Financial Freedom: 3 Ways For How To Change Your Relationship With Money

Sometimes we complicate money more than we need to. It's not about doing a million things, it's more about showing up and engaging consistently with the few that make the difference.
Financial Freedom: 3 Ways For How To Change Your Relationship With Money

Today you’re going to see how to make financial freedom a natural and inevitable part of your journey.

In fact:

These simple but effective methods are what I’ve used  to change my relationship with money in the most natural way.

They are what have helped me move from fear and mental stress to confident and abundant – no matter what is happening with my finances at any moment.

Let’s dive right in

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Financial freedom!

All through my twenties, the one thing that always plagued me was money.

…Or rather my fear of it.

When it came to money, my default mode seemed to be “desperate and strung out”

No matter how much money I had (or didn’t have) I was always afraid of not having enough money or that I would run of money.

But here’s what flipped the script for me and got me comfortable with making and spending money.

Money is such an emotive topic because we need it to survive.

But along the way, we’ve also learned to use it as a personal development tool.

It has become the tool a majority of us use to determine or gauge our feelings about a lot of things.

And we suffer because of this simple misunderstanding about the nature of money.

We tie everything we feel (or want to feel) to the money we have (or want to create)

And we proceed to judge how worthy we are based on money that flows throughout lives.

Here’s the thing,

Money and how much of it you have or create is part of what I like to call “your manufacturing process

Your feelings and peace of mind about money are part of what I like to call “your mining” process.”

Every time you mix these two processes together, that’s when you begin to have a lot of drama and fear around money.

When it comes to feeling emotion about anything – including money,

This is a mining process.

It’s an inside job.

And the more you spend time understanding the nature of thought and feelings,

…The easier it becomes not to let yourself get dragged around by your feelings.

Regardless of what happened in your past or what is happening around you right now with money.

Financial Freedom: 3 Ways For How To Change Your Relationship With Money

Creating and having more money for financial freedom is a “manufacturing” process.

Think of yourself as a factory.

How good are your systems?

Emotions and feelings have nothing to do with anything here.

It’s all about your systems and machinery.

The more efficient they are, the better the outcome you get.

If you haven’t got good enough systems, this fact doesn’t say or mean anything about you, your feelings or self-worth.

It only says that you don’t have good systems and it means you have to get good at creating better systems.

This insight between “manufacturing” and ‘mining” is what flipped the switch for me.

I stopped obsessing about my past  conditioning or “blocks.”

I started putting things in boxes of “manufacturing” and “mining”

If it’s physical, tangible and fact, then it is part of your manufacturing process.

But if you can’t physically put it in a wheelbarrow or it isn’t a proven fact, then it’s part of your mining process and always open to a change in perspective.

Anything that has to do with ‘feelings” around money is part of your "mining" process.

If I wanted to “feel” better about money or anything in fact,

…My job is to go deeper to the space within

And understand how from time to time, we all lose our bearings and get caught up with the content of our thinking.

The more we’re able to “notice” our thoughts rather than try to control them,

…the easier and quicker it is to feel better and confident about money regardless of what is going on with it.

That’s it!

Moral Of the story?

Stop giving your feelings (about your past or present) more power than they’re worth.

If you can’t put them into a physical box, it means they are temporary and variable.

They will pass if you let them.

They have nothing to do with the money you want to have or create. And they should not dictate how you spend your money.

Exploring your relationship with money starts by seeing this little but powerful insight.

So now we know your financial freedom plan is all about your manufacturing process,

…what systems do you need to have in place?

Financial Freedom: 3 Ways For How To Change Your Relationship With Money

2. Create Your 6-Jar system

Now, when it comes to your manufacturing process to achieve financial freedom, you can have any system you like as long as it is fit for purpose.

The one system that helped me transform my personal relationship with money is the 6 jar system.

I’ll explain how it works.

There are 6 core places you can funnel money into apart from your day to day “basic” expenses

Freedom ( investment) account – This is for investments or assets that will bring in more income.

The ‘freedom’ account is only for things that will help on your journey to becoming financially free.

You don’t touch this money under any circumstances – except to invest in freedom assets.

Education account – The more you educate yourself about your manufacturing process, the better you become.

It’s that simple.

The purpose of this account is for items that help you “know’ more: Books, CD, courses, events.

Give account – Money in this account is for giving away to charity, family, friends.

This means you don’t overextend yourself and you don’t feel guilty if you don’t have the money to give.

If it’s in this account, then it’s up to you who you want to give a helping hand to.

Long-term spending account (LTS) – these are for big things like children’s education, contingency fund, holidays, car.

You may have more than one LTS jar.

If you have more than one LTS, divide the amount you have between the jars according to your priorities.

Monthly play account – this is for you to treat yourself every month.

Spend it on whatever you want with no judgement.

Breaking down your money into the 6 jar system is  linchpin of your financial freedom plan.

It is what allowed me to start having control, clarity and purpose with my manufacturing process.

And it is what naturally and easily stopped the unhealthy relationship with money and the fear I always had around it.

I find that I’m less obsessed about my “mining” process and “feelings” about money.

I started out putting just $1 in each of the jars because I didn’t have much money at the start of my manufacturing process.

But as I did that, I saw myself wanting to add more money.

And so the next month it became $5

Then it became $10 / per jar,

…then $15, $25, $80 and it kept climbing.

I found money from places I didn’t think were available to me.

Now, it’s a habit to funnel a percentage of any amount of money I get into these 5 accounts.

I feel more in control of my money because I can see how my “manufacturing” process and systems are working.

And I also know what each “machine” is supposed to produce for my financial freedom.

Take Action

Create a base for your “manufacturing” process.

Create Six accounts that serve a purpose in helping you become a better money manager

Everyday “True Cost” Expenses: 50% (including debt payment)
Freedom: 10%
Education: 10%
Charity: 10%
Long-Term Spending: 10%
Play: 10%

These percentages are recommendations. Start and use whatever works for you.

The most important thing is that you start optimising your manufacturing process and systems. Stop focusing on your “feelings” about it.

I started with putting only $1 in these accounts and then grew from there.


3. Create Tiny Assets For Easy Wins

Andre Chaperone from Tiny Little Business first shared this concept in one of his newsletters a while back and it flipped the switch in a big way for me.

It’s so obvious but yet, not everyone chooses to do it.

Sometimes it’s not about having one big diamond mine that creates the “big” payday.

Your “manufacturing” system can be lots of tiny geese that lay golden eggs all over the place.

In other words, stop insisting for the one “ big break” that will cure all your money problems in one go.

These big assets take time to build.

Don’t believe the hype of “quitting your job and making a million from your blog in 6 months.” 

Give yourself permission to consider smaller solutions that give consistent results over time.

And that’s what tiny assets are.

Smaller solutions that give consistent results.

They may not give you your next million, but they’ll pay off one line of debt or one expense category in your life.

What if you had an asset that consistently brought in money to pay the electricity bill each month?

And you had another that did the same for the cable bill?

Yet another for your car maintenance or phone bill or insurance?

Sometimes it’s easier and faster to create tiny assets

This insight is the one that turned things around for me and kept me moving with my financial freedom plan,

– especially when the bigger projects were taking longer to bring results.

Your tiny assets can be online or offline.

It doesn’t matter.

What matters is that you start creating them.

here are examples of small assets I currently have:

  • Niche affiliate blog posts that each bring in $15 – $60 a day
  • Online Products that bring in $100 – $300 per course.
  • Services like writing articles can bring in: $50 – $550 per article (depending on the topic and length)
  • affiliate promotions that bring in $5-40$ a day.

No amount is too small because there’s always an expense it can cover

Take Action

What tiny asset can you create today?

Calculate your core living expenses.

And for each category, find out what the daily amount is.

For example:

if your electricity bill is $157/month.

Your daily electricity bill is: $5.23

So, is it possible to create an small asset that can bring in $5.23 each day?

You bet it is.

Can you see how easy it is when you change your perspective?

Now go ahead and do the same thing for every expense category that you have.

Break them down into daily amounts and see what small assets you can create to fund them.

Want to learn about creating niche affiliate blog posts that bring in $16 a day?

Jennifer Ledbetter offers shares  how to do that. In fact, I learned how to create niche posts that sell from this training.

If you’d like to learn more about article writing?

Brendan has a great one about writing articles on Upwork

Jorden teaches you how to start a freelance writing business from scratch with no experience.


Final Word On Financial Freedom & How To change your relationship with money

As I always say to clients, most things aren’t as complicated as we like to make them.

Start first with your “mining” process.

Understand that your feelings do not say anything about you or the situation that you face.

In other words, stop obsessing about how you “feel”.

And you can do this by learning more about how we operate as human beings

Your fear of money comes from your misunderstanding about how we create our experiences moment by moment.

Once you understand the principles behind the human experience, you’ll see that you already have a better relationship with money than you think

You only let yourself get distracted and carried away by the fearful thoughts passing through you.

And you also innocently mix up your processes.

Once you learn to get good at separating your “manufacturing” and “mining” process,

The peace of mind and ease around money that you seek will come through.

Because they are already part of your default nature.

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