insight provides the answers



insight. AS human beings, it is what powers our creativity and makes our experience of life seem effortless...


Everything created via insight always seems simple and effortless. It's when we try to "figure it out" that it feels like pushing a boulder up a hill.

The goal of Minted Creative is simple - to help people see themselves more simply and accurately through insights. 

The last thing we, as human beings need is Advice.

When we're are in a low state of mind with a lot of clutter going on, we rarely find advice useful. But when our minds are settled and a space begins to open up in there, we find that we do not need advice; Because insight begins to flow with ease and all the answers we need, present themselves without effort


where other coaches start with the problem, I start with what is true for all human beings...




wellbeing is our true nature

No willpower is needed. No going back to our pasts to find the reason why things are happening.

Before all that we "think" defines us...before our brain and psychology, there is just the blank page that is us. That is where our true nature resides and where all our conversations start from. When we are able to see this part of ourselves, our perspective on all other "problems" begin to shift.



our experience of life is inside-out

The interplay of the three principles of mind, thought and consciousness allows us to always see how our entire experience of life is created moment by moment.  Although it always feels like we are experiencing life as it in the world around us, our experiences are generated within us.



slower brings faster results

It’s not about absorbing tons of information, taking notes and creating to-do lists. It’s ALWAYS about opening up a space in your mind for the answers you need, to come though - and the slower you are, the faster it comes.