How To Not Worry: One way for how to be calm & confident in any situation

Freeing yourself and worrying less starts with understanding where uncertainty comes from.


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How To Not Worry

How To Not Worry...

I’m a great believer in taking things down to their first elements.

In other words, when you can see and understand the elements of something, you demystify it.

Make no mistake…

Everything around you has a basic element to it. And with worry, the basic element is:



What causes worry for most of us is how to deal with uncertainty.

Uncertainty creates a feeling of not having control of the outcome that we want… so we worry.

We torture ourselves thinking of all the things that could go wrong.

And the nature of thought is one where you feel everything you think.

So this means we feel every story we tell ourselves about anything. It seems real to us as we tell it.

Uncertainty comes from our innocent misunderstanding of the nature of thought.

It comes from our misunderstanding of how we create our experiences.

We train ourselves to believe that we need to map out every single part of our lives and our futures. We also depend on our logic and intellect to do so.


The idea is that the more we know about something, the more control we’ll have and the more certainty we create.

But the result of this is that we’re always thinking and whipping up stories in our heads. We tell stories to ourselves about potential scenarios of a future doesn’t yet exist.


Most often, we scare ourselves with these stories. Because once again, we have trained ourselves to expect the worst.

We call it “being smart” and “being prepared”.

There’s a need to prepare for the worst whilst we expect the best right?

But a majority of us focus only on the first part and forget about the last.

We focus on always preparing for the worst.

And we forget that we also have the option of expecting the best.


There is an option of expecting the best because of one important resource that we most often ignore.

Our innate wisdom.

It is something that we all have. It is ALREADY present in us. It shows up when we show up every single moment.

There’s nothing we need to do to access it except to be aware that it is there. It gives fresh solutions and ideas moment by moment.

And your journey in learning how to not worry and overthink things starts with it.

When you can see that you have a resource that gives solutions in real time as events occur...Uncertainty becomes irrelevant.

You don’t have to have all the information about the future up front.

The brain works in such a way that it filters information and only keeps what it believes is relevant and necessary.

Which is why you’ll never feel in control by overthinking stuff.

Our brain is not designed to hold on to stuff that is not relevant at the moment.

It filters and files away stuff and only presents information that you need at this moment.

Worry comes when you don’t understand the nature of how your mind works.

It also comes when you’re not aware that you’re already connected to something that provides up-to-date solutions for every situation.

Your thoughts and feelings can only scare you or make you feel good as they pass through you in each moment.

But they have nothing to do with the outcome of what you want to create in the world or anything else for that matter.

What has an impact on your outcome is your action.

And your actions if you let them, can be guided effortlessly by your greatest resource – your innate wisdom.


When you stop allowing yourself to get distracted by your scary thoughts, you’ll see that you are already in control.

You’ll see that mastering how to not worry is a natural part of you.

The thoughts passing through your mind are doing what they’re supposed to so but they have nothing to do with you.

That’s the way we’re designed as human beings.


We have thoughts passing through our minds every single moment. 

But most of us believe that because it passed through our minds, we are responsible for it. 

We believe that we must do something about it.

But you don’t.

It’s just a thought.

It’s pure energy passing through you and doing what it is supposed to do.

Your job is not to get distracted, latch on to it and whip up a lot of emotion around it.

Understanding The Nature Of The Mind Begins By Seeing That Thoughts of the future or anything else for that matter are just that…THOUGHTS.

They’re not real.

But our nature as human beings means that we’re aware of everything in us and around us. 

So we feel every thought that passes through us moment by moment.

When you see the truth of this, you’ll see that there’s no need to control what does not exist.


Just as you don’t need to control the monster hiding in the closet a young child’s bedroom – even though it seems so real…

The things that we worry about are like the monster hiding in the closet.

Yes, they feel very real; And as a result, we feel we need to control the situation to prevent them from happening.

But they don’t exist and they are one possibility of many.


And if we give ourselves a chance to let go of our tight grip on our minds for short while…

Our default nature will ensure that we have a fresh thought and insight about the situation.


Because that is what makes us human.

Our ability to have fresh thought and solutions for everything.

When we allow ourselves to look in a different direction form the current one, fresh thought and outlook will come. 


And the need to find strategies on how to worry about things becomes irrelevant.

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