Finding Your Purpose: One Powerful Way For How To Navigate Your Life

Majority of us assume that once we figure out what our purpose is, everything else in our lives will be okay. But it never works that way. The stability and meaning you crave in life reside in a different place.


Want to learn more about finding your purpose?

Then you’re in the right place.

Because today, i’m going to show you a different way of looking at your life purpose,

And the one simple key to use in creating meaning in your life moment by moment.

The best part?

This powerful insight works anytime you get that feeling of emptiness and restlessness creep in.

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The need to find purpose usually rises when we seek certainty in our lives.

When it comes to discovering your purpose, most of us start with the assumption that our path in life MUST be something we can predict in the future.

And finding your purpose is something that is supposed to help you clarify and create that certain future.


We assume that once we figure out what our purpose is, everything else in our lives will be okay.

Because as long as we keep to that path, then we’ll be just fine.


But the nature of life is that everything changes.

Everything is fluid.

It unfolds moment by moment.

And in each moment, based on the events taking place, you’ll have a clearer picture of what you want and where you want to go next.

But it only happens moment by moment (never far into the future).


This is where the conflict with finding purpose begins.

And this is why I say:

Finding your purpose is overrated.

Instead, focus only on the experiences and realities that you create for yourself moment by moment.

And when you show up to each moment, the path opens up even more and the next step presents itself.


Why is finding your purpose overrated?

Your Purpose Is Not A Permanent Destination; Instead, it has more to do with how you're showing up and "BEING" in life.

I started out wanting to be a doctor and save lives.

Then I found out that I tended to faint or get dizzy at the sight of blood (much to my father’s disappointment).

My next “purpose in life” was to go into finance.


I realised quickly that I don’t do well in situations like those either (or I chose not to).

So, onwards to starting my own business.


In the last 14 years, I have run multiple businesses.

Some were successful and some weren’t.

The point here is:

For each of these instances in my life, I thought I had found my life purpose.

I thought I had found the path that would allow me to grow, succeed and get what I thought I needed for security.

And as you can see, the path changed a lot.

But the one thing that remained constant in all this change was that:

I always knew deep down what I wanted, but I didn’t always dare to accept it. 


As I often say to people, when you know what you don’t want, you begin to have a fair idea of what you DO want.

The question is no longer about not knowing what you want but rather, if you’re willing to permit yourself to move forward; even if it doesn’t make sense to everyone around you.

Because that’s usually where the problem is when it comes to finding your purpose.

Your Purpose & How you're "BEING" in life becomes a lot easier when you permit yourself to connect to your true self - no matter what.

It’s true, you do.

The problem is that you allow so many other things to get in the way.

You distract yourself with questions about discovering your purpose because most often you’re unwilling to permit yourself to move forward with what is staring at you straight in the face.


Most of us spend so much time seeking outside validation for things that are important to us.

But we always discount the most important voice – our innate intelligence.

This wisdom isn’t something we have to chase or strive for; It is a part of us. 

A part of the essence of who we are; Our core nature.

Think of it as part of your factory default system.


The world has taught us to value only our logic and intellect.

But most often, what we need – especially in situations like this is:

The inner knowing that is a core but often ignored part of us.

How to access your innate intelligence

Well, it’s not as complicated as most of us like to think.

There is nothing that you need to do.

In fact, the less you do, the more you hear it.

The reason why we don’t hear it is because we’re always lost in the past or trying to predict the future.


When you’re focused on the present moment, that’s when your wisdom shows up with you; It is the one that lays the path of least resistance.

At that moment that you allow yourself to let go of a particular thought that keeps you stuck, it will show up.


When you focus on trying to predict the future, you take yourself away from your default nature of innate peace and a clear mind.

As you take yourself away from that place of a clear mind, you also take yourself away from your innate wisdom.

That’s when you begin to ask questions about finding your purpose and seek outside validation.

A clear mind is all you need to connect with your true self and find purpose.

And getting a clear mind means ALLOWING yourself to discard what doesn’t exist to focus on what does.

And what always exists is your true nature.

It never changes no matter what thoughts pass through your mind moment by moment.


What always exists is THIS moment and nothing else.

When you can see this, you’ll know and feel how stable you always are – no matter comes at you on the outside and no matter what turns your path takes you.


9 times out of 10, the majority of us – myself included, float through our present moments.

We focus on the past or scare ourselves silly with thoughts of unwanted future outcomes.

We’re always in our heads, thinking about things that no longer exist or have yet to exist.

And what I’ve come to realise about finding life purpose and living life with ease is this:

When you lose the taste of trying to predict the future and allow the past to be a snapshot in the album of your life...

You can get a clear mind to navigate life with ease at this present moment.

If from time to time, you remind yourself of what is true for us all as humans beings, there will be less chaos in your mind and so less need for validation.

You’ll find that you do have all you need to face those “tough” and uncertain situations.


You have all you need to lay the path to fulfilling any desire.

What is true for us all is that we are not the experiences that we create.

So we don’t need to find a life purpose to wrap around WHO we are.

And You don’t need a life purpose to define you or create your identity.

You are ALREADY more.

Your self-esteem and self-worth are already intact and whole.

And they are separate from everything that you set out do and achieve in this world.


When you begin to see yourself in this way, you’ll understand that the only thing that is required of you is:

To ALLOW yourself to be present at THIS moment.

It doesn’t mean you won’t have goals and aspirations.

On the contrary,

We’ve already seen that this is a natural thing that happens when you are faced with what you don’t want; You automatically know what you DO want.


When you allow yourself to be present at this moment, you’ll show up better and get more insights into any situation the face.

Insights are the key.

They come as a result of your clear mind.

And they are what ensure that you do less than you think you need to do in any situation.

They are what give you an innate understanding or perception of the situation that you face.

And they are also what provide clarity.

When you have clarity, magic happens.

You take action from a place of bold confidence.

And you trust that all you need to know will present itself to you at the right moment.

The way the system is designed means that 100% of the time, all you need to know WILL present itself to you.


The question is:

Will you choose to respond to it or will you keep looking on the outside?


At the end of the day, finding your purpose is about what you permit yourself to experience.


I’ll end this by saying again:
You already know what you want and you already have an idea what your next step is going to be.

Those two pieces of information are all you need to move forward at any given time to create a meaningful life that you want.

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