Fear Of Failure: One Simple Insight For How To Overcome Disappointment

Overcoming the fear of failure begins by seeing that your mind isn't designed to make decisions in your process.


When it comes to overcoming the fear of failure most people say:

“Just feel the fear and do it anyway.” 

But is it really that straight-forward?

In some cases, maybe.

But in other cases, I’ve found that it helps to understand where the mental pressure comes from and to understand the innocent way that your mind tries to help but ends up causing more problems.

And today, I’m going to share a simple insight on how to move forward and also feel a deep sense of security – no matter what you’re currently facing.

Let’s get started.

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overcoming the fear of failure

Being aligned with something doesn't mean it is guaranteed to happen the way you want it to.

“Whatever happens, happens. I’ll always be okay no matter what.”

This phrase is one I keep coming back to because as I move through cycles of life and unfolding events, I find that it is relevant in every case.

There is something about “letting go” that a lot of us don’t get to experience in its true sense.

We talk about it a lot but we do not understand what letting go means – especially with us “spiritual folks.” 


A lot of us in the spiritual field always talk about letting go but most often, we’re pushing hard to “get what we want.”

It’s like we’ve exchanged our set of tools for another.

We’ve exchanged the hustle as a method for getting what we want with “alignment” as a tool to do the same thing.

And that is not necessarily a bad thing.

But it is just one part of the equation.

What most of us don’t like to talk about or face the reality of, is that:

Regardless of whether you’re aligned or not…

“…Just because you expect something, doesn’t mean it is guaranteed to happen”

The truth is that the likelihood of the things you want happening is very high.

Because the nature of the material plane we exist on and the universe lends themselves to that.

Yet, there is no guarantee that you’ll have it WHEN you say you want and HOW you say you want it.

And this is a difficult thing for a lot of people to hear.


People come to me and others in the “industry” because we’re supposed to sell hope and dreams.

We’re supposed to tell them that they will have everything they want as long as they “align with the universe”.

And we’re supposed to tell them that there is a super strategy that guarantees they can’t fail.

So telling them that disappointment is part of that emotional wave is something that most people don’t want to hear.

It freaks them out.

But here’s the thing:

There’s a misunderstanding of what disappointment and the fear of failure are.

Disappointment and the fear of failure are emotions that occur when your mind gets involved in the game of “co-creating.”

Without your mind in the game, things will come when they come or they won’t.

But either way, you’ll always be okay.

Because as things unfold moment by moment, your wisdom is creating opportunities for you as you go along.

So the emotion of disappointment and fear of failure don’t feature so much in that energy flow.


But when your mind gets in the equation, it says:

“Right! this is what we want and based on unsubstantiated information that I’ve picked up along the way…this is WHEN and HOW it needs to come”

Once this happens, the drama begins.

There is a push to avoid things not falling in line with the way your mind says it should.

Because the feeling that comes from not meeting this arbitrary deadline is: disappointment.

So we do everything in our power to avoid what is a temporary emotion.

We suffer because we want to avoid something arbitrary that our mind has set up.

There’s what is unfolding and then there’s what your mind says about what is unfolding.

The two are not the same.

But we fall into the trap.

 We tell ourselves that we need to push hard against the temporary feeling of not being able to meet up with the expectation of our mind.

But all that was ever required was to take your mind out of the equation.

To realise that your mind was never designed to make decisions for you.

It is solely meant for storing, sorting and communicating information.

That’s it!

Disappointment is simply an emotion like all other emotions. It doesn't say or mean anything about you.

I’ve had emails come in over that last few days.

And I’ve had loads of conversations with people who are “low key” scared of the stories their minds are telling them of the unfolding events that we as a collective are facing right now.

What I’ve been saying over and again is that if you’re doing everything to avoid the feeling of disappointment…

…Do not.

Because disappointment is just an emotion like all others.

It doesn’t say or mean anything about you.

All it says is that your mind is trying to do what it isn’t designed to do.

That’s it!


Things will happen and events will unfold.

Most of them will be in our favour and others won’t.

But in either case, you will be okay.

As human beings, we are designed to thrive – no matter what.

But the feeling of disappointment always makes it seem like the world will come to an end if we don’t keep to the arbitrary and unsupported timeline and outcome of our mind.

There is an indescribable sense of peace that comes over you when you’re able to say:

“Whatever happens, happens. I’ll always be okay no matter what.”

When you’re able to get to this place where you can say it and truly believe it, that’s when things being to fall into place.

That’s when you let go of the struggle.

It is when you begin to trust yourself from deep within your core.

And that’s when true “co-creating” begins.

It is when things come not because you fear the world will come to an end if you don’t have it the way you think it MUST come…

… but more because it is the natural flow of energy that comes with clarity of intention.

Final word on overcoming disappointment and the fear of failure.

Do not be afraid of the feeling of disappointment or the fear of failure.

They are emotions like all others.

And they are temporary.

There is nothing that it says about you or the outcome that you desire.

All it says is that your mind is trying to do what it isn’t supposed to do.


Whatever happens, happens.

But you will be okay.

You will ALWAYS be okay.

It is baked into your system as a human being.

Your innate gifts will ALWAYS keep you bouncing back.

They will always keep creating opportunities for you no matter what 

So let life take care of what feels heavy because it will do so once you permit it.

And you, amazing and wonderful you…spend some time connecting with your soul and coming home to yourself.

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