Reinventing Yourself:
Change Your Life & Create Your Best Results

Make big transformations happen quickly. Discover how to get MORE of what you want and not only what you “think” you can get.


A little more about the training...

Hello, I’m Elizabeth Archibong and we’re all about creating from inside-out over here at Minted Creative.

When It comes to getting the big dreams from our heads and into our lives, some people are able to take the elements of the creative process to create what they want with ease, whilst others struggle to get consistent results – if any.

I was in the 2nd Camp. I was always afraid, always worried about running out of money; always worried that I would never get what I wanted.

Until I started looking at the creating from inside-out in a completely different way.

In this training you’ll learn:

  • my simple approach to creating big transformations
  •  the major “inner” blocks to creating your impossible dream
  • The simple key that gets rid of them to allow speedy and accurate results – regardless of what you want to create.
  • my personal experience with creating £20,000 when I had no clue how to make it happen.

If this resonates with you, and you genuinely care about creating from a place of ease then I invite you to check out the training.

Also, No Email Required.


Because I believe in serving and offering value upfront FIRST.  If you do find it valuable and want to hear more from me on this topic, then I would be honoured to accept your trust in me to support you in the best way possible.

No point in offering some fake friction just to get something from you that you’re not ready to give yet. Also, I’d rather speak to people that WANT to hear from me.



If you’re ready, grab a cup of coffee and let’s start.

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