Innate Wisdom: One Genuine Way For How to To Improve Wellbeing

Your emotional health is the key to a happy life. It's never about trying to "figure out" stuff but more about giving yourself permission to "Just BE"


Wellbeing and intuition are buzzwords that we slap on everything nowadays.

But a majority of us are still mistaken about how these come into play in our lives. And more importantly, how to access them.

We think they come about from things we do on the outside of us.

So we’re constantly looking for new things to add to the list of things we already have.

Things that will give us the invisible and unshakable support that we crave.


Today, I’m sharing a simple insight into wellbeing and security and where they truly come from.

Also how your inner sense of knowing is actually what makes them come naturally to you.

Let’s get started. 

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Wellbeing isn't something we create by doing stuff on the outside

We spend so much time trying to get intellectual about things that do not require “figuring out.”

And one of those is how to permit yourself to “just BE.”

A while back I was in conversation with one of my cousins who is much younger than I am.

She’s just got a new job and we’re all excited for her.

But here’s the curious thing that is coming up.

She’s switched from one drama-filled headspace to another. The elation of getting a job didn’t last as long as she thought it would.

Now she’s moved into “worry mode” of whether she’s going to be able to perform at her job and achieve all she wants to.



It’s like a never-ending rollercoaster of worry.

Worry that you can’t get a job.

And when you finally get the job, you worry that you may or may not be able to perform as you think you should.

On and on it goes. There’s always something new to “worry” about.


It’s like the mind is always in a constant state of trying to find “potential problems” to solve.


This is normal for all of us.

When we’re not paying attention, we can easily find ourselves dragged away from our default state of innate wellbeing pretty quickly.

But the misunderstanding that we have is that we believe wellbeing is something we create from stuff we do outside of us.

So there always seems to be a struggle between the things we think we have to do to survive in the world and the things we need to do to foster wellbeing.

Innate Wisdom is the invisible support that is always with you responding to situations as they come at each moment.

But there doesn’t have to be a struggle.

There is nothing you have to do to “create” wellbeing except permit yourself to notice it.

The only time you don’t feel the presence of wellbeing is when you “pinch yourself” off from it.

And you pinch yourself off from it by constantly looking for potential problems to solve.


The way the system works is that you will ALWAYS get up to date solutions for whatever situations you’re in at the precise moment when you need it.

That is how innate wisdom works.

It is invisible support that is always with you at every moment responding to situations as they come at each moment.

And It NEVER works ten steps ahead.

The less you pinch yourself off from wellbeing and innate wisdom, the more you'll begin to notice it all around you without having to "do" anything to create it.

The struggle is that we have a baseline that tells us we MUST always try to be 10 steps ahead.

This constant race is what takes you away from your core nature and out of alignment with yourself.

And once this misalignment happens, you’ll find that you start looking for things to help you “relax” and “de-stress.”


This is sometimes where the alcohol, drugs, random sex with strangers and all the other vices come in.

They begin to become the things that you do to take your mind away from the pressure of constantly pushing to be 10 steps ahead.

And of course, in some cases, they then become bigger monsters that take over everything.


But all that was ever required in the first place was simply to remember your core nature.

To remember that wellbeing is always present in and around you.

And that you can access it with just thought and permitting yourself to Just BE.

The less you pinch yourself off from wellbeing, the more you’ll begin to notice it all around you without having to “do” anything to create it.

Because it is after all what we are all made of.

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