Reasons & Emotions: Why There’s No Such Thing As “Having A Bad Day.”

Balancing your emotions starts with understanding that emotions are temporary at best.


When it comes to emotions, the one thing we all have in common is that we want to avoid uncomfortable emotions as much as possible.

But the problem comes with the actions we take to avoid feeling uncomfortable emotions.

Because in most cases, these actions tend to make those feelings stay much longer than necessary.


And when we’re faced with having to deal with uncomfortable emotions for long periods, things around us look different.

So we assume that we’re “having a bad day.”

Today, I’m going to share a simple insight for why there’s no such thing as a bad day and how to navigate uncomfortable emotions to get you back to a good mood – no matter what.

Let’s get started.


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“I shouldn’t feel this way...”

How many times have you heard yourself say that?

It’s almost like we assume that emotions are pre-determined and can only come when the “right” events occur at the “right” time.

And any emotion that dares break those iron-clad rules needs to be dealt with and disposed of immediately.


I see a lot of people that have strong opinions about their emotions.

They want to give reasons why they’re feeling certain emotions.

And more importantly, they tend to assume that these emotions must have a timeline attached to them.

Meaning that they are the ones that determine how long an emotion should last.


So when their emotions are not “acting” the way they assume emotions should, there is an assumption that something is wrong.

And then they start a personal development project where they try to “fix” themselves so that they can get back to “normal.”

If this sounds like you…trust me, we’ve all been there.

So I’ll say this to you:

There is nothing wrong with you and there is nothing you need to fix about yourself to create better feelings.

The habit we have of putting things into categories including our emotions is probably one of the most harmful things we do to ourselves daily.

Emotions are temporary at best.

So putting so much focus and energy on something that will pass on its own if we allow it is where the problem comes from.


Emotions don’t need a reason to surface.

They are attached to the thoughts passing through you.

And the thoughts passing through you are generally none of your business – unless you want to make it so.


In general, thoughts come from wherever they come from and go wherever they go.

It has nothing to do with you.


It’s similar to cars that pass on a freeway.

You have all kinds of cars that pass on a freeway daily.

They come from wherever and go where ever.

It has nothing to do with the freeway.

The cars come in different sizes, weights and colours.

But you’ll never hear the freeway rise and say:


“Oh Mehn!, that Ferrari was sweet…and so was the Aston Martin. From now on, I only want Ferraris’ and Aston Martins driving on me all day, every day.

I can handle a Mercedes or BMW as well but just for limited periods.

But please…no oil spilling, on its last legs and about to breakdown vehicles need to drive through.

Oh and I’ll pass on those semi-trucks, cause I don’t want to handle the load”


It sounds crazy, doesn’t it?

But yet, that’s what we do with our thoughts and emotions.

They’re passing through, minding their business and doing what they do.

And then we decide to make them our business.

We hold on to them and look for something on the outside to attach to them.

And we proceed to tell them how long they can stay.

We kick up so much dust in our minds when they don’t move on at the time we have decided.

Yet, there was never any need for this in the first place.

If you permit yourself to feel the emotion, you'll see that it will fade away as quickly as the thought that brought it.

That’s the way the system works.

And that’s the nature of WHO we are.

Emotions are like smoke.

They melt away when you allow them.

But when you begin to make them your business and try to define how they came about and how long they should last…that’s when you run into trouble.

Because you’re trying to do something that was never your job to do anyway.


Notice the emotion as it passes through.

Understand that it’s attached to a thought passing through.

Permit yourself to experience the emotion – no matter how heavy or light it is.

But know that it will not stay longer than the thought that brought it.

So there’s no need to be afraid of it.

Even though it may make you uncomfortable for a time, there is no need to try to do anything to stop it.

Because your system is already wired to take care of that on its own.

There is no such thing as "having a bad” day.

As we come to the end of this I’ll say this to you…

When you can truly see what I’m trying to say here, you’ll also see the implications of this include not having a ‘bad” day or a “big” problem.

Because there is no such thing as a “bad” day or “big” problem.

There is only the amount of thinking you have around any situation.

And the more thinking you have around something, the more intense the emotions you experience.

Having opinions about these emotions just delays the process of getting you back to your default of innate wellbeing.

So here’s to you letting your system do what it does best so that you can go ahead do what you do best.

And that is to create… moment by moment.

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