Inside Out Body

Wellbeing and weight loss From The Inside Out.

“I want to feel good in my body… I want to stop fighting with food and with my body.”


When it comes to wellbeing, most people that I speak to want to feel good.

They want to feel balanced and okay with themselves in particular and with their world in general

Weight loss is most often part of the equation.


They talk about how many diets they’ve tried.

The ones they’ve succeeded with and those they failed at.

And then the conversation always comes back to not feeling secure in themselves and with their bodies.

The conversation always comes back to the struggle with food.

And when we dig deeper, we discover the desperation for the quickest way to get to the destination they seek.

The destination which is to feel accepted in one way or another via a slim body.


But did you know your body has signal points?

And that these signal points have a huge impact on our relationship with food in general?


Inside Out Body is an easy-paced deep dive into a different way of looking weight loss and wellbeing.

In this masterclass, we’ll explore how to get to your true weight and maintain it permanently through connection with WHO you are on the inside.

Because everything in our world starts from the inside first.
It is never only about the actions you take.


When you’re chasing new diets and solutions, you’re looking at things from the outside in.

And this means that you’ll always feel like you have to control everything at every moment.

But when you start connecting from within first, changes on the outside happen with less struggle and more permanent outcomes.


With Inside Out Body, you will get instant access to your audio training about how to start connecting with WHO you are.

You will discover the simple shifts that help you work in partnership with your body moment by moment from inside out.

This will, in turn, help you reveal your true weight and innate wellbeing.

Plus you will also receive practical insights to highlight the key points so you’re transforming thought authentic actions.

Imagine someone sitting next to you and having a conversation that creates insights.

Insights that cut away all the noise, drown out the anxiety and gives you space to see something different about your body and how to live peacefully with it - no matter the circumstance

That’s EXACTLY what I want to do for you

"It's helping me see things differently"

You've been very helpful in teaching me to start to see things differently and explore that thought-experience relationship better. Thanks! 
Melissa Nieves

Here's What's In
Inside Out Body

INSIDE OUT BODY is a is a 2 part audio masterclass specifically for people who want to lose weight and feel good permanently from the inside out.

It is for people who want to feel secure in themselves and radiate wellbeing that is innate to them – no matter what is going on around them.

Here's what your journey will look like in this masterclass

Are you ready to move away from feeling stuck to feeling energized and creating results with effortless ease?

Part One:
Conditioning & Living By Your True Nature

In this part of the masterclass we’ll:

  • break down common myths around the diet culture.
  •  deep dive into the key places where we do not live according to our true nature which in effect causes “dis-ease” within us.
  • 4 common signals that point to whether you’re living away from your true self or not
  • the disconnect between what we believe our bodies should do and what it actually does.
  • where true wellbeing comes from and how to allow your true weight to reveal itself to you.

Part Two:
Connecting To Your True Self To Reveal Your True Weight.

In this part of the masterclass, we explore 5 simple but powerful shifts for how to get back to your default state and maintain the true connection with ease.

You’ll discover:

  • what must happen for connection to occur
  • a simple question that creates big shifts whenever your mind tries to create noise around food, your body or wellbeing.
  • how to let go of the struggle with food and your body.
  • why weight loss isn’t the end game and what your true purpose should be to create effortless and permanent weight loss.
  • what your body really wants from you so to reveal your true weight with ease.
  • why there’s less for you to do than you might think to create the outcomes you want.
  • how to create continuity and let go of the fear of failure that comes with going on endless diets.
  • the one thing that will create momentum and energy for you on your inside out journey.
  • how to listen and hear your body’s signals with ease.

Here's How It Works

  • As soon as you enroll in INSIDE OUT BODY, you’ll get instant access to a private course area where you can listen and down your audio training and materials.

And just like that, you’ll see something different about yourself and your relationship with your body and innate wellbeing. You’re moving away from frustration, fear and the need to control your food to feel free and at ease

You’ll discover how to feel secure and radiate wellbeing that is innate to you. Lose weight and feel good permanently from the inside out. And let go of outside conditioning and rules to live by your true nature and design.

Get instant-access now for only $97

I'm so happy I stumbled upon your podcast and now doing this course, it's serendipitous how many things are suddenly starting to align, and I'm starting to see the signs, thank you
Hattie Kingsley

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