Reframing The 'Creative Process' + Smashing Inner Blocks To Your Speedy & Accurate Results.

I’ll start by saying there are Universal Principles that govern everything in our world.

This means there are principles that govern how we operate and create as human beings.

Our clarity of seeing this simple fact is what supports how we SHOW UP to every situation in our lives – including how we create our ‘impossible dreams’.

Most of us have problems with creating our ‘impossible dreams’ because we begin our journey looking for steps and strategies for manifesting and creating, rather than getting grounded in the principle that governs the process.

When you’re not grounded in the core elements, it feels like you’re not stable. And you depend more on intellect rather than your innate wisdom.

But your innate wisdom is a vital element in the creative process. Without it, you’ll feel like you’re pushing a boulder up a hill.

When you’re NOT grounded with the core elements or universal principles that guide your process, that’s when you feel that you things ‘blocking’ you from creating what you want.

And when this happens you get distracted… always looking for new techniques or strategies to bridge the gap. 

So to help things along I’m going to Demystify the blocks to your creative process so you're creating MORE of the 'BIG & outrageously impossible stuff' consistently.

One of the main questions that plague us all is that:

If creating what we want is so easy, why do we often struggle to create those “BIG  desires” in our lives?

Why do we feel so much resistance and blocks to our progress?

Why does the journey to creating that independent and secure life feel like it’s riddled with so much stress and strife?

From my experience there are a number of good reasons and they are as follows:

1. Incoherence About Our Desires And Our Ability To Commit To Those Desires Once We're Clear About Them.

Most of us are very clear about what we DON’T want.

We can write a book about it but we struggle clearly with defining what we want.

It’s like we train ourselves to focus on pushing away unwanted things rather than moving towards the things we want.

Trust me, they might seem similar but they’re different.


And once we’re clear about our desires, we fall back on intellect and willpower to see us through.

But contrary to all appearances, your willpower and motivation are the weakest link in the process.

Because most of us haven’t developed our willpower to the level that we require for it to deliver what we demand of it.

So chances are, you will fail and you’ll beat yourself up about it and not bother trying next time. 

Or you’ll look for another ‘strategy’ or ‘magic system’ and allow the vicious cycle to continue.


What you can do instead is to focus on the path of least resistance

Because using common sense and wisdom are things that come naturally when we ALLOW it to happen

And the path of least resistance becomes clear very quickly when you SEE that the part of you (your inner knowing) that is designed to provide it is already giving you clues..


2. Misunderstanding The Feeling of 'Being Stuck'

When we think of being stuck, most of us believe it’s a real and tangible thing. 

Like hitting a wall that prevents us from moving forward.

It’s natural to feel that way.

When we’re confused and not sure what to do, the default position for most of us is to fall back on our intellect and habitual thinking.

And this habitual thinking leads us to investigate why we’re stuck and what our ‘inner blocks’ may be and how long it’s going to take us to clear them.


But the truth is, we are only ever stuck with our thinking

There are ALWAYS fresh ideas coming through.

We’re only ever stuck because we have pre-conceived ideas of HOW the things we want will come to us.


When we understand the principles that support our experiences as human beings, we come to realise that we’re only stuck in our heads.

And that’s because we’re thinking the same thoughts over and over again

We’re creating and maintaining the feeling of being stuck for longer than it needs to be.


When we can SEE this process as it plays out in our heads, it’s easy to ALLOW ourselves to get out of our own way…

…So fresh thought and ideas can come through from the space within.


3. Misunderstanding The 'Creative Process'

No matter what background we come from – Law of Attraction and Manifesting or Productivity and Project Focused…

…A majority of us view our creative process as a series of pre-conceived “action” steps. 

But the truth is:

Creating from inside-out is a PROCESS

It is one that is constantly unfolding like ‘live tv’ moment by moment. 

And your intellect is not the only player involved in this process.

Because it is a process, it means that you will not have ALL the strategies and steps beforehand.

It means that you cannot predict everything that is going to happen.

But it also means that you will have a ready resource to give you fresh ideas and solutions moment by moment.

And It also means that you will never run out of steps or get stuck.

The process keeps unfolding the more you SHOW UP to your “BIG and Impossible” desire. 

And your innate wisdom will ALWAYS show up to that desire with you the more you ALLOW yourself to do so.

It means that coincidences and synchronicities become 100% reliable in this space.

Things just work out.

Maybe not the way you expect but they ALWAYS work out perfectly more often than not.

That is what creation is at its core.

It’s allowing fresh ideas and thoughts to come through moment by moment as you respond to what shows up on your journey to your BIG Desire.

It’s never about knowing ALL the steps beforehand Or having a bag of strategies and tricks.

And it’s never about doing NOTHING and expecting the ‘universe’ to deliver.

But it about understanding what the core principles are and showing up to your desires with that understanding. 

(And make no mistake, there are ALWAYS core principles to everything around us.)


4. Underestimating The Time It Takes To Create Stuff

Everything has a Rhythm.
The tides coming in from the ocean.
The swing of the pendulum.
Weight Loss.
Child Birth.

And on and on it goes.

Most of us underestimate the time it takes to create the things we want – especially those of us coming from a Law Of Attraction Background.

It’s human nature to want what we want NOW.

We’re always looking and comparing the distance between where we are and where we want to be. 

And then we build up a lot of noise with our thinking about why it may or may not come to pass.


But ironically, your impatience is what holds your desires away from you.

Because you create a lot of thinking around the “lack” of what you desire

And as you focus on that “lack”, you limit the opportunities for new and fresh thinking to come through.

But when you understand that what you desire has a rhythm to it and your job is to show up moment by moment and respond to it, things begin to change very quickly.


Because as you show up, your thoughts about what you’re creating begin to change. 

As your thoughts change, your world begins to look different.

And along the way, there’ll be lovely coincidences and sIt is a natural unfolding process.


Final Thoughts...

The moment you’re able to deal with the main misunderstandings that usually create “blocks” to your results…

…Then the technique, strategy or process you use for creating those results become secondary and unfold moment by moment.


In fact, you will not need to do as much as you think. 

Because you would already be aligned with your highest desires

Which of course is what is needed for speedy and accurate results.

We are the ones that complicate the matter.

And we are the ones that misunderstand our part in the process

We are misunderstand WHO we are really are and our ability to create.


The more you immerse yourself in understanding WHO you are and your part in the process…

…You’ll find the search for endless strategies and steps becomes largely irrelevant .

That’s why spiritual teachers always say:

“there is no way to get anything wrong!”

You can’t get it “wrong” when you’re working with your innate wisdom. 

There are endless ways to get to where you want to go. 

But you have to ALLOW yourself to fresh insight on your path of least resistance.

It is available, you just have to ALLOW it.


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