The Clarity Lab

How to make your big transformations happen in small steps that give you clarity, confidence and more time. Convert your dreams and ideas into tangible actions and consistent results.

Automate your productivity to reduce stress, gain time and improve your health in a few minutes each day.

It's time to get clarity and momentum so you spend your best hours doing your best work to get your best results.

Are you ready to move away from feeling stuck to feeling energized and creating results with effortless ease?

let’s talk about it

Can you imagine...

No longer feeling desperate or uncertain about the results you want to create?

No longer feeling stuck, stagnant or overwhelmed with nothing to show for your efforts

Feeling energised, productive and creating more results in one day than you've ever done in week?

If you're feeling stuck on how to make your big transformation happen effortlessly...
That's what I'm here for

Even if you hate routines and love having flexibility, and even if you’ve tried and failed to get results that light you up in the past…

This training will help you become more effective and creative in all the best ways.

I’ll show you how to make your transformation stick without the pushing and the hustle and mental drama.

And most importantly, you’ll do it in a way that feels great to you and ensures your results last as long as you want them to without the constant mental hustle and stress.

Most of us are so busy "trying not to fail" that we never get to the point where we actually succeed.

When I started my journey of living life from the inside out, the one thing that became clear to me with the transformations I was so desperate to have was this:

I was always focused on trying “not to fail” rather than focused on what I really wanted.

The truth is that:

A lot of people are in this boat. It’s not that you don’t want to create transformation in your life…

It’s that most of the things we’ve used in the past are primarily designed to help you “not to fail” …But not necessarily to succeed – at least not at the level that you hope and dream of.

There are tons of things you can use to help you “not to fail” but there are only a few things you MUST do to succeed.

Usually, most of the things in the “not fail” category are so long. And they always seem like things you can’t ignore if you want transformation to happen.

So you’re on that hamster wheel pushing as hard as you can.

…Until BURN OUT occurs. 

And then you’re back to square one trying to figure out a new strategy to help you “not fail” even more.

The clarity lab will help you rewire your priorities and brain so you can spend your best hours doing your best work to get your best results – all without neglecting other parts of your life

you're ready to create on your own terms without willpower or motivation

who needs this?

This Course Is for You If...

you've been taking loads of action with no tangible results

It's time to get aligned, streamlined and focused on what creates the BIG SHIFTS.

you've been feeling stuck in a rut and stagnant

It's time to reduce your stress levels and stop worrying about missed opportunities

you're ready to create your BIG transformation in small steps that give you clarity, confidence, flexibility and calm.

It's time to direct your time and energy in a direction to ensure all your best work is your best work

Here's What's In The Clarity Lab


Kickstart Your Results

Let’s kick off the Lab with 2 quick challenges that last for 10-30 minutes. This session will help you get your clear on the results you want to create.

A lot of us get stuck because we’re not clear on what we want. When you’re 100% clear and certain about what you want to create, your path of least resistance begins to reveal itself.

Add Value + Create More Time

We’re going to temporarily put aside everything you think you know about creating results and we’re going to focus on the difference that makes the difference. The missing key for effortless results.

We’re going to look at how to give yourself more value with everything you choose to focus on and the single action that you can take to create more time to produce results.

Sequence + Automate Your Results

This is where the magic starts to happen. This is where you learn to make your results a natural part of your journey.

This module is going to set you up to become energized and focused to create crazy outcomes and results every single day.

Level Up Your Game + Make Results Consistent

Willpower and motivation have nothing to do with creating transformation and results. This module will teach you the one simple thing that will level up your game and render everything else as irrelevant.

What you learn in this module will ensure that you NEVER have to second-guess yourself or your results again. This is where you’ll take your results and make them into WHO you are.

Make Your Results Permanent

Creating the transformation and results is only half the climb. Making it stick is where most people fall apart.

This module is going to take you deep into the Universal laws that govern the creative process. We’re going to make your results bullet-proof. What you learn in this module will ensure that you do so without mental struggle and fear. 

Uncertainty is what creates fear. When you know what supports your creation, you’ll be able to let go and enjoy your process because you know you’ll ALWAYS maintain your results with ease.


What Will This Cost Me?

The Clarity Lab was created for people who want to get clarity, confidence and momentum to make big transformations happen in their lives in small steps. They want to learn how to take their dreams and ideas and convert them into tangible action steps and consistent results that last.  What would it feel like to burn all the rules and create your OWN roadmap and path of least resistance? A personal one day session with me teaching this is worth $1500 but…

You can get started today for one payment of $79

A little more about me...

I’m Elizabeth Archibong. I started my first business at the age of 24 with a camera and a dream. 

Since then, I’ve created and run multiple businesses that combine my love of marketing and business as well as my obsession with burning all the rules to create my own path of least resistance from inside-out.

I truly believe that you CAN be your own inspiration. I believe that If your soul is asking for it, then there is a way for you to create it.

The only question is whether or not you’ll give yourself permission to try.

And on a lighter note, I’m a big fan of anything that has custard on it…just incase you were wondering.

Ready to make your big transformation happen?

5 deep coaching audio trainings showing you step by step how to get aligned, create your path of least resistance and make your ideas into tangible actions and steps. Plus, worksheets and templates to guide you on how to get that impossible dream from your head and into your life.


Most frequent questions and answers

This whole course was designed for you to consume at your pace. The idea behind wasn’t so much about hustling and tacking lots of action. It’s all about getting insights that allow you to design your own path and you’ll need to go at your own pace for that to happen. 

Everyone’s journey through The Clarity Lab will look a bit different and that’s the beauty of it.

This course is a lifetime course. what does that mean for you? I want you to always have this content, so if you join now, it’s yours forever. I am constantly tweaking, adding to it, and recording new content so once you’re in, you’re in for everything that’s waiting for you now (and anything that’s coming soon!) 

If you have an impossible dream in your head that you want to set yourself up to bring to life, then this course is for you.

The principles and elements that I share in this course are universal. As long as you have something in your head that you’re ready to bring into the world, then this will help you set up the echo-system for it.

I designed this course to help you create your own path. You’ll learn to burn all the rules and steps and processes.

You’ll create your own that allows you to show up every day to your impossible dream without the need for willpower or motivation.

Since this is a go-at-your own pace, it differs for everyone.

You can take as long or as little time that you have available. The key here are the INSIGHT that you get from the content.

Because once you get an insight, the game and how you view it changes.

This is why I say it is a personal journey more than race. There is always more to see no matter what time you have, and less to do than you think.

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