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The Insight Sessions

Set ALL the rules on fire… Wake up to your TRUE SELF and Tap into UNLIMITED Clarity & Confidence. For juicy relationships, non stop Cash, Wellbeing and Purpose.

Here’s the truth:
It’s never about having more information and strategies to live life; You already have ENOUGH of that. It's about new perspectives and INSIGHTS.

let’s talk about it

Can you imagine...

The days of second guessing yourself and wondering if you're doing the right thing are gone?

Not feeling anxious, desperate and scared or stuck in a rut all the time?

Trusting yourself 100% to know the exact steps to take in any situation you face moment by moment?

Most of us are so busy looking for fast solutions that we never get to experience how effortless life can be

When I decided to give myself a chance to create the life I really wanted a few things came up for me and one of them was:

I assumed I needed to find the best strategy or process and then follow it until I got the result I wanted.

What I forgot in my desperate need to move away from the unwanted events in my life was this:

If this strategy or technique worked, I would have to keep following it to maintain the results.

I could never drop the ball or take a break from it.

It would become yet another thing I used as a crutch or “coping” mechanism in my life like binge eating, shopping and all the other coping mechanisms

You can see how this can easily become a problem in the long term right?

My perception of what it took to solve problems in different parts of my life was skewed.

And the truth is:

A majority of people are in this boat as well.

A lot of people kill themselves with non-stop action. They practice endless techniques and strategies for getting fast results.


Because they “think” that’s what they need to do.

They start first with a skewed perception of what they need to solve the problem.

And then they chase the endless strategies that they think fit that perception of what could solve their problems.

But these endless strategies are only designed to work whilst you do them.

When you stop doing them (and you will) because you’re human and life happens right?

You’ll find yourself back to where you started with the original problem and even more.

But when you start with the basic elements or broader principles of what makes you WHO you are,

This means you’re ALWAYS in alignment with yourself.

And when you are in alignment, the need for “magic bullet” solutions fall away.

And what is left is the essence of what makes life seem effortless.

Relationships, money, purpose, health…it all starts with giving yourself a better understanding of how to look at any problem you face.

Because a better understanding of HOW to look at a problem is what determines the actions that we choose to take – Always.

And that’s what this training all about.

Giving you a better understanding of a part of yourself that can make the difference in how you shop up to life and make all other “magic” solutions irrelevant.

You’ll CREATE your reality, rather than respond to what you THINK is happening to you

You have two choices...

1. Keep looking for "magic bullet" solutions & strategies that act as temporary band-aids for issues you struggle with.

2. Go deeper. Come into alignment, find out what makes you WHO you are and what is possible so you magnetise everything you desire to you.

I’ve done #1. It’s exhausting and it sucks!

You’re always chasing the next best strategy and solution because you never feel like you’re doing enough and also don’t feel secure enough to relax..

And honestly, sometimes at the end of the day, there’s not much to show for all your efforts.

It’s not about techniques or steps or taking “massive action”.

It’s more about WHO you are and your alignment to that space within you where fresh ideas and solutions are ALWAYS presenting themselves to you moment by moment.

You know that it’s not about pushing as hard as you can or taking endless action but you’re not sure how to find your way home to that place that is totally YOU and where lasting change resides.

You’re lost on how to beat down the fear and anxiety to feel in control of your life so that you’re can design and create what you want in your life rather than respond to what feels like a never ending drama of events…

You’ve focused on so many strategies and taken a lot of “MASSIVE ACTION” but nothing happened and now you’re ready to burn all the rules and tap into yourself to get clarity and confidence for more cash, wellbeing and flow

you're ready to live and work from a place of "insights"

who needs this?

This Course Is for You If...

you feel mentally exhausted and burned out with all the stuff you need to face on a daily basis

it's time to change the way you see and respond to your experiences so you're no longer fire-fighting but walking your path of least resistance.

you want to feel crystal clear, more confident and never second guess yourself again

It's time to fire up the engines to create the transformation you crave on your own terms so you no longer feel out of control or afraid of the future.

you're ready to see yourself in a different way to create different but better results

It's time to connect with all that you are to create better relationships with yourself and people around you. You no longer need to remind yourself to "think" positive or avoid "toxic" people. (seriously.)

Here's What's In The Insight Sessions

8 Audio Sessions Of Deep Intuitive Work to Create Clarity, Unlimited Confidence + Peace From INSIDE OUT - with journal prompts to help you go even deeper.

Sessions 1-3

Stress, Anxiety & Finding Your Purpose

Let’s kick off the sessions with diving deep into WHO we really our and what us human. This session will help you understand how anxiety and stress comes about and also how you can free yourself from their grasp for good.

You’ll also discover the most natural way to discover your purpose and how to keep evolving, growing and creating with ease – now that anxiety and stress no longer play a part in the equation.

You’ll no longer feel stagnant or stuck in a rut or overwhelmed and indecisive.

We’ll look at how to create the feeling of wellbeing even when the “sky is falling down.” So you’re living authentically and making decisions from a place of confidence and clarity – even when you don’t know what every step of the journey looks like.

Sessions 4-5

Deeper Connections & Lasting Relationships

We’re going to explore the habitual and flawed thinking majority of us carry around when it comes relationships and our ability to get along with anyone. 

We’ll discover why it’s never about what other people say or do, nor about who’s right or wrong to create deeper connections with people we care about.

Most importantly, we’ll look at why leaving a relationship or avoiding certain (toxic) people doesn’t necessarily mean you’ve left the bad situation and patterns behind.  You’ll discover what to do to create new habitual patterns for better relationships in the future. 

Session 6

Money + Financial Security

After learning how to calm the voices in our heads and create better relationships, the one thing that causes a majority of us to wobble is …money.

When it comes to money, a lot of us are insecure. And I have to tell you that it’s not just those that are broke that worry. I have met people with insane amounts of money that you would normally think would be secure, worry about it.
They worry that they are going to lose it all or they’re going to run out of money.
You’ll learn where true financial security comes from – and it’s surprisingly not from having lots of money as majority of us think.

Session 7

Career + Business

In this session, you’ll discover the one common thing that holds majority of people back from creating the results they want in our business and career.

You’ll learn why rejection and the word “NO” are not about you.

You’ll also discover how to constantly put yourself in the game to keep getting results and how to make rejection irrelevant on your journey.

Session 8

Your Innate Health

In this final session, you’ll learn why you don’t need to beat your body into submission.

You’ll learn how your body is always giving you signals of what’s working or not

You’ll learn how to create your own custom diet so you’ll never have to diet ever again.

Most importantly, you’ll learn how to work with your body to create the lasting change you crave and also maintain it with ease.


What Will This Cost Me?

The Insight Sessions was created for people who want to create calm and a sense of peace in their minds and in their lives.  It’s for people who feel like they’re always pushing, fighting and reacting to non-stop drama in their lives. Now, they want to start creating their experiences rather than always respond to events that show. What would it feel like to be truly get out of the rut and free yourself from the habits, anxiety and chaos in your mind that hold you back? What would it feel like to create your OWN roadmap and path of least resistance? A personal one day session with me teaching this is worth $1500 but…

You can grab all 8 sessions today for one payment of $297

Or design your own coaching journey

Pick and mix your coaching sessions to design your unique inside-out journey

Finding purpose & overcoming stress + anxiety

deeper connections + lasting relationships

Creating Financial security & asking for anything

Innate health: what your body wants you to know

A little more about me...

I’m Elizabeth Archibong. For a while, I was a girl who on the outside seemed like all was okay. But on the inside, battled with anxiety and depression and used binge eating as a coping mechanism. 

One day,  I decided to go all in and give myself a chance. I told myself I would give it 30 days to try out all I’d been learning about how we create our experiences as human beings. 

2 years later, I’m 30 pounds down with a healthy relationship with food , people and situations around me. 

Most importantly, I feel more secure than I’ve ever been about my ability to create whatever outcomes I want in my life – without the hustle and mental stress that we’ve all come to accept as normal.

I truly believe that you CAN be your own inspiration if you give yourself the chance to look in a different direction than the one you’ve been looking at so far.

It is possible to find true freedom. The only question is whether or not you’ll give yourself permission to try.

And on a lighter note, I’m a big fan of anything that has custard on it…just incase you were wondering.

Ready to make your big transformation happen?

8 deep coaching audio training session showing you how to get out of a rut and create lasting change from inside out. Break off from anxiety, habits and mental stress that hold you back from creating the life you truly crave. Plus, journal prompts to get you looking deeper and connecting more with your most authentic truth..


Most frequent questions and answers

This whole course was designed for you to consume at your pace. The idea behind it wasn’t so much about hustling and tacking lots of action. It’s all about getting insights that allow you to design your own path and you’ll need to go at your own pace for that to happen. 

Everyone’s journey through The Insight Sessions will look a bit different and that’s the beauty of it.

This course is a lifetime course. what does that mean for you? I want you to always have this content, so if you join now, it’s yours forever. I am constantly tweaking, adding to it, and writing new content so once you’re in, you’re in for everything that’s waiting for you now (and anything that’s coming soon!) 

If you want to get true freedom from anxiety, habits and mental stress that hold you back, then this course is for you.

The principles and elements that I share in this course are universal. As long as you’re willing to keep looking in the direction that I’m pointing you towards in this course, you will get insights, that will help you navigate life better.

I designed this course to help you create your own path.

This course is not about “doing” lots of stuff.

it’s more about “seeing” new things about yourself and how you create your experience.

And the more you “see” the more you show up differently to all parts of your life.

Since this is a go-at-your own pace, it differs for everyone.

You can take as long or as little time that you have available. The key here are the INSIGHT that you get from the content.

Because once you get an insight, the game and how you view it changes.

This is why I say it is a personal journey more than race. There is always more to see no matter what time you have, and less to do than you think.

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