6 Powerful Life Skills For How To Create Impossible Results

It's never really about strategies and steps but always more about WHO you are and how you see yourself in your process.


When it comes to life goals and creating results most of us complicate things more than we need to.

Not because we want to but we look in the wrong direction to create those results.

So without out further ado here are 6 key life skills I’ve learned to use to create and bring visions to life from inside out.

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1. Your Feelings have nothing to do with what you want to create.

The more you spend time learning about what makes us human and how we create our experiences,

…You’ll see that your feelings have nothing to do with what you put out into the world.

Yes, the world tells to pay attention to feelings.

We learn to become slaves to how we’re feeling moment by moment. And we take action from those feelings.

But the thing is:

Once you understand how feelings come up about, you’ll see that they’re temporary. They pass when you allow them too.

They come from momentary thoughts passing through you. And as the thoughts pass, the feelings pass along with them.

What all this means is that you can feel like shit in one moment but still create amazing results at that moment.

Because creating things and bringing them into the world is a manufacturing process.

Your feelings are more of a mining process

It’s all about your systems.

And it’s also about showing up to engage consistently – regardless of how you feel moment by moment.

You don’t have to wait to “feel” a certain way before you can create your outcome.

Your feelings are an inside job and what you want to create is an outside job.

Both are separate processes that have nothing to do with one another.

The extent to which you can see this is what allows you to keep showing up and engaging with your processes.

What you feel at each moment will pass and make way for fresh thought and feeling to come through.

So your main takeaway from this point is this:

Stop waiting for a particular feeling to occur before you take action.

Feelings will come and go because that’s how the system works.

You don’t have any control over that.

But you do have control over your process and whether you show up to engage moment by moment.

2. Events that occur don’t say or mean anything about you.

This follows on from the first point.

Life is always from inside out – without exceptions.

Events that occur outside of you don’t say anything about you. They have nothing to do with your self-worth.

They’re things that happen and we respond to them as we perceive them.

Most of us always look for meaning in everything. And we make everything a self-development project.

When you can see that it’s not about WHO you are but more about how you allow yourself to perceive the events as they occur. 

Life becomes a lot easier to navigate and creating outcomes become a lot less stressful.

Because all you’re doing is moving in the direction of your goals and responding to events as they occur.

Your value and self-worth have nothing to do with it. 

And you don’t have to do anything to prove that you are worthy of what you want to create.

You simply show up and respond to it moment by moment.

3. There is no difference between a big or small goal

Seriously, there’s no difference.

The idea of what is big and small only resides in the mind and varies from person to person.

If I told you to pick between $100 and $10,000?

Which would you think was bigger and harder to create?

But how about if 5 minutes later I came to you and asked you again to pick between

$100, $10,000 and $100,000.

Would you still think $10,000 was bigger and harder to create?

How about If I then asked you to pick between:

$100, $10,000, $100,000 and $1 million?

How would $10,000 seem to you at that moment?
Would it seem even easier to create?

Here’s the thing:

Nothing has changed in each of these scenarios. We’ve only been thinking about numbers and playing them up in our minds.

No physical activity has occurred.

There has only been a lot of movement in your mind and a lot of feelings rising with those thoughts.

A majority of us have a habit of “deciding” how big something is and then proceed to act accordingly.

Before I mentioned the larger sums, some reading this would already have put up a big brick wall at the thought of having to create $10,000.

They would have decided that it was something that required them to change before they could create it.

The point here is:

Everything starts with “thought”.

How about if for a few moments you didn’t have to define “big” or “small” in your mind?

If for a moment you allowed a desire to be just a desire without labels or categories in your mind.

How would you show up to create it?

Your takeaway here is:

Nothing in this world is big or small.

Only you get to decide that in your mind. And then act accordingly to the parameters you have set for yourself about that goal.

This simple insight is what has allowed me to create a lot of outrageous results this year.

I stopped putting labels on my desires.

They were just things I wanted to bring into the world.

That’s it.

4. Everything you want to create has a cycle.

Absolutely everything you want to create has a cycle and process to it.

The suffering comes when you ignore this simple truth.

Whether you’re having a baby, pushing for weight loss, creating money, whatever….

There is a cycle and a process to it.

No matter how hard you try, you can’t deliver a baby in one month after conception. It’s just not possible.

Same as losing 100 pounds in 30 days.


But yet, there are people chasing results like these in different guises every day.

Rather than chasing tactics and strategies, look for core principles first.

What are the core principles or basic elements that ground the goal you want to achieve?

There are millions of tactics and strategies that can get you there. But they must rest on the core principles or basic elements first.

That is what eliminates stress and anxiety.

It is what allows you to pivot and change strategies quickly for consistent results.

And it is also what will create momentum to get you to your destination.

5. There is a path of least resistance to whatever you want to create.

One of the greatest lessons I’ve learned about creating results from the inside out is this:

There is no need to force things to life.

They will come to meet you as you keep showing up and moving in their direction.

You don’t need to have all the answers to get you to your destination. You only need to know the first step.

As you show up and take that first step, the part of you that is connected to what creates all life – your innate intelligence, will show up with you.

We are all connected to that source of life that ensures acorns become oak trees.

That source is what ensures that life keeps going underneath all the noise that we create with our thinking.

And as you show up to your goal, know that your core nature never changes.

In that space within, you’ll find your true and unchangeable nature.

Your innate intelligence gives up to date solutions and information from that space.

If you allow yourself to be awake to it, you’ll see that there’s less to do than you think to get you to your destination.

All you ever need to do is commit to the first step and keep showing up.

The next step will present itself to you as you do so.

6. Show up to your life rather than your goal

I know I’ve spent the last 5 points talking about goals but, the greatest advice I ever got and have seen to be true is this:

Once you make the things that you want a natural part of your journey,

…You’ll find that they slot into your life a lot easier with less drama.

Most of us see goals as things that MUST happen before we can have a life.

But I’m saying:

 Make what you want into a project that you work on the side whilst you show up to live your life at this moment.

The more you’re able to detach from your goal, the easier it is to have a clear mind.

And at the end of the day, a clear mind is all you’ll ever need to achieve the last 5 points of this article.

A clear mind is what always allows you to connect to the space within where your core nature resides.

When you’re connected, magic happens.

Coincidences and synchronicities occur.

And your success begins to look effortless


It’s never really about doing lots of stuff.

The journey is always about seeing yourself and how you create differently.

As you see different, you’ll show up different to whatever you want to create.

That’s how life from the inside out looks.

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