How To Live Your Purpose Through Deliberate Creation

Clarity, change and transformation become much easier when you understand power of deliberate creation.


When it comes to finding meaning and living your purpose, the mistake a majority of us make is to assume that we must have that one thing that we can chain ourselves to for the rest of our lives.

So, either you feel stuck because there are too many things that grab your attention and you’re finding it difficult to pick one.

Or, you stay stuck because you genuinely feel like you’ve got nothing that lights you up.

Either way, there is a sense of standing still and a feeling of discontent whilst life passes by.


But what if there was a different way of finding meaning and living your purpose?

What if you’ve always had a purpose but you’ve been looking at things from a perspective that doesn’t support you?

Today, I’m going to share the one thing you always have going for you and why you have already been living your purpose

Let’s get started.

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Finding Meaning In Your Life Starts With Understanding That It's About Mastering The Process Of Deliberate Creation.

So a few days ago, I was up at my usual pre-dawn hour. The world was quiet and it was me and Major (my dog) going through our morning routine.

The question and thoughts that kept dancing in my brain were :

“Why is there always a fight with the mind?”

“Why is the default assumption that we have to fight and dominate?”

“Why can we not be friends?”

“I thought I had this figured out already!”

And as I moved from meditation to begin my yoga sequences, I got insights that would go on for the next couple of days.

The first answer I got was :

“ Because you don’t trust all there is. 

You don’t trust that everything has a part to play.

And you don’t trust that everything is connected”

“But I already know all this”… I said.

Another insight came and it was:

“You do know all this. 

But the missing piece of the puzzle is that you have misunderstood the true power and purpose of your mind.

You assume that it is meant to answer questions that are not yours to answer.

And whilst you’re busy trying to use it to answer these questions that aren’t yours to answer …

…you lose sight of your true purpose”

Uh, Okaaay!!

This might not make sense to you as you read this but it was like a curtain being lifted in mind.

You see, the one thing that I have always been sure of is that we are creators.

We are here to create.

That is our purpose.

It’s not about going on any journey because there is no endpoint to this.

Also, It’s not about the accumulation of things.

Instead, it’s about the process of creating those things.

The creation of these things in your life is also, not about the actions that you offer.

Instead, it’s about your underlying focus.

It’s about your mind doing what it was designed to do. 

And that is to keep finding new avenues of creativity so that expansion can occur.

As you keep filtering and getting clear on what you want to see more of in your existence, new avenues of creation rise.


This is why it doesn’t make sense when people talk about what they want to see in their lives based on if they deserve it or not.

It’s never about if you feel worthy or if the world says you deserve to have what you desire or not.

It’s always about what you are here in this time and space to do.

And what you’re here to do is to create.

You’re here to give yourself as many opportunities as possible to create.

Infact, it is your job to do so.

How To Live your Purpose Is Always About Discovering Your Expansive Nature Underneath The Noise Of Your Mind.

And why is it important to keep identifying new avenues of creativity?

Because the process of creation brings expansion.

And without expansion, life ends.

Source energy is not static.

It contains unlimited possibilities that seek expression.


So, expansion is therefore inevitable.

Your job and “purpose” are to create avenues for expression of these unlimited possibilities. 

When you begin to see the part that your mind plays in this process…

You’ll also begin to understand that you’ve been looking in the wrong direction when it comes to understanding the power that it holds and your true purpose.

This is all about the law of deliberate creation.

Deliberate creation is what living from the inside out is all about.

It is what feeds the energy for how to live your purpose with meaning.

Just because a thought passes through your mind, doesn’t mean it requires you to give it an answer.

It is simply a question being asked, but that doesn’t mean it is yours to answer.

There Is Never Any Need To Dominate Your Mind When Trying To Discover How To Live Your Purpose

There is a constant stream of information flowing through you moment by moment.

They are all seeking expression.

You get to decide which you want to take seriously or not.

There is never a time where you are helpless in this process.

If you can allow yourself not to fall into the habit of trying to answer every question being asked…

… That is when you start expressing your power as a master creator.

And that is when you start deliberately living your purpose.

There is never any need to fight with your mind.

You’re just looking at things in a way that doesn’t serve you.

But, just as there are unlimited possibilities from source energy that seek expression…

You have unlimited perspectives waiting to serve you.


There is always a more helpful way of seeing things.

And no, the way you perceive things doesn’t have to be the same as everyone else.

As long it helps you bring as many creative expressions to life, your purpose is fulfilled.


When you try to create and be like others around you, that’s when you lose sight of your expansive nature and fight with your mind to conform with others.

But conformity is not why we’re here and so, it is not a question that needs an answer from your mind.

This is why I always give experiments to my clients and email subscribers..

Because you have to see what you see about anything.

And sometimes, what you see is not going to be what I see because we’re all choosing different questions to answer moment by moment.

We’re all allowing different versions of creativity seeking expression.

So, what you need for your version expansion will always be a little bit or more different than others.

And you have to be okay with that.

You have to embrace it and not fight with your mind about it.

Final Word On How To Live Your Purpose

I’m going to end today’s conversation with a little experiment if you’re willing:

Prove your expansive nature and the limitless validity of your source.

In turn, prove that you are living your purpose daily.


For the next 3-5 days, try to use as few words as possible when you’re speaking to people or thinking about stuff.

Instead, focus on the images and underlying feelings that flow through your mind.

Don’t try to make them “good” or “bad”.

They’re just a stream of energy passing through.



In my experience, 

The act of not trying to attach words to everything is what will slow things down and make it a bit quieter. 

As you do this, notice what you do about the stream of energy constantly flowing through your mind.

And remember that they are just questions seeking answers.

But, you don’t have to be the one to provide all those answers.



A little trick that I have to persistent questions is to say to my mind:

“This is not your question to answer”

And as I do this, I always notice that energy around them dissipate and the stream begins to flow smoothly again.



The problem is that we’re obsessed with forming words around everything.

We don’t realise that the process of constantly trying to translate all the energy passing through us into words is what causes the noise that we’re trying to avoid in the first place.

It is also what distracts us, as we chase questions that don’t need answers.


So, give this experiment a try and notice what you happens when you’re not trying to form words for everything.

Notice what you do when you’re not trying to answer every question.

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