How To Be More Productive: Simplify Your Life With 3 Powerful ways to do more by planning less

It’s not about how much you do, it’s about what you CHOOSE to do and when. That's what allows to create the big results with ease.


This post will show you how to be more productive with ease. so you do more by planning less.

You’ll discover how to do more by planning less

The best part?

What I share are things that you can make into a natural part of your day, so your results become a “no-brainer’ .

Without further ado, let’s get started

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Here’s the one big mindset shift that made the biggest difference when I was learning how to be more productive:

To get more done, it’s never about your to-do list. Or I should say, it’s never about ticking everything off on that list.

This was the biggest mindset shift that made a difference in how I create BIG results with ease.


You see, I was one of those people who was always busy.

It was almost a thing to pride to talk about how busy I was. But there were never tangible results to show for all the “busyness”.

And It wasn’t until I got to understand that it’s not about how much you do, it’s more about what you CHOOSE to do and when,

…that’s when the magic ride began for me.


This simple insight is what has allowed me to create content for some of my online courses in 3 days. ( no kidding)

It is what has helped me shift 25 pounds with ease and so much more.

Here’s  how to be more productive in the next 60 minutes so you get more done without excessive planning:

1. Move the Big Rocks First To Create Momentum Quickly

More often than not, what I’ve noticed in my many years of having “to-do” lists is this:

  • My most important things never need to be on my to-do lists.
  • My best work usually comes when I’m focused on a single task and working in “flow.”


Author, Jay Zeratsky talks about the same thing in his one big thing article. And the conclusion I’ve gained from these two little nuggets of insight is that:

On that to-do list of yours, there are always things that I like to call the “BIG ROCKS.”

They are the things that if and when you shift them, can and will leave a big hole in your to-do list. Doing them produces real value and makes the other things on your list almost irrelevant.

These big rocks are things that should ALWAYS have your attention.

They are the things that create momentum. And when you get them done, they help you leap frog a great distance and show results fast.

This premise works whenever you need to know how to be more productive in life.


A clear example of this is with weight loss.

For me, whilst working out is great, massive shifts and results came when I learned how to make friends with food first.

It wasn’t about all the gimmicks I had on my weight loss to-do list.

You know what i’m talking about right?…We all have our lists and rituals when we start that journey to being healthy.

But using the premise of shifting big rocks made me understand that If I wanted to stay the course on this long journey, I had to see results.

And to get fast results, I had to get comfortable with food in every way.


Willpower and motivation wasn’t enough.

I had to learn how to eat properly.

Learning about nutrition and not depending on a food list from a diet plan was vital.

That was my big rock.

With that done, the rest came with ease.

So, What are you trying to get more productive about?

Take Action

Multi-taking is a myth. Willpower and motivation will only take you so far.

What is your big rock?

Each morning, go through your calendar and project list,

Identify the biggest thing that will make the most difference.

Add two smaller ones to round things out.

Focus on those for the day.

I guarantee that you’ll get so much more done than you imagine. Plus, you’ll have more fun doing it too.

2. Create Your Path Of Least Resistance By Flowing With The Tide

A majority of people create unnecessary resistance for themselves. They work against what comes naturally.

But if you’re serious about how to get more productive, you have to learn to work with yourself better and not the other way around.

If what you’re trying to shift requires concentration and you concentrate better in the mornings…

…Is there any point scheduling that activity in the afternoon or at night?

It’s all about value and giving yourself more of it.


That’s why I say productivity problems are usually value problems.

Whatever you’re trying to be more productive with, you have to give it and yourself more value by finding your path of least resistance.

Don’t complicate things more than you need to.


So what does shifting your big rock require?

What is the easiest way to get there?

When you’re not working from a place of least resistance and adding value…

You’ll not engage as best as you can and you’ll not bring value as best as you can. 

Most importantly, you’ll not enjoy the process as well as you can.

And here’s what I know for sure:

“When it comes to getting more done and being more productive, time passes quickly when you’re engaged and enjoying the process as best as you can.”

Results come quicker when things don’t feel like you’re pushing a boulder up a hill.

Take Action

When you’re living and working from inside-out, you’ll know that everything always has a path of least resistance. Even when you don’t know what that path is, it exists.

Start with your big rock.

As you focus on it, what is it that occurs to you to do?

Don’t think about what you “should” do, focus on what occurs to you at this moment.

The more you allow yourself to work from the space within (amazon) and you’re allowing your innate intelligence to guide you from time to time,

The less you’ll have to deal with self-sabotage, procrastination or self-esteem issues.

3. Cut Down Mental Stress By Understanding The Creative Process

I know it’s a bit of a cop out, but sometimes it’s not about being more productive. Sometimes, it’s more about understanding the process better.

Majority of us under-estimate what it takes to create the results we want. We’re so eager to “do stuff” and take action.

But, creating and bringing things into the world requires your understanding of the creative process. It also requires your understanding that it will take time.


Productivity hacks can cut that time down, but it will still take time.

Most of us misunderstand this simple fact. So we push harder and do more than we need to.

Sometimes, it’s not about doing but about waiting.

When you learn to relax into your process rather than try to “hustle it”…

You’ll find that you get more done in a short space of time by doing less.

As I say to some of my clients:

“it’s like trying to have a baby in one month”

No matter what you do, you’ll never be able to give birth to a baby in one month. Because there are set patterns to things you want to create and sometimes TIME is the one thing required.


The same goes for weight loss.

You’ll never shift 100 pounds in 30 days no matter how “productive” you want to be about it.

That’s not the pattern, so there’s no point in changing diet plans and doing a lot of stuff to make it happen in 30 days. You’ll only frustrate and exhaust yourself.

But when you take the creative process and time into consideration…

You’ll shift a lot more weight in a shorter period of time than you expected.


Whatever you’re trying to get more productive about, understand its process.

Once you’re clear on that, you can start showing up to it and being productive …

But without the mental drama and stress of unrealistic expectations.

How to be more productive in life...

Doing less to get more done is not as complicated as we like to think. It’s not the unicorn that we believe it is.

People do it every single day and create amazing results in the process.

All it requires is that you to let go of the faulty “hustle hard” thinking to become more strategic with the actions you take.

If it’s to be, it’s never going to be fully up to you. There are other forces at play as well.  And once you get that, you’ll find that you’ll do more by planning less but still get better and more accurate results than ever before.

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