Alignment: One Powerful Question For How To Create Instant Clarity

Alignment occurs in the absence of complexity. When your ‘thinking’ begins to crowd everything out in your mind, that's when things need to get less complicated.



It is something we crave but yet, find so elusive at times.

But the problem is not that we can’t get it easily, instead it’s more about HOW we go about trying to get it.

We assume that there are a lot of processes we need to go through to get this clarity.

And this in itself, is what causes the chaos and noise in our minds.

Today, I’m going to show a simple way to get back to your default space of innate clarity in minutes.

Let’s get started.

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The Key To Clarity Comes From Permitting Yourself To be Consistently Average.

Most often, it seems so daunting when we’re at the start position.

Most of us get stuck at that ‘start’ position.

We want to know how we’ll ever get it done. 

And we get obsessed with time.

Then we fall into the  ‘manifest it’ or take ‘massive action’ camps.

Some of us make the mistake in assuming that “manifesting” means what we want will appear from thin air OR not at all.

And others assume that if we’re not seeing what we want, then we’re not doing enough.


But here’s how the magic happens:

Being consistently average.

And that’s it!

Show up and be as average as you can.

But do so consistently.



Because being your boring and average self is something you can do even when you’re asleep.

The problem comes when you want to be super-star every moment of the day.

It’s exhausting and not sustainable.

And even the “super-stars” will tell you that there are a lot of boring and average days between showing up as a star.

The key to clarity and actually getting things done over time is to make it sustainable.

I don’t care what it is: weight loss, money, business, school.

Make your actions sustainable and consistent.

And then take a step back mentally and allow it to flow and become what it wants to be.

Consistently Showing Up As You Are Is What Creates Space For Things To Flow With Ease.

The next question I always get is:

Could it be that easy?

And my response is;

Why not?

Is there a reason why it should be complicated?

Would the level of complexity validate the results more for you?

Because here’s the thing:

When you’re in the flow and being your average self, there’s not much to think about.

And there’s not much to complicate.

There’s only you in your simplest form showing up to whatever you permit yourself to show up to.

Along the way, things come together and opportunities you never imagined present themselves.

That is what being in alignment is all about.

And sooner or later, when your ‘thinking’ begins to crowd everything out… the only question to ask yourself is;

“What would this look like if it were easy?”

The answer you get to this question will do 2 things for you;

  • It will show you what your next step could be.
  • Also, it will show how your mind has been making things complicated and problematic.


We all have calcified thoughts that we hold onto about so many things. And these calcified thoughts have become beliefs that take the form of ‘gospel truth ‘ to a lot of us.


We look at life through the lens of these old and calcified thought and thinking.

And, we complicate life more than it needs to be.

But ‘thought’ by its nature is not meant to be held onto. It is fluid. And It is energy that is meant to pass through you moment by moment.

As it does so, it brings “fresh” thinking and feelings with it.

Your job through all this movement going on is to permit yourself to consistently show up and be average.

Your Innate Wisdom Is Always Providing Clarity, But You'll Only Hear It When You Create Space To Do So.

Ask yourself:

What would this look like if it were easy?

Go with what comes up because that is where your innate wisdom is showing up.

It is where the “manifesting” part of the equation enters the flow.

And after that, all you do is keep showing up and let time do the rest.

So, here’s to you being your average self as often as you permit it to happen.

And here’s to life being a lot easier and less complicated than we all love to make it.

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