KATHRYN TILBURY - Exercise Rehabilitation & Fitness Specialist

Elizabeth helped me channel my passion and what I am good at into a legitimate working business.  She has been the catalyst for a huge shift in the way I think about my business and she has given me not only a solid structure to move forward but also the confidence to do it. 




CAROLINE GOYDER - Author of "Gravitas" (Ebury) | Speaker | Trainer | Coach

Elizabeth's clear-thinking, no-nonsense advice is brilliant. She is concise, expert and creative and helps you clarify your thinking and get the result you want, fast. Highly recommended!




CAROLINE CARTER - Beauty Specialist

 Elizabeth  helped me focus on who I am, and what my business is.  Not only has my knowledge improved drastically, she has helped me organise my whole life! Setting aside time for  working on my business not in my business and taking time out to recuperate and enjoy other aspects of my life.