4 Powerful insights for how to create life balance from inside out

simple shifts that create bigger satisfaction and fulfilment from the inside out


A lot of us have a warped idea of what life balance really is.

We think that creating a happy life involves juggling the actions we take in the different areas or games of life that we choose to play.

But i’m going to point you in a direction that if you choose to explore will help you play your games of life with less drama and whole lot more fun.

Let’s get started.

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1. The work-life balance you're looking for is really just a search for life balance.

What causes problems for most of us when we start this journey of trying to achieve life balance is:

we start with the false premise of looking at work and life as if they’re two separate things.

And this is where the problem and struggle starts.

Because by definition, life is an umbrella term for everything that happens to us including guess what?… work.


Work is not something that is the opposite of life, it is a tiny piece of all the things that constitute what we call life in general

It is very much a part of life as are our bodies, friends, family, hobbies and everything else that make up the tapestry of what we call life.


Balancing all these things is what makes us WHO we are and what we use to create our experiences moment by moment.

More importantly, going further and looking deeper at each area through the lens of the core principles or elements that govern how we create our experiences is where true freedom can occur.

It is where you begin to create a happy life


And today, I’m going to look at 3 areas of life through the lens of living from inside-out to help you go beyond simply simply taking MASSIVE ACTION on the surface…

… To truly seeing the nature of each and creating life balance with ease

2. The sole purpose of your body is simply to keep you tethered to this time and place so that you can experience things in the fullest way possible.

I start with this because a majority of us spend so much time with stories about our bodies.

We have warped premises and starting points of what we think our bodies and health should be.

And we spend so much time trying to prove that we are or aren’t those stories and expectations.


We add so much meaning about WHO we are and our self worth to the stories that we tell and the expectations of others in connection to our bodies.

But when you bring it down to its most elemental level, your body’s sole purpose is simply to give you a home to dwell in whilst you are here.

And if you’re living and breathing each day, then your body is serving its purpose.

That’s it.

How it looks and how it feels is solely up to you to decide.


Just like you take the joy, time and imagination to make your “bricks and mortar” home look and feel just the way you like, you can do the same for your body – which is also a home in some sense for you. 

 When you begin to separate WHO you are from your “body”, It’s a lot easier to see your “home/body” with all its systems and quirks without judgement.

And it also becomes easier to carry out your “changes” on it to create life balance without adding unnecessary meaning and mental suffering to the process. 


I love the fitness movement and I also love the body positivity movement. 

But I think sometimes, we get lost in the extremes of them because we’re always trying to add meaning to everything.

But sometimes, the most uncomplicated element is where the truth resides.


Your home is your home.

And you can make it look and feel however you like without trying to make it “mean” anything about you at your core.

The suffering comes when you think it must look a certain way so that it can create a certain meaning or identify with a certain story that you or someone else is telling.

That’s not WHY you’re here.

And this brings us to the next area of life balance that causes suffering for a majority of us.

3. Your sole purpose is to CREATE Experiences.

This isn’t about your hustle or your work. 

You’re here in this time for a reason.

And your body and your mind with all its quirks allows you to feel everything in a very rich and visceral way.

That’s one of its super-powers.


Your job is to allow yourself and give yourself permission to CREATE and your body does the rest for you.

It automatically FEELS the experience that you “create.”

This is where a majority of us fall when it comes to creating a happy life.

We draw so many lines in the ground.

And we tell ourselves what can CAN and CAN’T have because we’re sometimes unable to look beyond the quirks of our minds or bodies.


We look to add meaning to things and situations that really don’t require them.

But what if you actually “allowed” yourself to create just for the fun of it… because that’s the sole purpose of you being here?

How would your reality look?

What if you really revealed your inner self and allowed it to go to town?

Would it really be the end of the world as you imagine or would that be where your life balance begins to take shape.


The key to the change you want is to allow yourself to see a glimpse of what I’m pointing towards.

You are a CREATOR.

It’s your job to create.

You’re already creating moment by moment.

Why not make it a more deliberate experience? 

And creating is not as complicated as a lot of us have made it out to be.

Seriously, it isn’t.


This leads us to the 3rd and final area that most of misunderstand when trying to create life balance from the inside-out and that is…

4. The "nature" of this world that we're currently "playing in" is more giving than we're allowing ourselves to see and experience.

The less serious you make a situation, the more paths that open up.

I have seen this over and over again.

And this is why I say to you and to the clients that come to me on this topic that:

When you allow yourself to drill down to “nature” and core elements of something…

You will ALWAYS see endless ways to get to your destination.


Because it was never really about the strategies, tips and tricks.

It was ALWAYS first about your imagination, clarity and consistency with them.


Your world grows, expands and gives back to you based on:

– what you allow yourself to imagine as possible for you
– how clear you are about it
– your consistency in playfully holding on it.

That is where you innate intelligence gets its direction from.


And it is where those coincidences begin to come together.

This is one of the major reasons why I tell people to assume that they are only ever responsible for 55% of the work – even though they get 100% of the benefits.


Your world opens up to you when you show up to do your 55% of the job.

And that 55% is simply your imagination, clarity and consistency.

The more you allow yourself to simplify how you see these three reminders on a day to day basis and the less you try to connect everything to WHO you are and your self worth…

…the more you’ll navigate life with more grace and ease. And feel more grounded and at peace.

Final Word on life balance and creating a happier life

It’s never about the strategies or taking lots of actions. 

But it’s always about going back to core elements around the things that you want to create change about.

Life balance as I see it is simply working more with principles and less about taking even more action.


The actions you need to take to create the happy life that you crave will always reveal themselves you with ease once you let go of your tight grip on the reins and begin to allow yourself to see something different.

There’s no right or wrong way to do it, there’s only what you allow yourself to see and give yourself permission to show up and respond to.

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