Your Personal Guidance System.

No matter what your beliefs are, whether you’re religious or not, there is one simple truth that we can all agree on:


There is an energy, an intelligence that powers all life.


This intelligent energy is the source of all life.


No matter what name you call it – Intuition, Spirit, God, Source energy, Broader Perspective, Inner self, Universal mind – we can all agree that it is the source of ALL creation.

For this purpose, we’ll call it the Universal Mind.
It is what gives healthy and unlimited creation of ANY kind.


The bridge between the invisible (source) and the visible (physical creation) is THOUGHT

It creates our point of view and perspective about everything around us.

And each of these perspectives come with corresponding feelings.

Together, your feelings and thoughts create your state of mind moment by moment.


This personal mind is always in a constant state of change.

We’re always thinking and we’re always changing our minds about stuff all the time.

And from this space, we can “figure stuff out” or “think things through” to create a lot of experiences for ourselves.


So what’s the problem then?

Have you ever had a moment where you’ve felt “stuck” even when you had so much information about what to do?

Or have you ever found yourself pushing so hard and taking “MASSIVE ACTION” but still feel like you’re nowhere close to your destination?

That’s because your personal mind can only take you so far.

And when you’re also dealing with the thoughts and feelings that rise up moment by moment, it can quickly get crowded in your mind.


To tap into the well of unlimited and fresh thinking your relationship with your intuition, innate wisdom or innate intelligence must come into play. 


Imagine that you’ve walked thousands of miles with an invisible friend at your side.

You’re excited at the prospect of arriving at your next destination.

You spot the ocean ahead with your next destination being the beach at the opposite end of it.

Usually, that wouldn’t be a problem if you had a boat or a raft.

But you don’t, so you decide to swim instead.


You push with all your might, but you don’t made a dent in the distance.

Defeated but not discouraged, you decide to work smarter and float your way there.

You let the water support you with the scorching sun beating down on you and no fresh water to quench your thirst.

You finally get to the beach.

Dehydrated and half dead.

You feel an incredible sense of accomplishment at conquering such a huge obstacle.

You’re weary from your efforts but filled with adrenaline from your victory, you push on…


Now imagine you’re back at the start of that journey again with an invisible friend at your side.

This time, when you come across the ocean, you look for a boat or something to make a raft but you’re out of luck.

You already know you don’t have the energy so, you don’t attempt to swim the distance.


Instead, you turn to your invisible friend for help. 

It points you to a hidden path that you missed before in your search

And as you turn a corner, there’s a speedboat docked that can take you to your destination.

You do so with little fuss and so much comfort and ease.


At your destination, you don’t feel the need to act like you’ve won a race or accomplished anything.

And you don’t feel the need for praise for doing anything.

In fact, it feels like a natural step in your journey.

But you do feel a deep sense of knowing that you are not alone.

And that as big and long as the journey is, you are always with support.

There is an inbuilt guide and protector every single step to your destination.


That is what working with the Innate Intelligence of life feels like.

When you don’t have to “figure it out” because you already have a path of least resistance available to you.

We all have the ability to get insights.

And we all have the ability to get fresh ideas and solutions.

But it depends on HOW we choose to use the universal mind to do so.


Syd Banks (a philosopher of sorts) described the Universal Mind like this:

“An important thing to realise is that Universal Mind and personal mind are not two minds thinking differently, but two ways of using the same mind….

There is one Universal Mind, common to all, and wherever you are, it is with you, always.

There is no end or limitation, nor are there boundaries, to the human mind”


We all have parts of the Universal mind within us.

With this piece of universal mind also comes the purest form of awareness, creativity, fresh thinking and solutions.

When we lose sight of this piece of the Universal mind in us, we see ourselves as separate – Operating from our personal minds alone.

But this is where the misunderstanding comes for most us.

We believe that our personal minds are separate from the Universal mind.

But as Syd points out, your personal mind (the one with all the noise) is still the Universal Mind.

You’re just using it in a different way.

But here’s what you need to see at a deeper level…


You can have fresh thinking and solutions at any moment.

There is already an unlimited resource in you that helps you to do that with ease.

Gaining a deeper relationship with this innate intelligence is the single most powerful way to make better decisions, create results and move through life with ease.


All human beings have the ability to match their personal minds to their universal minds.

You are not separate from your innate intelligence/source energy.

IT is a part of you.

You don’t have to do anything to get access to it.

It is already present in you.

Your job is to let flow freely. It wants to do that. It wants to guide you.


But how do you let this creative energy flow?

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