How To Quiet Your Mind And Find Inner Peace

Are your thoughts really the problem you think they are?


Most people that talk about your inner peace and creating silence in the mind usually focus on “actions” and “things to do” to get you there… 


But I’m going to start by saying this:

“There is nothing that you MUST do physically for peace of mind and inner peace to occur. There’s only more for you to see…”

That’s because your inner peace has nothing to do with taking action.

You’re looking in the wrong direction for it.

I’m going to show you a much simpler way that doesn’t require control, willpower or motivation to connect and stay connected to the very best part of you.

Let’s dive  in.

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Your inner peace is not dependent on how quiet your mind is.

So, last week  I was watching a TV show and there was a scene where the protagonist was writing in her journal. 

She was contemplating why she still didn’t feel at peace even when all was silent.

And it struck a chord with me because the silence is what a majority of people come to me for (at least, at the beginning of the journey.)


There is a belief that a lot of us have, that if we can just silence the noise in our minds, then we will be okay and at peace.

But here’s the thing :

It is a false premise to assume that silence is what brings the “inner peace” that you crave.


Looking at things from that start position is what causes even more chaos and noise.

Silence is beautiful. No doubt about it.

But just as with other things that flow through us, it is not something that is permanent.

And that’s okay.


You have to be okay with that because it is part of being human.

There will be moments of silence.

And there will be moments where it’s like a circus with lots of rides and fun activities going at once…

 …Or alternatively like a B grade horror movie (take your pick)

That’s the nature of our minds.

It is what signifies that you’re human.


Your inner peace is and has always been separate from this.

It is something that is present even amidst the noise of the circus and it is also present when there is silence.

This is the key thing that you need to take away from this conversation.

A majority of us believe that without the silence, there can be no inner peace.

So with this false premise, we chase the silence.

We make the attainment of silence a problem that we MUST solve before we can find peace.

But what I’m saying  to you is this:

There was never a problem to solve in the first place.

Your mind is working as it should.


It is not broken and it does not need to be wrangled into submission.


When you stop making the momentary stories in your mind problems that MUST be solved…


Better still, when you stop making them into problems that MUST be solved BEFORE anything else can occur…

…That’s when you begin to notice the inner peace that has been there all along.


And ironically, that’s why your mind begins to quiet down on its own.

The silence then slides in without you having to chase it or force anything into play.

Don't make your thoughts problems that you must solve.

I get lots of emails with questions along the line of:

“How to stop invasive thoughts?”

“And how to prevent negative thoughts?”

Or “how to stop thoughts about things that happened to us in the past?”

“How to stop thoughts about things we did in the past that make us uncomfortable…?”


And my response to these questions is almost always:


Why is it a problem that you MUST solve?

And why can’t it just be your mind doing what it does and you just getting on with your business anyway?


I get it.

It feels uncomfortable to witness these thoughts and experience the feelings that come with them.

But, It is human nature that our mind will bring up these things because, at some point or another, we fixated on them. 

And this signalled to your mind that these things are “important…”

…So you keep getting reminders about them more often than not.

That’s just your mind doing what it does.


It believes it is helping you because you’ve signalled previously with your unyielding focus, that the topic is important. 

The mind is incredibly smart but also incredibly dumb.

Your unyielding focus is what educates it and gives it direction about your world and the reality that you want to create.

And in future, given the signal you’ve already given…

…Your mind will try to “help” you by reminding you about your unrelenting and unceasing focus on those topics.

It’s not good or bad but It’s just what it is.

Will you feel uncomfortable because of those thoughts?

Of course, you will. 

That’s the nature of the system.


So, Knowing all this...can you still feel inner peace despite the temporary noise of the circus?

Yes, you can.

Because at any time, you can decide not to make any thought or feeling into a problem that MUST be solved.

It literally is a binary choice.


So here’s simple and practical experiment that you can try:

When an uncomfortable thought seems to want to take shape and become a full blown drama, you can tell yourself:


“I’m not going to make this into a problem that I MUST solve. It will resolve itself without my help”


This simple one minute intervention is what always brings me right back to the present and connected to all that I know I AM.

Doing this seems to suck the power and importance out of that thought.

The resulting feelings are not as strong and your mind will move on to another mundane thought a lot faster.

And this brings you back to your default position of inner peace  as well as the silence you crave – without you even trying. 

So here’s to lasting peace –  with or without constant silence.

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