Intentional Living: One Powerful insight For How To Live From Inside Out

Mindful living begins with allowing yourself to remain in the space within to see something different about life around you and so show up to life different.


Living from the inside out or intentional living is something that comes naturally to all of us.

But for a majority of us, it seems difficult to achieve because we approach from a perspective that complicates it more than it needs to be.

Today, I’m going to share a simple insight on how to live from the space within with ease.

Let’s get started.

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There are 2 things that inevitably come up when I have conversations with people about living from the space within.

1. How does one get to the space within?

2. The assumption that if we’re living from that space, we won’t have to face “problems” like before.


I’m going to address the second part first by saying:

Just because you have a deeper insight into life, doesn’t mean that you’ll stop “doing‘ life.


The only way you can stop showing up to life in any shape or form is if you no longer exist in this time and place.

It is absolutely vital that you get this simple nugget and embrace it wholeheartedly.

The circus of life will always keep showing up.

That will never change.

Events will keep cropping up.

Some will be favourable and others won’t.

Because it’s the nature of the time and place that we exist in.

And it is how we create and keep growing as human beings.

So it’s a futile exercise to try to prevent the circus from coming to town.

It’s not your job to do so.


But what changes for you on this journey is that the periods of peace that you experience between the circus rides become more and more sustained.

You’ll notice that you have longer periods of quiet between the excitement of the rides.

And more importantly, you’ll notice that even when you’re on these “supposedly” crazy rides, you’re always ever at home.

It only takes a thought to get you back to the space within and living mindfully.

Because that space within is your default space.

It is the space where the journey and every personalised circus ride begins.

Intentional Living begins from this space.

And this takes us neatly into the first part of this conversation :


How does one get to the space within?


One of my favourite ways of describing it is this:

Imagine you’re standing by the window in your living room.

You look out the window and you notice the bright lights of the circus across the street.


This particular circus has a special power to it.

And that power is:

It doesn’t matter if you’re physically at the circus, you still get to experience everything about it just the same – simply because you’re “looking at it”


So, as you stand by your window in your living room looking across the street at the circus, you experience all the rides and taste the candy floss and everything else.

And it is real.

Until you’ve had enough of the whole thing and decide to get back home.

This is where a lot of people get stuck.

Because they’ve forgotten the special powers of the circus.

They’ve forgotten that they are currently standing by window in their living room looking at the circus.


There’s nothing they “MUST DO” to get back home because they are ALREADY home.


And if it doesn’t yet feel like home, it’s because they’re still focused on the rides in the circus whilst “trying” to find their way home.

Final word on intentional living

The truth is always that:


It only takes a thought at any moment to get back to the present moment where they will find themselves standing by the window in their living – already home.


This is really what intentional living or living from inside out is at it core.

You are ALWAYS home.

There is no journey you must take and nothing you must do to “find” your way back home.

Because it is where you have always been.


It is the starting point for every journey that you take.

You simply do not notice it because you’re always focused on the next circus ride before you’ve even completed the current one you’re on.

So the rides seem never ending and you’re wondering if you’ll ever get a chance to breathe.


But if you remember you’re only ever a thought away from home, you’ll find the feeling of peace you’ve been chasing, is something that was never away from you.

And living mindfully becomes something that is a natural part of who you are and not something you have to work  at achieving.

You’re only ever a thought away from it.

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