Even if you’ve taken a zillion other courses (but never finished any)
Even if you think you’ve seen and done it all (with no results)
Even if you’ve tried every affirmation, EFT, goal writing and vision boarding (with no results)
Even if you think “manifesting”  is all “woo-woo”  kumbaya, hug-a-tree stuff ( and you are decidedly NOT one of those or ever inclined to be)

here’s how:

An understanding of What the universe really is (it’s not what you think) +
How the human experience is really created (because your feelings play a big part here) +
Aligning yourself with ease to the universe +
Clearing Resistance

Manifesting With Ease


4 energy sucking thoughts people have when it comes to creating speedy and accurate manifesting results

Energy sucking thought 1:  “I don’t deserve it”   "I need to be/do/get X..before Y can happen”

Waiting for everything to be perfect is what holds you back. The universe does not have emotions, so it does not care if you deserve it or not. It only cares that you WANT it and you have the feelings to support that want.

Energy sucking thought 2: “manifesting is woo-woo and airy fairy and i’m not into the esoteric stuff”

Manifesting is just another way of saying “creating” /  “bringing to life” / “making real” or better still “allowing” what is already wanting to come to life through you. It is and can be as practical as you want it to be. There are a lot of non esoteric people that “create the impossible” every single day by simply “allowing” what they WANT to be a possibility

Energy sucking thought 3: “i’m not sure if this is possible” / "I don't know if I can do this"

 here’s the truth -  you don’t have to believe in yourself or how possible it is. But, you have to give yourself permission to WANT to create it. only you can give yourself permission to allow the life you want to come to life. Whether it’s a new job, a new relationship, getting out of a bad situation, or new business… the only permission you need, is the one you give yourself.

Energy sucking thought 4: “but my horoscope says….” or “mercury retrograde…” :

I love astrology as much as the next girl but you truly don’t need this to create the “impossible” in your life. Stop using mercury retrograde as an excuse not to create the results you want.


Manifesting with ease

Because those desires and ideas that arise in your head, are not just fluffy dreams but LIFE being summoned through you…and it’s up to you to change your mind about what is possible to ALLOW them come through or not

There are no action plan worksheets, manuals or checklists here. All you are required to bring is:

  1. Something you would love to create
  2. Your willingness to change your mind about what is actually possible in your life once and for all



3 Compelling ways you life is about to change for the better

This is YOU:  with a peaceful grounded feeling.

No more running on fear and anxiety but on trust that you are part of the creation process and what you intend to create doesn’t have to be pushed or forced to life…the perfect solution always presents itself to you…ALWAYS

Your unique step by step creation process for whatever you want, being presented to you moment by moment without you having to DO anything


This is YOU: Absolutely NO more hard visualisations or repeated affirmations.

No writing things down and making a journal. No having to dig deep about things that occurred in the past to create your new life…because there is absolutely no need for it


This is YOU:  transforming your outcome from one of effort and stress, to one of ease and joy

 Take the pressure off yourself to produce results at any cost and instead resting in your innate well-being, enjoying your life, following your wisdom, so things often seem to unfold more beautifully than you could ever have imagined. You start to notice all sorts of synchronicities and serendipities, and outcomes that may have eluded you for previously begin to happen seemingly `all by themselves.


How will you get there?

Well, this is where what i teach is different from other courses out there

There is no technique or system to learn or overwhelm yourself with.  This is not a self help program.  This is a program that will show you something you already know but could never articulate. But being able to finally see it, to articulate it, will change everything.

Imagine: What if you don’t have to believe in yourself or even believe what you want is possible to be able to create it?