Tapping into Your innate wisdom and letting your creative genius flow.

At the start of my journey, I always saw my innate wisdom as a separate entity. Something that I had to appease and cajole to “come through” for me.

I was never sure if it would come through or not and I was also never sure of what I would get

So I also strived to cover my bases by covering any situation I faced with an extra layer of worry.

Whilst I waited to hear from my innate wisdom, I would usually freak myself out with all kinds of thoughts of potential disaster. 

And I’d spend time being extremely busy and taking lots of MASSIVE ACTION to ensure that the doom and disaster I imagined never occurred.

What I didn’t understand was that my innate wisdom or intuition has been there all along.

It is Source energy.

And it is the bigger part of us that resides beneath the surface.

 Tapping into it only requires a CLEAR MIND.



And the path to a clear mind begins with understanding the nature of thoughts and feelings that pass through us moment by moment.



The thoughts passing through your mind are just pure energy passing through and do not last long.

Each of your feelings come from the energy of thoughts passing through and do not last long.

When you understand that they are temporary and variable…

You’ll begin to see that you don’t have to interfere with them in any way to help them move along.

You also see that they have nothing to do with your ability to connect with your innate wisdom at any moment because…



You and your clear mind are what exist underneath all the temporary thoughts and feelings.


You are not the thoughts passing through you moment by moment. 

Instead, you are the SPACE through which the thoughts pass. 

And as they pass, they create the temporary feelings you experience moment by moment.



Getting lost in the thoughts passing through your mind and getting dragged along by the feelings they bring along with them is one way of staying disconnected from your innate wisdom.


That’s why spending time trying to “think positive thoughts” so you can feel better and connected to yourself is looking at things backwards.


Understanding the kindness of the design of your mind means you bypass unnecessary suffering and stay connected to clarity.


There’s no need to DO anything with your thoughts to gain clarity and connection to yourself.


You ALREADY have clarity and connection to your SOURCE.

You’re only getting distracted by the thoughts passing through you.

And make no mistake…

No matter how real these thoughts feel, they are just passing through you. 

It is their nature to feel real but they’re just passing through.

That’s how the system works.



Once you’re able to see this piece of the puzzle that is YOU…

 …You’ll see that you have ALWAYS been tapping into your innate intelligence

It has always been feeding you wisdom.


So the problem wasn’t that you weren’t getting wisdom and intuitive guidance.


The problem has always been that you have been getting distracted by the thoughts and feelings passing through the space that you ARE.



And the problem is that you have a misunderstanding of WHO you are and HOW your system works.

When you’re able to grasp this premise, you’ll see that there’s ALWAYS less for you to DO and more for you to SEE.


The more you see, the more you show up differently in your life and the more you make better decisions and create better outcomes with ease.

Uncertainty becomes irrelevant, because with your knowledge of WHO you are and the system which your mind operates…

…You’re able to see that your innate intelligence is your SOURCE. 

And you are the space or vehicle through which it flows continuously.


So your job is to SHOW UP and engage.

Knowing that your innate wisdom WILL show up with you – no matter what thoughts and feelings are currently passing through the space that is YOU.


On the next page, I’m going to wrap things up and invite you to join my little tribe but before that…


Here’s Best Selling Author Elizabeth Gilbert sharing this premise of SHOWING UP and engaging with the creative genius (innate wisdom / SOURCE)

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