One Helpful Tip For How To Let Go Of Control

How to let go of control starts by truly understanding what role you think having control plays in your life.


“Just let go of control”

It seems so easy when people suggest this as the answer to a the roadblocks we meet on our journey in life.


How do you let go of control?

Especially when it seems like everything is on the line?

Today, I’m going to share a helpful insight on how to find your true power.

I’ll share what your true role is when it comes to having and letting go of control 

So you can create a sense of security with more ease and flow.

Let’s get started.

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The concept of control is not what you think it is.

So the last couple of weeks saw me take my mother in for emergency surgery.

It started as a routine eye check-up that led to a series of events with scary medical terms and a lot of money that needed to be raised to correct the drama unfolding moment by moment

But I want to talk about what I found interesting about this experience.

Because there was a sense of detachment in me as I watched myself and all the players engaged in the drama play their role.

As I listened to a “specialist” tell me (after a series of tests and waiting for 5 hours to see him) that there was nothing that could be done because the situation was too advanced

…and If wanted, I could try to find a particular surgeon who dealt with that particular case but he couldn’t refer me to anyone in particular because he didn’t know one…


The one thing that jumped out at me was:

“This is what it means when they say: control is an illusion”

You always think that you’re in control of your life and circumstances.

And spend so much time chasing all the things you think will bring even more control to your grasp.

Until something occurs to remind you that you were never in control of anything.

And that it wasn’t even about being in control.


But it was ALWAYS about having the ability to RESPOND as events unfold.

To allow yourself to feel the full range of emotions that come with any situation.

And as you consciously ride the wave of the emotions, as opposed to getting dragged around by them, clarity occurs.

Your sense of security comes from learning how to make decisions in response to what unfolds moment by moment.

This is what a majority of people ask about when they write to me.

They want to have a sense of security.

 Also, they want a way to know that they can ensure their survival by having something that can help them have a sense of control in their lives.

But as I’ve just pointed out, chasing the illusion of control is where the problem arises for most of us.

We are not here to control anything.

And we aren’t meant to control anything.

It is not part of our design.

Our design is always about how we make decisions in response to what unfolds moment by moment.

How you make decisions that serve and support you with ease always depends on whether you allow yourself to live by your design.

And for most of us, living by design means knowing how to wait.

Wait for clarity

Wait for wisdom

Wait for manifestation

Wait for ALL OF YOU to show up

Trusting your true self to show up is how you begin to let go of control with ease.

It seems so easy to talk about waiting as a strategy to let go of control, but it is the most difficult thing to do.

Because when we’re in the thick of things, we all fall back to our default knee jerk reactions to everything.

You listen to the noise in your head trying to decide for you.

And because of this, feel mental pressure.


You feel mental pressure because confusion and doubt are what rise when your mind gets into the game.

Also, you feel physical pressure to “make the problem go away” so you can get rid of the rising stress.

So, you start taking even more crazy actions in response to the situation.

Actions that sometimes make people around you think you’re unstable and unable to “deal”.


But all that was ever required for was you to go back to your design.

To see “what is” and not what you think it should be.

Most importantly, to trust in the bigger part of you from which your true self is carved from.


But here’s the thing:

what reason could there be for you not to trust the bigger part of yourself to show up for you?


After all, it is WHO you are.

And if it is WHO you are, why then would it want to hurt you?

Why wouldn’t it show up time and again with no questions asked?

Most importantly why would it need to have an agenda, reason or excuse to do so?

Final word on how to let go of control

It is not the events that unfold in our lives that is the problem.

Instead, it is about WHO we think we are and the role we believe we play that is key.

When you’re able to let go of the notion of being able to control anything…

And when you’re able to fully trust that the bigger part of you will ALWAYS show up for you.

That’s when life begins to get beautiful and interesting.

Because you’re not here to prove anything to anyone or yourself.

Instead, you’re here to live by your design and thrive on this material plane.


And the more you’re able to see this in situations around you, the faster things begin to fall into place for you.

Here’s to more clarity and living by your design

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