3 Amazing Ways For How To Embrace Uncertainty To Create BIG Results

Uncertainty creates magic because ANYTHING becomes possible. You are not bound to ONE outcome. There are many possibilities but only if you learn to how to make them become a "no-brainer"
3 Amazing Ways For How To Embrace Uncertainty And Create Big Results

I think it’s fair to say that one of the biggest challenges most of us have is knowing how to embrace UNCERTAINTY.

And also how to feel in control of our situations. So that creating consistent results becomes a natural part of our lives.

But the problem is not with uncertainty, it’s how we approach it and use it in our lives.

I’m going to give you three simple insights that will help you flip how you see and approach uncertainty to design a life and results you love.

Let’s get started.

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“When you become comfortable with uncertainty, Infinite Possibilities open up in your life.”  – eckhart tolle


Whether you like it not, uncertainty is a given.

It is the one thing you can depend on like taxes and the fact that change is inevitable in all situations.

But like taxes and change, most of us don’t like uncertainty and we don’t know how to deal with it.

But uncertainty is where the magic happens.

It is the land of the unknown and the land of opportunity.

And It means ANYTHING can happen.

You are not bound to one outcome.

Read that again.

Most of us do not see the magic that can occur when hanging out with uncertainty and the unknown.

We don’t see it because we’ve trained ourselves to expect the worst when we’re not in control.

And we train ourselves prepare for the worst outcomes at all times.

So this means we always have to be in control.

And to be in control, uncertainty cannot be a factor.

This is where worry and anxiety crop up, and that is never good.

So here are 3 ways to embrace uncertainty and make it work in your favour.

1. Accept That The Future Is A Thought

Most of us see the future as a real and tangible thing.

But it isn’t.

It’s is a conceptual thing and It is open to so many permutations and interpretations.

It is just a thought.

A thought that creates feelings at this moment for things that do not exist.

When you can see that your greatest power is in this present moment and not in thoughts of things that don’t exist

…true freedom occurs.

Uncertainty only rises strongly when you spend time in your head telling scary stories about the future.

2. Accept That You Don't Need To Know Everything To Create Your Perfect Outcome

Knowing all the steps is not what gets you to your destination.

Showing up and engaging with what you do know at this present moment, is what gets you moving towards your destination.

Most of us take ourselves out of the game because we’re unable to embrace uncertainty of how the story is going to play out before we start.

We want a clear roadmap from A-Z before we can start trusting the journey.

But the nature of the game is that the next steps only present themselves when you show up to take the first step that you ALREADY know.

Knowing everything is not what gets you there. Showing up is what gets you there.

So rather than worry and be uncertain about not knowing all the steps, show up and take the ones that you know.

And as you do, your innate intelligence shows up with you.

Sometimes, I like to call it common sense. It is that part that lays the path when your intellect and logic have nothing to offer.

It is constant and never goes away.

When you learn to trust it, you’ll find that the need to know all the steps becomes redundant.

In other words, you embrace uncertainty by making it redundant.

3. Your Best Solutions Come When You Embrace Uncertainty

It’s true.

The best solutions only come when you let your guard down to admit that you’re uncertain about how to proceed.

The best solutions only come when you drop all pre-conceived ideas on WHO you are and what you “think” about everything.

This is what creates space for solutions and ideas you may never have considered.

When you stop beating yourself up about what you should or shouldn’t be, know or do…

You’ll see situations and events in a different manner.

And as you get new perspectives about them they’ll show up in a different way to you.


Most of us see uncertainty as a bad thing.

But over here, we embrace it.

Because it’s where we’re able to create what we truly want.

And we can create without pre-conceived ideas of what should or shouldn’t happen.

Uncertainty allows us to JUST BE.

No chasing and striving because there’s no need to predict the future.

There is only NOW.

And as we show up as best as we can, engage as best as we can and enjoying the whole thing as best as we can…

Things fall into place.

Because that’s the way it works

There’s less to do than you “think” but always more to see.

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