One Powerful Method For How To Align To Your Desires.

knowing how to align with your desire and making it a habit that you don't have to think so hard about, is what makes creating from inside-out effortless.


No matter what you want to create in your life…

…aligning with that desire is the first step to bringing it into the world.

But the problem is that a majority of us complicate this simple step more than it needs to be.

I’m going to show you the one simple thing that you can do right now to get you in tune with what you say you want.

It only requires a simple shift and not as much action as you may think.

So let’s get started.

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portrait of woman with text overlay - How to align with your goals and desires from inside out. Get back on track: take stock, evaluate and recalibrate. Create a simple plan for the future from your desk chair.

The relief you seek in any situation comes when you have clarity about what you really want from that situation.

A majority of us are very clear about what we don’t want, what we don’t like and what we think others are doing wrong.

And somehow, we believe that by being clear on these particular viewpoints means there’s clarity on what we do want…

…Therefore, things MUST flow.




If and when things don’t flow, that should be your indicator that the situation needs more clarification from you.


For example:

I get people that come to me saying they feel stuck at a particular income level and want to create more money


But when I ask:

“Is it money you want or financial independence?”

The story becomes a bit murky.


I’m not asking to trap them, but I just want to make sure that they’re super clear on what they want before we can start creating it.

You see, these two might look the same on the surface, but they’re not even close.

You can get more money today. It’s actually not that difficult to identify potential sources of income that you may not be considering right now.

But, that doesn’t mean you won’t be desperate for more money to cover yet another emergency tomorrow.

This means you’re back to square one.

Neither one of these desires is bad, but they require different things.

This is where people get stuck and things seem like they’re not moving.

Because there’s no clarity.

So they chase one thing in hopes of getting something else.

It doesn't matter what the situation is: relationships, finances, career... It all boils down to one thing...Clarity.

What is your end game? What is the end destination? What is it that you really want?

Your innate intelligence has no agenda but it only shows up when you begin to have clarity of intent.

When you’re clear about your end destination, your inner GPS can then take over.

And that’s when the ride begins to have assurances.


A lot of people always want complicated processes and strategies when it comes to creating from the inside out.

But here’s what I’ve been seeing consistently on this journey:

    • The most important thing required is your clarity on what you want.
    • Ditch the pre-conceived ideas of what you believe must happen first before your desire can come.
    • show up as you are, knowing that your innate intelligence is all that is required to lay the path of least resistance to get you to your destination.

And that’s it!

But a majority of us find it difficult to accept that it can be this simple to create seemingly impossible things.


But really, what is the definition of impossible?

The way I see it, “impossible” is something that we make up in our minds – based on the stories that we tell ourselves moment by moment about something.

And “impossible” is different for every single one of us

Your job is to get out of your own way to let your core nature of innate wisdom lead the way.

So here's a final word on aligning with your desires...

And a quick experiment for you:

What is not flowing for you right now?

I want you to ask yourself what you really want from that situation?

Be super clear about it.

Let there be no room for doubt, vagueness or ambiguity.



Notice I didn’t ask you about what could possibly go wrong.

I also didn’t ask you what you don’t want

And I also didn’t ask you if you do or don’t have the ability to see it through or make it happen

I only asked:


What is the end result that you really crave from the situation?

The clearer you are, the more obvious what your next step to create that change will be.


Oh, and by the way, your end situation shouldn’t be focused on trying to get other people to change.

Because. as you already know, we all live in the “feeling of our thinking”. 


Life is from the inside-out for every single one of us.

There’s nothing you can do that will create lasting change in someone…

…Because change literally comes from how they “see” the situation and not necessarily what you do.


But when YOU change based on what you see…

… the parameters of the situation change as well and this could then be the catalyst that creates a change in how they “see”


Because you’ll not respond with knee-jerk and habitual reactions like before…

… but more with your innate wisdom that always shows you the path of least resistance.

Make sense?

So here’s to more clarity of intent and relief that comes from that clarity

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portrait of brunette woman with text overlay - One Powerful Method How To Align With Your Desires To Manifest Them Faster. Discover how to make your manifesting journey effortless from the inside-out
portrait of woman with text overlay - Aligning With Your Desires. Discover how to make manifesting and creating your desires a habit that you don't have to think so hard about.

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