In the next few pages, I’m going to “reframe” your reality … just a little — but enough to give you some big “Ah-Ha!” moments.

I’m going to show you a simple insight that holds the key to amazingly accurate and speedy manifestations.

Truth is … accurate and speedy manifestations are simply a matter of detachment and “allowing” what you want to come through.

It’s not that most us don’t know this simple fact, but the difficulty is that we have a problem sticking to this simple premise – despite our best intentions.

But what if we shifted our perspective on what manifesting is and our part in that process?

Could “Allowing” and detachment become a lot easier?

Here’s the thing…

we are already manifesting and creating from inside out every single day – without exception.

Every single one of us is doing it – whether you believe in manifesting or not.

But most don’t realise that they’re manifesting and that it happens automatically.

We see manifesting as separate. We view it as a tool that we can whip out when we want to acquire things in our lives.

We don’t see it as a built-in system that is already working in our lives – which is exactly what it is.

At present, most of us use this inbuilt system to create unconsciously. But you CAN consciously harness it until it becomes a habit that you don’t have to think too hard about to get results.

This means you already have the power within you to create and manifest. You don’t have to get it with some “5 step process” or “ritual” that you use to force or bribe the universe to respond.

That, right there, should be your first big “Ah-Ha!” moment.

Here’s something else to think about…

I was on the net the other day looking a recipe for a thick all purpose tomato sauce. I can’t stand watery tomato sauce. It’s just wrong in so many ways.

I’d tried a lot of recipes. Some were good but almost always ended up bitter after cooking for long periods.

And then I stumbled on Cook’s country. And they had a “killer” all purpose tomato sauce recipe that hit my 3 point trifecta:

  1. It was thick.
  2. Wonderfully sweet.
  3. Didn’t require me standing at the stove top for long periods of time.

And the single key that ensured this “all perfect result” was :

Squeezing out the tomatoes’ seeds BEFORE adding the tomatoes to the slow cooker.

Err…And that’s it.

It turns out that tomato seeds get bitter over long cooking times.

So doing this ONE step of squeezing them out at the start of the process guarantees a sweet thick sauce… AND you don’t need any special equipment to sift out seeds at the end.

I couldn’t believe that just one simple step in the process was the key to the perfect outcome that I’d been searching for.

So why did I share this 3 minute commercial about my tomato sauce quest?


I think for most people, their perceptions of how attainable the “perfect outcome” is — is way out of whack

If for you, blissful living involves having a perfectly thick tomato sauce always on tap, then perhaps you might want to check out the cook’s country and their “killer” recipe.


Point is, this page is not about convincing you to fall in love with tomato sauce (unless you want to)…

… I’m simply using tomato sauce as an illustration of how a simple step or change in perspective can pump up your manifesting results. And how understanding the basic underlying elements of manifesting can get you there.


My aim is to “reframe” your perception somewhat… and then show you how easy it is to get rid of manifesting blocks. So your manifestations come quickly *no matter what manifesting technique or process you choose* to use.

Your manifesting process can be whatever you want it to be. As long as you understand what the broader manifesting principles are and the major blocks that can stop the manifesting process.

For a majority of people, the struggle has always been…

…” why aren’t things happening?”

And even if things are happening, there is no full control of what they create. There are lots of hits and misses – especially with the big things that they want to manifest.

A lot of people kill themselves with non-stop action. They practice endless techniques and strategies for manifesting results quickly.

Why? Because they “think” that’s what they need to do.


In the next few pages, I’m going to lay out a simple understanding. One that I use to dissolve manifesting blocks to get results quickly – regardless of what technique or process I choose to use.

Because a better understanding of HOW to look at a problem is what determines the actions that we choose to take. Always.

One last thing … I’m not selling anything here. Nada. I don’t even need you to give me your email address before you get into this.

So get a coffee, get comfortable and relax.

Let’s start.

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