Letting Things Be: One Authentic Way For How To Simplify Your Life And Feel More Secure.



“To let go does not mean to get rid of.

To let go means to let be.

When we let be with compassion, things come and go on their own.”

–Jack Kornfield.

This has been what I’ve been learning over the past couple of years. Feeling the pressure and Letting things be anyway.

Allowing things to happen

It goes against our usual instincts in our society — we are doers, hustler, creators of our destiny.

We are taught to make things happen … and not to wait for it to happen!

So, letting things be is not our normal way.

And when we talk about simplifying our lives, it usually implies doing more stuff.

But today, we’re going explore what letting things be can look like if we allow it.

I’m going to share what feeling pressure but letting things be can look like when we’re on the journey to creating more of what we want to see in our lives.

Let’s get started.

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letting things be

Letting things be starts with understanding that no matter what you’re working or dealing with, that thing always knows what it wants to be.

I’m going to start by sharing a snippet from one of my morning pages.

“… if this is not going through, what then?

Not pushing this makes me feel naked.

It makes me feel like I’ll no longer have something to hide behind.

And that in itself is surprising and revealing to me.

It’s revealing because no matter how far I’ve come, it seems I’m still trying to hide.


But I know deep down that just because I’ve decided to let it be what it wants to be doesn’t mean things are standing still.

It simply means that things will decide if, when and how and I’m not involved in that process.

I have to be okay with that.


The thing being reinforced here for me is that:

When I let things be what they want to be,

I close the door to the constant urge to judge and shame.

Instead, It feels like I clear the path for opportunities.

Opportunities that always come from allowing things to unfold on their own and in their own time


And as I’ve seen in the past and keep seeing up to this moment, when I’m not trying to make things become what I want them to be…

They become what they CAN be and reach their full potential.

And what they can be is …beautiful.; But only If I let it be so.”

2020 is the start of a new 7-year cycle for me. (I speak more about cycles in this tribe conversation)

And as with all new cycles, there are so many ideas of what we think MUST come or happen.

We’re so engrossed in what we assume is “the journey” that it’s difficult to see the wood for the trees sometimes.

And for me, what prompted this particular morning page, was that…

…Up until that moment, I had so many projects and directions that I wanted to take my business.

But somehow, my business kept wanting to go in a different direction.

And It kept showing and giving clues of that direction. 


It seems so obvious as I write this now, but it’s taken me almost 2 years to let things go in this direction.

The curious thing is that just as I made the decision to do so, a clear path and opportunity opened up almost immediately.

A path and opportunity that is aligned to what the business wants to be but also with my deepest desire.


But the point of this conversation was to share the art of letting things be what they want to be.

I’ve found and I keep seeing evidence that:

No matter what you’re working with or dealing with, that thing and situation will always know what it wants to be.

Letting things be what they want to be is what creates a clear path forward with no effort from you.

Long before you’re ready for it, whatever you’re dealing with, will keep giving you clues of what it wants to be.

The drama comes when you don’t recognise that.

It comes when you try to talk yourself away from it.

When you get scared because you think you’ll not get what you want if you go in a different direction.


And as you’ve seen, in my case, I kept resisting the signs because that path I insisted on was like a security blanket for me.

It made me feel protected.

As long as I was trying to make the business what I thought it “SHOULD” be, I had a purpose.

And without this purpose, I felt naked, exposed and wanting.

I have found this to be the case for a lot of people that struggle with letting things be what they want to be.

They tend to ask this question in one form or the other:

“Well, if I’m not doing this, what will become of me?…what will people say/think?”

This question rests on the assumption that if you’re not trying to CREATE the path, then there will be no way forward.

It never occurs that letting things be what they want to be is what creates a clear path forward with no effort from you.

A path that will always align with your deepest desires and not necessarily your surface WANTS.

Once you get used to allowing the thing to be what it wants to be, that’s when the pressure, judgement and the shame begin to fall away.

Because now, you are a passenger on the journey.

And what happens as a passenger, is that you get the freedom to see clearly without pressure.

You’ll see sights and sounds that you will have missed before when you were too busy trying to drive the train and lay the tracks at the same time.


When you can accept that things will be what they want to be, it easy for you to accept detours on your journey.

You won’t fight them so hard.

It’s easy to accept things for what they are and be open for others to come easily to you.

Finally, It’s also easy to see the infinite nature of WHO you are.

And with this, you see what you can achieve when you’re working WITH the nature of things rather against them.

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