The Art Of Allowing: How To Let More OF What You Want Come To You

Knowing the difference between trying to "make things happen" and "allowing things to happen" is what ensures how quickly they come with ease.


The art of allowing is simply giving yourself permission to fall back to your default state of creating with innate wisdom.

That’s it.

We are designed to create. 

That is why we’re here.

But we tend to take what should be a simple and natural process and make it into something more complicated than it needs to be.

I’m going to share a simple insight into the art of allowing so that it becomes natural part of how to create more things in your life with ease.

Let’s get started. 

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The Difference Between "Making Things Happen" And "Allowing Things To Happen."

One of the first and biggest insights I got at the start of my journey was understanding the true difference between “making things happen” and “allowing things to happen.”

A majority of us have a default position of trying to “make things happen.”


We operate under the false premise that trying to “make things happen” means that we can ensure and guarantee that we have a good and happy life.

And we tend to associate the act of trying to “make things happen” with only the good things we want to see in our lives.

We believe that if the things we want don’t come, it’s because we didn’t or couldn’t “make them happen”.


But when it comes to “allowing things to happen,” we tend to associate it with bad things happening.

Because in our minds, it signifies not being in control of the outcome.

It signifies not taking active action to go after what we want.

And to some of us, it also seems to mean that what we want will ultimately not come because we didn’t do anything to “make it happen”

But here's what I see about "making stuff happen" vs "allowing things to happen"

When it comes to trying to make stuff happen, we begin with an underlying premise and baseline of the “microwave lifestyle.”

Meaning that once we’ve finally decided that we want something, our minds go into the trained and default of mode of wanting it “right now.”

And the process of trying to “make it happen” begins.


Your mind begins to push and tell you that everything you’ve had before is no longer good enough.

It moves you to have a sense of urgency around this new thing that you don’t have but absolutely MUST have.

And in some extreme cases, it tells you that life as you’ve known it is not worth living until this new desire comes into your life.

So everything else begins to seem lacklustre.


The more you keep getting distracted by the momentary thoughts passing through your mind about the absence of this new thing you desire in your life…

…The more you keep getting dragged around by your emotions.

You’ll keep taking desperate actions on the outside that lead to nowhere but more misery and unnecessary drama.


This is usually where I get people telling me how unhappy they are with their jobs, relationships, business, life etc. and how they don’t “feel” like they’re living their purpose.

And that they “feel” they must do something before it gets too late to do anything.

Change, Freewill and The Urge To Create Things In Our Lives is A Natural Process.

Here’s what I say to people when we’re talking about this.

Wanting a change is normal.

It is what makes us human.

When we notice what we don’t like, we inevitably begin to get a sense of what we’d like.

It’s a natural process that takes place whether we want it to happen or not.



After this point, there is always a choice.

This is where your free will kicks in.

You can “allow” what you want to happen or you can fall into the default of “trying to make it happen”


Majority of us fall into the trying to make it happen camp.

We become the playground bully to ourselves.

And along the way, we get lost in the noise of our minds.


But what if you chose to “allow” things to happen?

Would it be as bad and scary you imagine it to be?

And before all that, can you even spot the difference? The energy between allowing and making things happen?

When it comes to creating from inside out, "allowing things to happen" is the default state.

It is what ensures that you’re getting out your way.

And keeping your mind and its incessant but inaccurate nature out of the process.

It is also what ensures that you are fully aware of the creative process and the part that the different parties involved play as well.

Because let me be clear.

You and your mind are not the only ones involved in the creative process of bringing your desire to life.


The things that you say you want are already in play.

They decide how and when they want to come into your life.
Not the other way around.

I know it may not be what you want to hear but it’s just how the system works.

And I have seen this happen so many times in my life and others around me that I’m quite happy to accept it as the norm rather than the exception.

Your job in this process of allowing things to happen is simply to:

1. Be super clear about what you say you want.


2. Know that your mind is not the only engine involved in the process.

Your innate wisdom and the universal energy behind all life are also at play.

This means that what you want will decide how and when it comes and it is never fully up to you.


3. Show up and engage fully with your current situation as it is at this present moment.

Find things about it that you can enjoy and then go ahead and enjoy it.

 And as you do so, you begin to notice that the things you want, will come to meet you where you are rather than you riding the noise of your mind as you try to chase it and “make it happen.”

As you sit in the state of "allowing things to happen" you'll always know what to do.

You’ll notice that as you sit with the energy of “allowing things to happen,”

…When it is time for you to take action and contribute to bringing your desire into the world, it will be clear to you because your innate wisdom will make it as clear as day.

And you’ll know exactly what you need to do.

There’ll be no second-guessing yourself.

And there’ll also be no need to constantly do stuff.


If there is no action to take on your part…

You won’t fall into the default mode of getting dragged around by the inaccurate nature of your mind.

Because you’ll simply show up to your current situation as it is and find ways to fully engage with it and enjoy it as best as you can.

As you do so, it becomes a loop of engagement, enjoyment and creativity that links your present moment with the future that you desire.


It ultimately becomes a process that is naturally a part of WHO you are instead of something you have to “manufacture” every time a new desire kicks into your system.

The things you want will come to meet you as you show up to your present moment.

I can honestly tell you that this year has been playing out for me in just this way that I have described to you.

The year started with me just having simple thoughts about what I’d like to see more of and what would be “cool” to experience if I could.

I didn’t have any “to-do” list or strategy for making any of this stuff happen.

They were just things that were at the back of mind and I was open to the possibility of them happening.

The majority of my time was spent showing up, engaging and enjoying whatever each day brought to my door.

We’re 7 months into the year and I can tell you that 60% of the stuff I imagined has happened.

And at every moment of arrival, each of these things came to meet me at my present moment.

I didn’t chase them.

And It wasn’t because I was actively trying to “make them happen.”

They just seemed to come in the most natural way possible without any fanfare or drama.

Did I have to do stuff along the way?


But it was never daily.

It also didn’t require as much energy as when I tried to “make it happen.”

Final Word On The Art Of Allowing...

Your innate wisdom and the universal energy behind life do not have an agenda. It doesn’t care if you’re good or bad, right or wrong.

You’ll never hear your innate wisdom say to you:

“err… you’ve been a bad girl/boy. You don’t deserve what you want so you’re going to have to sweat before you can get it.”

These are just “constructs” that we and our minds make up to help us navigate life in ways that are palatable to us.



Your innate wisdom and the energy behind life only care about creation.

That’s why being clear about what you want is more important than the steps to get there. Because there are millions of ways to get there.

And as you sit with that energy of “allowing things to happen,” they begin to happen.

So, here’s to “allowing things to happen” rather than trying to “make them happen”

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