Short Term Distractions vs Long Term Results & Lasting Change

Before I get into the good stuff, I have something that I want to quickly run past you.

You see, if you mess this part up (it’s a before-you-start mindset) — then no matter what I share with you or what system you use, you’ll not achieve any long-term results.

Elise vs Libby is a concept I came up with to help demonstrate the two camps or categories (or models) that most of us as human beings operate in.

Although Elise and Libby are not real “flesh and blood” people per se — their traits are absolutely real and based on real people.

You’re currently one of ’em.

Which one? … well, you’ll need to read the rest of this page to discover that.

But know this one of them struggles to get results. The other one makes it look easy.

Meet Elise:


Money is a priority for Elise.
She’s always thinking of money (or the lack of it) and how to get it FAST.

She also cares about her health and relationships but they are secondary to money.

It’s difficult for her to see the connection that runs through all three at the moment.

She feels like her life is on hold and she’s always on edge and under pressure.

She’s so busy all the time but doesn’t feel she’s achieving anything meaningful in her life.

And she believes that once she gets the money she needs, everything will start falling into place.

Everything she does is geared towards this premise.

She feels responsible for others in her life and she sticks it out longer than she needs to in situations that no longer serve her because she believes that she’s responsible for making everything okay.

On the outside she seems confident, but deep down, she sometimes feels she’s not enough. She really wants to improve her life but feels trapped in her day to day without any control over the trajectory of her path.

Taking action and staying busy is her drug of choice.

She’s always busy doing something but without any tangible results to show for it.

She doesn’t necessarily care or know about the underlying principles or systems.

The only thing she wants to know are the steps she needs to take to get to her destination.

And she wants guarantees that these steps will give her the result she wants.

So she hops from one product and solution to another.

She does this because she’s trying to get those fast results.

Everything in her life feels chaotic or stagnant.

It’s one extreme or the other.

She feels like everything is coming at her and she has no choice but to get on with it, push back as hard as she can and solve the problems.

And she gets dragged around by her feelings and perceptions of what she thinks is happening in her world.

Most times, she’s reluctant to face her day because she always feels restless and tired.

One of her key modes of survival is AVOIDANCE.

When she’s not engaged in the whirlwind of action taking, she avoids having to engage in any way.

She uses others things like alcohol and shopping or spending hours in the gym to avoid engaging with stuff happening in her life.

Here’s How Elise approaches creating lasting change in her life.


Life is outside in for Elise.

She responds to things coming at her in her life.

She’s always feeling the pressure.
And she looks for fast solutions to ease it.

With a mindset of “fast solutions,“ she keeps getting distracted.

She buys into products and ideas that promise fast results or predict a lot of pain if she doesn’t take action.

You know the products I’m talking about…
They usually have a lot of hype, hoopla and “easy button” and “all in one” promises.

So she buys these products because she just wants to know the steps she needs to take to get to her destination…

… And wants guarantees that they will give her results.

She starts with good intentions and she takes fast action and implements the technique. 

And usually, 90% of people screw up at this point. There’s a lot going on in their minds.

They think they’re not getting results fast enough and they get distracted with the next “bright shiny” technique and product.

And the vicious cycle continues.

Perhaps 10% of people will actually do something and take action like Elise.

They may achieve some results.

It won’t be anything long-term, but there will be a short-term relief.

But at the first sign of a problem, she finds herself back to the start of the process.

She’s on the lookout for the next shiny-object / technique. Because the last one didn’t really do the job.

This means she’s emotionally drained and stressed out more often than not.

Here’s the thing:

When you’re constantly riding the wave of the voice in your mind – you know the one – the playground bully that is always judging every single move you take;

You’ll always feel the need to keep looking for fast and easy solutions and results that are not sustainable.

Buying into “easy button” solutions is what got you here in the first place.

I know this because I used to be like Elise a few years ago.

I wanted to change my life.

I had big dreams that had never amounted to anything.

And I felt trapped in the never-ending cycle of trying to stretch the money I had till it hurt.

But I was still  buying every cheap product that promised “fast results” for whatever I was trying to create in my life.

Then I discovered manifesting and “think and grow rich”.

I started “investing” in high-end coaching programs.

I didn’t know where the money was going to come from, but I was going to “manifest” it even though I was under so much pressure and couldn’t trust myself and my decisions.

I always felt restless and tired.

Most times, I was reluctant to face my day.

My key mode of survival became AVOIDANCE and binge-eating.

When I was not engaged in a whirlwind of activity, I avoided having to engage in any way.

I was spinning my wheels and I felt like I was spectator in my own life.

And everything in that life was tied together by my constant anxiety, worry and fear.

I was fried. Burnt out, heavily in debt and looking for a safe place to land.

And after a year of doing nothing, the penny dropped.

I had absolutely nothing to lose by going in a different direction.

Meet Libby:


Libby is all about quality over quantity when it comes to creating her dreams.

Libby has an equal interest in making money and improving her wellbeing.

She sees making money as a part of the whole package and not separate from it

Every decision she makes is tied into that.

She functions on routines and creating small habits to fit those routines.

And she’s all about core principles and then testing out actions that support those principles.

She does this to identify the actions that fit easily with her desires and her routines to get the results she wants.

This is what makes her journey look effortless to those that notice her.

She understands that there are many ways to get to where she wants to go, she just has to find the one that flows perfectly for her.

She is very big on working from the inside out and using her intuition as leverage to play the game of life and get results with ease.

Because it really is a game.

And she knows that.

The Libby Role

Here’s how I took on the Libby role. And approached my journey into creating lasting change….

inside out thinking

Libby is 100% focused on looking inwards and she doesn’t really care HOW the solutions come. 

She only knows that they WILL come.

Even before she’s experienced a change in herself and situation…

…She trusts herself, her innate wisdom and her journey.

And she looks to build on it until it becomes a habit.

It’s ALL about her innate wisdom and the clarity that she gets from it.

She focuses on understanding the core principles that create the experience.

Because everything in this universe always rests on core elements or principles.

She knows that understanding these principles are what allow her to create her OWN path with ease.

Healthy creation starts with a CLEAR MIND.

Her understanding of how the human experience is created is what helps her get a clear mind. 

Because they move her away from fear and uncertainty of the process.

With a clear mind, her innate wisdom and clarity appear.

Pressure, anxiety and stress are less.

It’s quieter in her mind.

Insights and “aha” moments appear.

Things begin to flow.

Her perspective on what she intends to create begins to change or sharpen.

Inspired action rises up. And she creates lasting results with ease.

When she encounters an issue — and there’ll be a few of them — she sees them more as opportunities to clarify her position.

Her insights from her place of clear mind mean that there are no roadblocks.

“Problems” are always only ever temporary.
There’s always a workaround and a solution.

When you're able to SEE the principles behind our experience as human beings, "shiny-object" products and "magic-bullet" solutions become irrelevant and invisible.


Because you’ll CREATE your reality, rather than respond to what you THINK is happening to you.

You will in effect be living from inside out rather than the other way around.

It’s not about techniques or steps or taking “massive action”.

It’s more about WHO you are and your alignment to that space within you where fresh ideas and solutions are ALWAYS presenting themselves to you moment by moment.


People that see these basic elements of what form our experiences as human beings can’t fail to create speedy results.


Because our problems don’t come from outside.

We can only get accurate and speedy results to the point where we understand that simple fact.


Stress and difficulties come from how we use our thinking.

Through a clear mind, our innate wisdom can and WILL guide us to create and manifest with ease.

But only if we allow it.

Stopping. Giving up. Looking for the next “magic bullet” solution the minute you hit a problem or experience resistance…

Only results in you earning nothing.


Looking at life from inside out means you’re creating YOUR own roadmap. One that is custom designed for YOU by you moment by moment.

You’ll never run out steps or ideas of what to do. Your clear mind will ALWAYS open you up to your innate wisdom.

This is how you win Big.

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