives. 

Why does all this matter?  Well,  I’m simply trying to show you that :

a) I’m not perfect. I'm still human just like you with my own fu*&%d up baggage AND
b) being human can be really amazing the more you get out of your own way and moment by moment, allow the deeper part of you - your inner wisdom, to guide and move you forward.

The one thing I can share with you about this journey you’re about to start is that, there is nothing to remember or learn. There’s just a chance to keep looking deeper -  in a different direction where your true nature resides and is waiting to support you in creating the life you really deserve.