Manifesting: Three Effective Ways For How To Get What You Want Consistently.

Tap into this simple insight to ask life for what you want with confidence and get what you want with assurance.


I’ll say this from the start:

How to get what you want, is never really about action tips, strategies and “the hustle”…

…But more about your perspective, your understanding of the creative process and the part that you play in it.

As simple as this sounds, when it comes to how to get everything you want, a lot of us aren’t as clear on what really matters as you might think.

I’m going to share a simple insight that will flip the script on creating more “impossible” things in your life – if you allow it.

Let’s dive in.

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1. If it's to be, it's NOT solely up to you to make it happen.

If you take anything away from this article, let it be this insight.

Because this is the one thing that can make the difference in how to get what you want.

You see, this blog post was actually inspired by a conversation I had with a close friend yesterday.


The conversation started with how I paid off a large amount of debt in a short amount of time and it carried on to the rental property he’s planning to build this year.

He showed me the floor plans and we talked about how things just always seem to come together one way or another once you actually get started.

And that’s what I want to share with you here because a majority of us spend so much time thinking that:

If it’s to be, then it’s solely up to us to make it happen.


But when you’re working from the inside-out and connected to the fullest expression of WHO you are, you’ll quickly realise that it’s never really up to you

…At least not in the way the world has taught us to look at it.

You see,

It’s not the uncertainty of getting the things that you dream of that is the problem.


Believe it or not, getting what you want is virtually guaranteed when you’re tapped into ALL that you are.

It’s the journey in between where you are now and the arrival of that soul desire.

That’s always the key.

And it’s the difference that makes the difference when it comes to reinventing yourself and how to get what you want.


2. How much enjoyment and engagement can you pack into the journey?

Because how to get what you want is a journey.

The journey between this present moment and that soul desire that you’re asking for.

That distance between… that is where life is.

And it is where life is lived…

…In the spaces in between.

I see this pattern over and over with my life and with people I connect with daily.

 They’re learning more and more to keep enjoying the spaces in between…

…To actually lean forward into those spaces and not try to rush, skip or avoid them.


Because we’ve noticed that as we lean in, with as much curiosity, enjoyment and engagement, it means that what we want, is much closer than we can imagine.

It’s never about the hustle or the action steps. 


In fact, there’s always less to do than you think but always more to see than you believe.

Engagement and Enjoyment.

Those are the two things that will get you to your destination – all the time.

They are the two things that will open the door on how to get what you want – every time.

Most of us pre-determine that we don’t like something before we even start.

And so we’re never engaged and we never find ways to enjoy the process.


So that’s why everything feels like we’re pushing a boulder up a hill, and the uncertainty keeps us running scared and seeking guarantees and validation all the time.

But when you’re using engagement and enjoyment as your measuring stick to creating your impossible dream

…It also means there’s no need to limit our imagination. 


Because It was never really fully up to you in the first place to bring all the components together.

You job is to set the scene and then let the source of life begin to work its magic.

Moment by moment, you’ll know what your next step will be…

…Using your enjoyment and engagement to get you there.


We never know what will show up to help us on the journey but we do know for sure that stuff will show up.


Because that’s how it works.


We don’t have to MAKE anything happen.’

3. There's absolutely NOTHING that MUST happen before what you want can come to you.

But you do need to learn to love the journey in the space in between.

This journey is life calling to you and you get to say:

“Yes! Here I am”

…Or you limit and hold yourself back by trying to figure everything out on your own with your logic and intellect.

Nothing is off limits.

You are a creator.

Your engagement and enjoyment are your paint and brushes

And magic is your creation.

There’s so much to create.

And this creation takes place in the space in-between where you are now and the arrival of your soul desires.

Receiving your soul desire is simply a bonus.

Because once you receive it, a new soul desire immediately rises up.

And the journey begins again.

That’s the way the system works

Final Note On How To Get What You Want (every time):

If there’s only one thing you take away from this conversation let it be this:

It’s not the getting of soul desire.
Getting what you want is for the most part already guaranteed.

It’s the space in-between and what you do with it that makes all the difference.

Because that space is life being lived moment by moment.

And that is fully in your control.

So here’s to giving yourself permission to filling those spaces in-between with what occurs to you moment by moment..

When you forget about about what you “think you should or shouldn’t” do but show up willing to engage and enjoy yourself as much as you can…

…things come together a lot faster.


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