One Powerful Way For How To Be Happier (Without Perfection)

When it comes to how to be happier in life, it's not about what you do or chasing perfection. Discover why most of us trip ourselves up with this simple misunderstanding...


When it comes to how to be happier in life, it’s not about  taking lots of action and doing stuff.

Seriously, It isn’t.

I’m going to show why most of us trip ourselves up with this simple misunderstanding…

And what to do instead to create a sense of happiness without chasing perfection.

So, let’s get started.

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portrait of woman with text overlay - how to create a happier life. Miserable? Discover one powerful way to find fulfillment every day. Uncover the most common mistakes we all make.

When you can understand that it’s not about what people do nor about situations that must occur...

then you’re well on your way to creating your personal sense of happiness - no matter what.

You see, where most of us get tripped up is that we train ourselves to expect that other people MUST do stuff before we can be happy.

We train ourselves to expect that a certain condition must be present first, before we can be happy.

Worse still, we train ourselves to believe that we MUST be happy at all times.

So we put so much pressure on ourselves to feel good all the time. 

When we don’t feel good, then it must mean that there’s something wrong…

And we must do whatever we can to change it immediately.


But what is happiness?


It’s a mental and emotional state.

And as with all thoughts, it is temporary. 


It comes and it goes, but what remains the same is the core essence of who we are.

And the core essence of WHO we are is wellbeing.; innate wisdom and innate health.

It means that no matter what is happening around us, we have the ability to feel at peace.

And It means that no matter what, we will always come back to this default place of innate wisdom and innate health – if we allow it.


So it seems to me that the feeling most of us chase is not necessarily the temporary euphoric high of happiness…

…but that deeper unchanging peace that is a part of WHO we are.

But we’re looking for it in the wrong direction.

We think that we need to do a lot of stuff, take a lot of action to get it.

That’s why there are so many articles and books about “ways to be happy”

But the truth is:

There is nothing that you need to DO to get it...It is already a part of you.

The less you do, the quicker you go back home to that space within you where your true nature resides.

And the more you look in the direction of your true nature, the more you’ll understand that there’s less to do but more you see.


Looking in the direction of WHO you are means you can only be right here in the present.

The future does not exist. It is just a thought and It is one possibility of many.

And the past does not exist. It is just a thought and  It is one perception of many.


The only thing that exists is NOW.

Now is all that you have.
And Now, at this moment, is where everything is possible.

This moment right NOW is your greatest resource.

When you lose the taste of trying to predict the future... you’ll find that your ability to show up and enjoy what is in front of you NOW increases.

You notice more things about THIS present moment.

And you connect better with the people and situations around you.

You also engage and create amazing results.


You’ll find that as you choose to show up and engage with your NOW, the world responds to you.

Coincidences occur.

Things come together in ways you may not have expected.

And ultimately, this is what creates the happiness that you seek.


It is only the need to predict the future that keeps up strung out and desperate.

When you understand that everything in our world works the best moment by moment…

You’ll see that your biggest door to how to be happier is when you engage with this current moment first.

And as you engage with this current moment, elements of the future will come to meet you here in the current moment.

That’s the way it works.

So you want to know how happier in the next 5 minutes?

Show up to your current moment.

Engage with it as fully as you can.

Forget about whether you would normally like it or not and give yourself permission to enjoy it.

You’ll surprise yourself with results you get.


Everything is “THOUGHT.”

And everything can change if we give ourselves permission to get out of our own way and allow it to happen.

Happiness is not a bunch of actions that you take.

It’s about knowing WHO you are and HOW you create your reality from inside-out moment by moment.

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portrait of woman with text overlay - create a happier life. Miserable? Discover one powerful way to find fulfilment every day. Uncover the most common mistakes we all make.

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