Creating From Nothing: How To Release Your Unlimited Creativity

Everything comes from nothing -- which means that if we want to create something truly new and fresh in our lives, we must first go underneath the noise of our thinking.


The idea of creating from nothing is something freaks a lot of us out.

A blank page. An empty bucket. An open space.


When most of us are faced this, we question our abilities and tell ourselves that we’re not born with the talent so creativity is not something that comes natural to us.


But, there is a simple truth that most of us miss:

Everything comes from nothing. 

This means that if we truly want to create something new and fresh in our lives, we have to permit ourselves to go underneath the noise of our thinking to see more about creativity.

And it really isn’t what you think.


So today, we’re going to talk about how to create consistently from nothing.

You’ll learn how to tap in and tune into your true self.

As you do so, you’ll discover that we all have unlimited creativity to create new and fresh results in our lives.

Let’s get started.

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Creating From Nothing Is Your Default State.

“I’ve got nothing.” 

“I’m blank.”

This is usually what happens when I have to come up with talking points for my weekly tribe conversations, or blog post and podcast.

And when it gets this way, a part of me want to skip the week.

Another part want o regurgitate old talking points.


But here’s the thing that I’m seeing:

The more I show up to these conversations each week, the more I get a feel for the process of creativity.


I get a feel for the process of creating something from nothing.

There is something special about the feeling of having something coming “through you” rather than “from you”.

That process of having something come through you is what working with innate wisdom and creating from nothing is all about.

You never know what you’re going to get, but you’re always 100% certain that it is going to feel fresh and do the job.


But when you’re in the mode of trying to have something come “from” you, that’s when things feel hard.

It’s also when things feel stale and procrastination begins.

Then you look for strategies of how to be more productive to counteract the procrastination.

But here’s the thing,

Once you permit yourself to understand the process of creativity and how everything comes from nothing…

…The fear of “nothing” will begin to fall away.

Having a blank page and not knowing what to do at every single moment is your default state.

You aren’t meant to know everything at once.

Your default state is a well is infinite possibilities not yet realised.

It is a well of one great big nothing waiting to take shape.

And it can only take shape when you come open without having pre-conditions on what wants to come through you. 

If You Truly Want To Create Something New In Your Life, You Must Allow Yourself Create From Nothing.

When it comes to your creativity in every area of your life, your only job is to show up open.

 Your job is to trust that what comes through you will be more than enough to do the job at hand.

The problem arises when you don’t trust this simple but powerful truth about yourself.

When you don’t trust that there will be a perfect solution for every situation and that the effort required from you is not as much as you assume…

That’s when problems begin.

And that’s when the obsession with your performance and what others think seeps into your mind.

It’s never about not making mistakes when it comes to your creativity.

Instead, it’s about how often you allow yourself to play the game of creativity in its purest form.

Just allowing yourself to be a blank page and see what unfolds from there.

For a lot of us this our biggest fear.

Being a blank page.

Allowing ourselves to be nothing.

We’re so scared that when the whirlwind of our lives stops swirling, we’ll have with nothing. 

That when we stop trying to get something to come “from” us, the silence of nothing would drive us crazy.

But the very same “nothing” that we spend so much of our time avoiding is the foundation of everything.

As Lao Tzu wrote in the Tao Te Ching over 5000 years ago:

We put thirty spokes together and call it a wheel; But it is on the space where there is nothing that the usefulness of the wheel depends.

We turn clay to make a vessel; But it is on the space where there is nothing that the usefulness of the vessel depends.

We pierce doors and windows to make a house; And it is on these spaces where there is nothing that the usefulness of the house depends.

Therefore just as we take advantage of what is, we should recognise the usefulness of what is not.

Everything comes from nothing.

Which means that if we truly want to create something new and fresh in our lives…

We must first find our way back to the quiet beneath the noise of our thinking…

…The space into which our thoughts comes from and disappear into.

That space is closer than you think but larger than what our brains can imagine.

You won’t find anything when you get there – that’s the nature of nothing. 

But everything your mind can imagine sits patiently in that place and awaits its creation with your very next thought.

This is truly where miracles happen — the place of peace, of wellbeing, of truth, and love.

And when you are in that place in you and I am in that place in me, a true connection to all life begins.

Final Word On Creating From Nothing

As we end this conversation I’ll leave you with a quick experiment if you’re willing to try:

In next 7 days, take half an hour to an hour each day. Call it your creativity period.

In this time, just hang out with nothing and see what floats through you as you do so.

9 times out of 10, solutions to issues you’ve been struggling with will present themselves.

Ideas will pop up.

And at the very least, you’ll take a break from your mind to BE yourself.


Experience has shown though, that these periods of “nothing” are what bring the most uncomplicated but ideal solutions.

They are what create the simplest but most effective ideas.

And they are what give a new perspective to persistent issues hanging around in our lives.

So here’s to you creating more consistently as you hang out more with nothing.

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