No Motivation? One Powerful Insight For How To Achieve Your Goals Anyway

The difference that makes the difference is that when you want to achieve goals, It's more about your systems and less about your feelings.
No Motivation? One Powerful Way For HOw TO Achieve Your Goals Anyway

I’ll say this from the start:

How you feel has nothing to do with how to achieve your goals.

Your problem isn’t lack of motivation, it’s lack of follow-thru.

This is one of the hardest but most helpful pieces of advice and truth that I ever received.

Your follow-thru problem comes because you believe your feelings play a bigger part than they do in your creative process.

Your feelings (motivation) have nothing to do with what you want to create and bring to life.

It’s hard to accept this premise especially when you come from a place where you’ve learnt that you have to “feel good” or “feel ready” first before things can flow.

So you spend a lot of time trying to avoid the “bad feelings.”

You also do a lot of stuff to get the “good feelings” or “feel motivated,” BEFORE you can even consider creating results for yourself.

I’m going to show you a much easier way for how to achieve your goals without willpower or motivation.

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The actions you need for how to achieve your goals have nothing to do with your feelings

You see, taking action and creating things is like a manufacturing process.

It requires you to show up and It requires you to engage in the process. And as you do so, you create things.

That is what taking action and follow-thru is about.

It has nothing to do with feelings in any way.  Instead, it has more to do with your “systems” – so to speak.

The better your systems are, the less you have to ‘think” about how motivated you feel about your showing up.

It becomes an automatic process that is integrated into your day.

This doesn’t mean you have force things. If you don’t know what to do, that’s different.

But if you already know at least one step of the what you need to do, go ahead and add it into your existing daily patterns.

Doing this makes it easy.

It creates a path of least resistance for you.

But this is where most people fail.

They misunderstand how we create our feelings vs. how we create and bring things into the world.

The truth is:

they are two separate processes

Your feelings are like a mining process, whilst your actions to achieve your goals are like a manufacturing process.

Think about it.

Mining and manufacturing are two separate processes.

They do not do the same thing and do not take you to the same destination.

When you deal with feelings, you’re mining your mind.

You have to keep digging in, past all the junk in your mind to your reach your core nature.

And when you recognise that you are not the junk thoughts that pass through your mind or the feelings that come with them…true freedom occurs.

But this freedom in your mind has nothing to do with the manufacturing process of how to achieve your goals.

The world has trained us to believe that we need to be perpetually happy and we need to “feel” a certain way.

So when we’re not in that perpetual happy or “ready” state, we “believe” that we can’t show up, create and achieve goals.

But what you need to know about feelings is that they’re just traffic signals.

They that tell you whether to take a passing thought seriously or not.

That’s it.

They have no bearing on what you show up to create or how you achieve your goals.

And they only tell you that if you’re feeling shitty right now, it means that the current thought passing through your mind, has that shitty flavour.

So in effect, this means that you may want to let that thought pass and go on its merry way if you don’t want to keep feeling shitty.

That’s how feelings work.

The reason you think you need motivation is because you believe your feelings play an important role in how to achieve your goals.

We’ve already established that feelings have nothing to do with your manufacturing process.

And the process of how to achieve your goals is a manufacturing process.

It’s okay to separate your two process of mining and manufacturing.

Doing this is what allows you experience a full range of emotions whilst still showing up to engage with your goals and project.

You don’t have to wait for a particular feeling or wave to arrive before you show up to your project or goal.

When you take the focus off yourself and how you’re “feeling” you’ll find that your mind will always self-correct.

It will always go back to your default state of calm and peace without any help from you.

You don’t have to do anything to get it to that point so that you can go ahead and achieve your goals.

It will do this on it’s own because our core or “factory setting” as human beings is innate peace.

We only take ourselves away from it when we’re distracted by the momentary thoughts passing through us.

Or tell ourselves that we need to create a certain “feeling” before we can be okay.

Final note on how to achieve your goals without motivation

What you “feel” has nothing to do with any action that you must take to achieve the goals that you set for yourself.

This is what is true for us all as human beings.

Feelings only seem so important when you want to take action because we all have the gift of awareness. We’re conscious of every thought that passes through us.

If we’re not careful, we allow ourselves to get dragged along by those thoughts and ‘feelings.”

And this means more often than not, we take ourselves out of the game of creating and getting more of what we want.

Give yourself permission to feel every emotion passing through you.

Don’t label them or feel the need to do anything about them.

Observe how long they take to pass through you and how long it takes a fresh thought and feeling to come when you’re not actively interfering in the process.

Decide that you’re going to show up and engage in your manufacturing process regardless of the natural mining process going on inside you..

The more you can tell the difference between the two processes, the easier it will be to create and bring things into the world.

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