Manifesting Your Life Goals: How To Make It Happen Faster With Ease

Creating more of what you want to see in your life is less about what technique you use and more about HOW you see the process.


When it comes to the topic of ‘manifesting’ or ‘reinventing yourself’ or “creating from the inside-out”…

…a lot of us believe that it’s all the techniques, strategies and steps.

And that once we get the steps and process, everything else should technically fall into place.

But if you’re reading this, you know that’s not the case.

A majority of us end to get in our own way…

And after many re-inventions, I’m going to share with you what I’ve discovered about manifesting life goals and creating lasting results faster with ease.

Let’s get started.

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portrait of woman with text overlay - Manifesting Life Goals:how to make it happen faster with ease. Change your world. Convert ideas into action. Make big transformations happen in small enjoyable steps.

It's never only about the techniques you's more about the insights you get moment by moment

So, a while back, I was in a conversation with my cousin who’s about 10 years younger than I am.

And she’s somewhat still in that phase of ticking things off a list and doing what she thinks needs to happen before success can come.

But she’s struggling.

And she sometimes can’t seem to see her way through – no matter how “positive” she tries to be about it all.

Our conversation covered a lot of things.

But it centred mainly around creativity and the nature of our momentary thinking that gets us doubting ourselves and the wisdom that is a core part of who we are.


You see…

…We all have those things in our lives that we’ve been chasing or doing for so long in the hopes that they will get us to that magical destination where everything will be okay.

For me, back then, it was about having a certain amount of money.

For one of my friends, it was getting married and having a baby…

…And today, for my cousin, it’s getting a certain type of job that pays a certain amount.


On the surface, these aren’t bad goals to have.

But, for each of these scenarios, we all had a specific idea of how these things were supposed to come into our lives.

And so we followed the pre-determined path and kept pushing until in my case, burnout, hair loss, binge eating and that whole mess happened.

But here’s what flipped the script for me…

I started asking myself:

What would make this (manifesting) journey the most enjoyable one yet?

In the past, I would start every creative journey by asking:

How can I make this happen as quickly as possible?

But changing the parameters and the question that I asked is what changed the game.

This simple shift is what changed how I show up.

And changing how I show up changed the game.


You see, rather than looking for ways not to screw up…

…Or adding new strategies and things that I thought would help me achieve my life goals…

…My most enjoyable time in this manifesting journey, would include:

letting go of things that I didn’t want to do anymore.

Simply asking a different question will make you see yourself and your manifesting journey in a different way.

When I asked myself a different question, it didn’t mean that my life goals or things that I wanted to create in my life changed..

…But it meant that the activities I engaged in to get to my destination changed.

I focused more on 8+ activities. 


Asking myself what would make the journey my most enjoyable yet meant that I was noticing a pattern to the types of activities I engaged in.

I noticed that my activities generally fell into certain categories:

1. Things that I enjoyed and showed up to regardless of if they brought in money for me or worked out the way I hoped they would.

2. Things that I enjoyed doing If the opportunities arose but wouldn’t necessarily force myself to make happen if the opportunity didn’t arise

3. Things that I did just for the money (or whatever benefit I could squeeze from them) 

4. Things that I hated doing – even if they paid like gangbusters

It’s not a mistake to see that category 1 is what manifesting and creating from the inside out with innate wisdom is all about.


The activities in category 1, were my 8+ activities.

On a scale of 1-10, they were those activities that sat at an 8 or above.

The things in category 2, were things that could be an 8+ if I chose but wouldn’t necessarily push myself to do.


Going on the premise that I wanted to make the journey my most enjoyable yet, I started focusing more on the activities in category 1 and stayed open to activities in category 2 moving up to a category one.

I let go of or delegated things in category 3 and 4.


Surprisingly, whilst my calendar started looking very light at times, there seemed to be a heck of a lot more impact taking place in my life.

This has come simply from making space and letting go of the lower level items.

I used to feel guilty that every single hour of my day wasn’t taken up doing stuff.

That I wasn’t doing as much as I thought I should to achieve my life goals but…

If the whole point of manifesting your life goals faster is to make it your most enjoyable journey yet... does it matter HOW the journey looks?

So as we wrap up here’s a little experiment for you for manifesting your life goals a bit faster.

In the next few days, we’re starting a new 90-day cycle (I like to work and design my life in 90-day cycles).


All the life goals and resolutions that you set at the start of the year must have settled in by now.

And you’re beginning to get a clearer picture of what you really want to see come to life for you in this period

So rather than ask yourself how to make what you want to happen a lot quicker (which is what most people email me about)…


Ask yourself:

“What would make this manifesting journey my most enjoyable one yet?”


At the end of the next 90 days, what would have happened, what activities would you have engaged in and what experiences would you have had to make it the most enjoyable yet?

What activities are you engaged in for your manifesting or creativity journey that are less than an 8+ for you right now?

Also, what are those activities clogging up the space?


Because you see, you need to make space for innate wisdom to come through.

And it can’t show itself when you’re creating so much noise with what you “think” you need to do.


When it comes to creating from the inside-out (or manifesting)…

…Enjoyment and engagement are the two key ingredients.

As you show up and engage with what’s in front of you, enjoying yourself as you go along…

… momentum begins to happen.

The path of least resistance begins to reveal itself to you.

And that’s when people around you begin to tell you “how lucky you are”

So here’s to your most enjoyable quarter yet.

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portrait of brunette woman with text overlay -Manifesting Your Life Goals: How to make it happen faster. Harness the natural power of your innate wisdom and discover how to change your vibration to create more of what you want from the inside-out .
portrait of brunette woman in open grass field with text overlay - Manifesting Your Goals Faster. Discover how to change your vibration to create more of what you want from faster from the inside-out. Harness the natural power of your innate wisdom.
portrait of woman with text overlay - find your power. Harness the natural power of your innate wisdom. Discover how to change your vibration to create more of what you want faster from inside-out..

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