Manifest Faster: One Powerful Hack For How To Get What You Want.

How to get what you want and manifesting faster starts with the stories you tell yourself about what you want and the path of least resistance you choose.


How to get what you want and manifesting faster seems to be what gets people stuck when trying to create in a way that is different from the usual hustle and “push hard” strategy.

I’ve talked about this topic before but, it seems to be the one that still causes drama when it doesn’t have to.

As usual, I think a majority of us overthink and overcomplicate this more than we need to.

So I’m going to share a different way of looking at this creative process to manifest faster.

Most importantly, I’ll share why, despite all your efforts, what you want is not happening as fast as you’d like.

Getting a deeper insight into this is hopefully, what can help you show up differently to manifest faster than you’ve previously thought possible.

Let’s get started.

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Why you can't manifest faster is because you make what you want seem like a big "effing" deal.

Seriously, you act like it’s the biggest thing ever.

But in reality, it’s just a drop in the ocean of what is truly possible. And because it’s just a drop, it should not take so long to come to you as you think.

It’s taking long because we all have a subconscious habit of deciding that it’s big and impossible.

And if it’s to come, it would require a lot of drama and time.


We have a habit of being “logical and sensible.” 

Being logical and sensible means we fall back on our default and habitual ways of approaching things. Because it’s what we know and it’s what feels safe to us – whether it’s effective or not.

Here’s the thing:

Your decision on HOW you accept what you want is what is keeping it from you.

How to get what you want starts by understanding that the things you want only come with your path of least resistance.

If you believe something has to take a certain time and must come in a certain way, then that’s the path of least resistance that you have chosen.

Yes, you CHOSE it.

It isn’t the one your innate wisdom would have chosen for you. But, it is the one that is dominant in your “logical and sensible” mind.

Therefore, it’s the one that – whether you believe it or not – is what you see as the acceptable way through which your desire will come.

But from my time of “creating impossible things” here’s what I know for sure:

Things that you want or desire only come in the path that you wholeheartedly agree with.

I have seen this happen so many times that I have now chosen to make it habit rather than see it as an anomaly.

Your pre-conceived ideas of what you want is usually what becomes the dominant and difficult path that you unknowingly "choose" for how to get what you want.

There are a lot of things you and I have preconceived ideas about.

Things like our values, identity, money, business, relationships etc.

We all have preconceived ideas and what I like to call “baselines” about a lot of areas in our lives.

What we don’t realise is that these preconceived ideas and unquestioned baselines become the dominant path that we ‘choose‘ for things to come to our lives.


By nature, these preconceived ideas aren’t meant to be things that are permanent or written in stone.

We decided on them and we chose them as our baseline.

But the problem here is that:

We fail to see that these baselines and preconceived ideas are similar to thoughts we have about what to have for dinner or what to wear on any given day.

They are all made of the same stuff – “thought”.


They can change and they are meant to change. They are designed to be fluid.

But because we love the illusion of permanence, we cling and hold on to baselines that inadvertently become “paths of least resistance.

Paths of least resistance that don’t serve us or bring the things we want faster into our lives.

A path of least resistance is simply "the easiest path available" in any situation, given all the roadblocks present.

if you’ve spent your whole life building and clinging to skyscrapers of “preconceived ideas” made from stale thought energy,

…Can you see how things you want can take forever to come to you?

Because they have to find the easiest path around all the unnecessary and unhelpful structures you’ve built up in your mind.

Now to you, these structures in your mind might seem important; because you believe they signify and point to WHO you are – your identity, values and blah, blah, blah.

But they’re not as important as you think they are.



Your true self, WHO you are, doesn’t reside in structures made of transient thought.

Who you are is what resides underneath all those transient thoughts of identity, values and beliefs.

So, it’s okay to let all these transient thoughts go.

I promise you that new and fresh thoughts appropriate to every moment that you’re in will come through all on their own.

Because that’s how we work as human beings.

To manifest faster, you must first allow yourself to see that the things you want aren’t a big a deal that SHOULD take forever to come to you.

When you begin to see that nothing is permanent and everything is designed to be fluid and open to change.

You’ll also see that the things you want aren’t a big a deal that SHOULD take forever to come to you.

And you’ll begin to see that the things you cling to including what you call your “identity” are what stop the things that you want coming to you a lot faster.

Because you’ve put pre-conditions on how they should come.


For example:

If you believe money MUST only come from your business – even though you’ve only just started the business and are still learning the ropes…

Can you see how there will be a delay in money coming into your life?

Because you’ve already decided that your path of least resistance is the business.

But if your business skills are shall we say, a bit rusty,

…I don’t need to predict the drama, desperation and mental torture that waits around the corner for you because I think you can already sense it right?


Wouldn’t it be much better to be clearer on how much money you want and be more open on where it may come from?

Trusting that common sense and your innate wisdom will give you ideas of how to make it happen as quickly as possible – regardless of what is going on in your new business.

After all, how it comes is not what is in focus here right?

It’s that it comes.

That’s all.



Here’s another example:

If you have thought structures set up that only a certain type of person can make a good partner for you.

This means you have already decided on your path of least resistance.

And because of this…

…Can you see how easy it is to find yourself saying:

“There are no good men/women around to have a serious relationship with.”

Or that “there are not enough “good” men/women to go around… it’s really hard to find one.” 

You choose your path of least resistance...ALWAYS

It’s not random and it’s not magic.

You make the decision long before the creative process begins. It may not seem that way, but that is the state of play.

It’s an inside job.



The more I look, the more I see that nothing is as big a deal as we like to make it.

Our preconceived ideas about things and endless thinking about them are what make them seem bigger than they really are.

And these preconceived ideas/baselines are what get in way of things coming together a lot faster into our lives.


There was a time I used to think $100k was a big deal.

And that it would take forever and me having to sell my left arm before it could come into my life.

You can guess what happened right?

It never came into my life.

And then I started seeing people who were creating millions of dollars and suddenly, $100k didn’t seem like the big deal I had made it up to be.

Plus I didn’t have to give up my left arm for it as I had previously assumed.

The point I’m trying to make here is:

Stories we make up in our minds about things and ourselves are at best "inaccurate assumptions" that we have a habit of taking as gospel truth.

Nowadays I don’t spend time clinging to what I ‘think’ is right or wrong, or what my identity or values are, or what I think I know about anything.

Because the truth is, I know nothing about anything.

Everything is fluid and changes.

And things decide how and when they want to come.


My job is just to get out of the way with my preconceived ideas and default habit of excessive thinking around transient thought structures in my mind.

Doing this doesn’t mean that my life is going into free fall.

What it means instead, is that I trust a lot more in my innate wisdom and common sense that is always present in all of us at every single moment.

It also means there is more space in my head to see a deeper truth about things as they are and not as ‘I think’ they should be.


Once you’re able to allow yourself to do this, you’ll begin to see true paths of least resistance open up to you with your common sense and innate wisdom.

Rather than paths set up with preconceived ideas and stale thought structures.

And your new paths of least resistance will always be ‘fit for purpose’ and not just for ‘design and aesthetics.’

In other words, at the end of the day, it doesn’t matter how what you want comes as long as it comes right?


So as we end the conversation, here’s to not making things a big deal.

And also getting out of the way to let common sense and innate wisdom create more paths of least resistance to the things you desire.

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