class one: Your idea

This class covers your course idea. You'll learn how to pick topics that are already popular with tons of people already seeking a solution for the problem you could solve. We'll cover your revenue goals, lock down your offer and positioning. Get your launch timeline decided as well as your tech requirements set up.  You'll learn how to create  a mini course AND a free offer that actually solve problems people WANT to pay you premium prices for - even before you start creating content for it. 



You now have an idea, timeline, revenue and tech goals for your mini course locked down. It's time to outline your sales and landing pages. I'll share with you quick ways of writing pages and emails that get people to take action. You'll have MY landing and sales pages to use as a starting point for creating yours. We'll get you set up to start getting leads that will be interested in what you're selling.


CLASS three: YOUR Leads

  It's time to turn on the tap and get people to know about your mini course idea.  You’ll learn how to select images and write authentic copy for your Facebook ads.  You'll learn how to target and customize your audience so you're maximising your small budget. I'll show you how to set up a simple $100 campaign that brings in leads for days and you can use over and over again. You'll get access to my best performing ads to use as a starting point as well.

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CLASS Four: YOUR Product

  We've got your launch sequence in place. You've got leads signing up for your free offer, going through your  simple but highly effective launch process. You've made a few sales. It's time to deliver your product. I'll share with you simple ways of quickly creating  and delivering a high quality product that your customers will enjoy - even if you're not tech savvy. 

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CLASS Five: YOUR evergreen sales

  Our final class together will be focused on your metrics and taking your sales even further. We'll also focus on implementation and laser coaching. We'll focus specifically on ad assessments, sales pages and refining your marketing flow for optimal results. You'll also learn how to make your systems work harder by learning how to test and track your success, which will eliminate all the frustration and guesswork drama.