How To Give Life More Meaning From The Inside-Out

Transformation is not always about bringing something new into your life. Sometimes, creating and giving life more meaning comes by re-defining what you call normal.


How to give life more meaning is sometimes not about adding more stuff into your life.

Instead, it can be about letting yourself change your perspective on certain things in your life.

Today, I’m going to show you how to shift your perspective to create a new normal that adds more meaning to your life with ease.

Let’s get started.

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How to give life meaning

“Because everyone is doing it, that does not mean it is normal.”

So, this quote is from a kick in the pants message I got from my mentor a while back.

I was in a low state of mind at the time. And as it happens during these times, everything always looks so gloomy.

Which incidentally, is why making major decisions during these times is always not advised.

Anyway, this led to us talking about what we accept as normal in our search for how to give life more meaning. We spoke about how it affects everything that we bring into our lives. And, I wanted to share an excerpt from my journal entry about this topic that I think is still as relevant today as it was when I wrote it a while back.

What is normal?

I’ve spent the better part of the last 20 years chasing what I thought was normal. But now, I question it all.

I question what we consider normal. Because I think normal is what I allow it to be.

Normal is what I accept. I’m getting that now. 

I’m getting that I’ve accepted a lot of mental and physical states that weren’t normal, and I have called them normal.


What a majority of the world believes is normal is not. I think it is simply herd mentality in action.

Looking at others and taking our cues from them. Not realising that the people we take our cues from are taking their cues from others as well.

Now, I choose to see and accept that normal is listening and trusting my instinct and intuition no matter how things looks on the outside.


As Osho says:

When the body functions spontaneously, that is called instinct and when the soul functions spontaneously, that is called intuition. 

They are alike and yet far away from each other. 

Instinct is of the body–the gross; and intuition is of the soul–the subtle. 

And between the two is the mind, the expert, which never functions spontaneously. 


Mind means knowledge. Knowledge can never be spontaneous. 

Instinct is deeper than intellect and intuition is higher than intellect. 

Both are beyond the intellect, and both are good.


Normal is, therefore, what I accept and allow. 

It is no longer what I am told. Instead, It is what happens when I let my body and soul function spontaneously.

When I read this old journal entry, I can’t help but smile. Because what I wrote back then still seems to hold for me today.

And it holds in conversations that I have with people today.

You Can Set Your Definition Of Normal And What Helps You Give Life Meaning

What you call normal in any part of your life, is what defines that part of your life. It is what defines what you bring into the world, HOW you bring it into your world and how you give life more meaning.


What are you accepting and allowing as normal?

Personally, there are so many areas of my life that I have challenged what I thought was normal.

Saying that the world is abundant and then turning round to stretch a dollar to an inch of its life is not normal.

And saying that we have to toil and labour endlessly with no reprieve is not normal.

Given that our existence in this place depends on it, not having money to support that existence is not normal.


Coming from a community where women are the ones that make sure everything works okay including taking on the responsibility of the men in their lives is not normal.

But yet, I spent the formative years of my life watching all the women in my life hustling hard to create magic – mostly because they didn’t have a choice.

And they did create magic.

So I grew up thinking that it was normal not to have support. That it meant I was strong If I could do everything on my own.


Even when I had perfectly capable partners in past relationships, it never occurred to me depend on them for anything. Because for me, that wasn’t the normal way of doing things.

My past relationships never lasted long and I couldn’t figure out why. Because in my mind, I thought I was a great girlfriend.

I mean, why wouldn’t a guy want to be a girl who didn’t expect anything from him?

Well, it turns out that most guys do want to feel needed. They do want to support their partners.

It didn’t make me any less independent if I allowed someone else to shoulder the weight with me sometimes.

Huh!  Who knew?!


It seems obvious and funny when I look back.  

But I assure you that my younger self could not be convinced that this was normal.

The younger Elizabeth would wait for the other shoe to drop and always expected things to go wrong if she made the mistake of depending on someone else.

So even though health-wise, it was killing me to try to do everything, for a long time I accepted that it was normal to do just that.

Until I didn’t accept it anymore. Then transformation and change began.

Final Word On How To Give Life Meaning

So, what is normal for you?

What are you calling normal in parts of your life that aren’t working?

Sometimes creating how to give life more meaning starts by permitting yourself to see what you have accepted as normal that doesn’t serve you.

It takes courage to do this because often, it is all you know and all that has defined you probably for a long time.


Creating transformation for yourself and giving life more meaning is sometimes not about adding new things instead, it’s about re-evaluating what is acceptable.

It is about going with instinct and intuition rather than knowledge and intellect.

Trusting your body and your soul to respond spontaneously rather than trying to take your cues from others who take their cues from others.

There is peace in resting in the spontaneity of your body and the deeper knowing of your soul.

The more you lean on them, the easier and more fluid your version of normal becomes.

And at the end of the day, what overcomes resistance to what you say you want is the fluidity with what you say is normal.

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