My Experience with Creating From Inside-Out

When it comes to working with the principles of life there are two groups of people.

The first group catch the idea behind these laws, run with it and are able to create with ease.

The second group, struggle.

Not because they don’t have good intentions, but it takes a while to allow themselves to accept what is universally true for all of us as human beings.


That’s me…Elizabeth

My first experiences of creating from inside out came when I wasn’t even aware of these broader principles that I’ve shared with you.

The only thing I was aware of was that I did have an innate intelligence or creative genius that guided me in times of trouble.


I didn’t depend on that wisdom all the time because I trusted my intellect more.

And I also didn’t realize it was a constant part of me

It wasn’t outside of me; instead, it was a part of me that was always there.

I didn’t have to do anything for it to ‘come through’ for me. 

Because It was ALWAYS already “coming through” for me – I just didn’t know that it was doing so.


I didn’t know where to look to hear it. 

It seemed that the only time I ever heard it loud and clear was when I had nowhere else to turn.

When everything my intellect and logic did to solve a problem failed…

…That’s when I finally heard it, because I allowed myself to relax enough to do so.


I allowed myself let go and trust that it was there.

And when I did, things always flowed.


A key turning point in my journey was understanding that there was a pattern to this creation process

(Note that I didn’t say “steps”… I said pattern). 

And this pattern or unfolding always began when I finally let go of my control.


One particular instance that made this clear was being over £20,000 in debt and trying everything I could to solve the problem without success.

I had threatening letters coming through for unpaid bills. I was living on government benefits at the time because business wasn’t doing so great.

I tried to find a part-time job.

And I tried to get a side hustle going. 

I tried everything.


One day, I finally gave up. 

I told myself that whatever I feared would happen could go ahead and happen.

I was tired of trying to push away the inevitable reality that my fearful thoughts were creating. 

And I had done everything I knew to do.

All I knew was that I would be okay. I had DECIDED that I would be okay - No matter what

And I finally let go.

I didn’t know what was coming or what I would have to face the next hour or the next day…

But I felt lighter and found something else to distract myself.


The next day, I got a call.

A sale I had been trying to push through for the better part of a year had come through. And they wanted my account details to make a payment.

What ?!!

The payment went through but there were delays in the bank clearing the transaction…

…I thought I was going to have a heart attack!!


Then I remembered that the mental chaos has nothing to do with the outcomes coming through at that moment.

It had only caused an optional and unnecessary distress.

I let go again. 

And trusted that I would know what to do if and when there was anything I needed to do.


The transaction went through.

Within 3 days my debt with the bank was cleared.

Plus I was able to negotiate a lower pay off with the bank because I was willing to make an immediate FULL payment rather than the smaller debt recovery payments they’d been asking for.

I didn’t know I could do that.

Something just told me to try. What did I have to lose?

Side note: If you know exactly what to say and are willing to clear your debt immediately, most organisations are always willing to negotiate.


This experience is what got me started in noting the patterns of creating and leveraging my innate intelligence.

It wasn’t about taking endless and exhausting actions.
Instead It was more about what was going on INSIDE.

The more I got out of my own way, the easier it was to connect to my innate wisdom.

The easier things flowed.

Every time I started getting busy….
And every time I started thinking that I knew what to do, when to do it and how to do it…

…that’s when things started going horribly wrong.


I’m not saying that I never took action. I’m saying that I always took less action than I originally thought I needed.

I was creating from inside out.


And all those chaotic thoughts that caused mental stress and torture?

They were just that…


They had no bearing on the endgame. 


All the mental torture I was experiencing right until the moment I finished my conversation with the bank representative, disappeared like a ball of smoke.

Just like that.

From one moment to the next. 

Like an illusion. 

It’s like they never existed.

But I knew they had. 

For months, I lived in terror in my mind of all the scenarios that these thoughts created.


That’s when I also realised that my thoughts have no bearing on the events that are occurring.

They can cause a whole lot of feelings…

But they do not MAKE the events happen.


It’s the actions that I take BECAUSE of these thoughts, that’s what is really important.

And the more I connect with my innate wisdom, the more my path of least resistance opens


This insight rendered the importance that I usually placed on my thoughts irrelevant.

Because I have a guide that never changes. 

Regardless of the events taking place, it is always consistent.


My only job is to make a space to hear it’s guidance. And then take action from that space.

That’s it.


From then I knew that the more I understood the universal principles of what supports us as humans beings, the easier it was to make that creative space bigger and bigger.


It’s like driving a car.

You don’t need to know what’s underneath the hood before you can drive to your destination. 

But your confidence in your car and the journey increases when you know how the engine works.


You’re no longer worried what could happen if the car broke down along the way. 

And you’re not worried if the car will be able to drive on the terrain. 

You’re not worried about a lot of things.

Because you KNOW how the engine works. 

You know how to pimp your ride to get there in whatever fashion you like.


That is the power of allowing yourself the space to ‘see’ something different so your “impossible desire’ becomes a ‘no brainer’ and the next natural step in your journey.

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