One powerful insight for how to achieve natural weight loss for good

Losing weight with willpower and motivation can't be sustained. Permanent and lasting change starts with connecting with who we are from inside out.


Today we’re talking about natural weight loss.

 In fact:

I’m going to share with you simple insights and natural ways to lose weight from the inside out.

These simple insights are what have transformed my journey and experience with food and my body from fearful and painful to one that is full of quiet confidence and total alignment with WHO I am.

And I know it could do the same for you too.

So If you’d like a different way of how to lose weight without dieting then this could help point you to something that could make the difference.

Let’s dive in

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When it comes to natural weight loss, most of us have a complicated relationship with our food, bodies and generally ourselves.

I’ll start by saying that if you’re here reading this, then you most likely know everything there is to know about diets.

And you also know that no matter how successful you are at it, one thing remains constant on your journey and that is:


The fear that you may gain the weight back OR fear that you may never lose all the weight that you think you need to lose.

There’s also the fear of food and how you interact with it and most importantly fear of yourself.

I know this because I’ve also been on that merry go round.

It feels like you’re ticking all the boxes and doing everything you’re supposed to do but the weight isn’t falling off as fast you think it should.

You get desperate and switch to a new program or maybe give up and decide to “love yourself just as you are” – even though you know deep down you still want the weight to come off.

And so the vicious cycle keeps happening.

But here’s the thing:

In my experience, a majority of people that struggle with their weight either have health complications that cause it or they use food in some form or the other as a coping mechanism for something else going on in their lives.

It seems like a controversial thing to say but almost all clients I meet that struggle with their weight tend to use food as a coping mechanism of some sort in their lives.

But as with all coping mechanisms, it can end up causing bigger issues than the original problem if we’re not careful.

So punishing your body or restricting food is never the answer when it comes to natural weight loss.

Because food was never the root cause of the problem.


Going beyond food to understand how your mind works and how we create our emotions moment by moment is where lasting change will happen.


When it comes to losing weight for good, a majority of us mix up feelings with facts and then look in the wrong direction for change.

This simple misunderstanding of how lasting change occurs is where the problem starts.


When most of us want to lose weight, we do so because we want to “feel” a certain way.

In my case, though I may not have admitted it out loud, I wanted to feel beautiful, in control of my life and validated by the people around me that kept commenting about my weight.


But what I failed to realise is that just as it is with the “feeling of happiness,”

…Feeling beautiful and feeling in control (or whatever emotion you crave) is temporary.

It isn’t something that is permanent like a stone that sits inside of us.

Instead, it’s made of thought and it is fluid.

And It keeps moving and changing moment by moment based on the thoughts that flow inside of us.


Ponder on this for a minute:

Are you always happy for 24 hours of the day?

Does the “feeling” of happiness come and go at different moments or does it stay permanent in you?

If the feeling of happiness doesn’t stay permanent in you 24 hours a day, does this mean that there’s something wrong with you because of this?

Do you therefore believe that because you’re not feeling happy all the time, it is a problem above all others that has to be solved immediately?


Most people would answer “NO” to these questions.

And this is the same with whatever “feeling” you’re chasing with weight loss.

Based on the thoughts passing through us moment by moment, sometimes we feel beautiful and sometimes we don’t.

Sometimes we feel in control and sometimes we don’t.


But what is fundamental and what remains underneath all these momentary feelings is WHO we really are; it is constant and unchangeable.

And that is what a majority of us fail to see.

We fail to see our true nature.

Who we are underneath all the noise of our thinking and feelings.


We believe that our feelings are all there are.

And if we believe this, It’s easy to see how some of us can easily turn to food as a coping mechanism to numb unpleasant feelings we don’t want to experience.

And it’s also easy to see how others may turn to alcohol, sex or other vices to take the edge off.

Until they become bigger monsters than the original feelings we were trying to escape

So what has all this got to do with how to lose weight naturally for good?

Because a majority of us can’t see underneath the noise of our thinking, we inevitably get dragged around by our feelings.


We spend so much time, taking so many actions to try and create a solution to the feelings we have moment by moment.

And in the case of feelings we have about our bodies, we get dragged into fad diets, excessive exercise, food restrictions and much more.


The mistake most of us make when it comes to losing weight is starting with the false premise that:

The “feeling” of beauty (or whatever feelings we chase with weight loss) is a permanent state that we have to attain and maintain.

And some of us take this further by believing that this permanent state of  emotion or feeling can ONLY begin with us being a certain physical size.

So we start with chasing emotions that are by nature temporary and then we create a solution to that feeling: Weight loss.


You can see how this can easily become a problem in the long term right?

Because there is no solution to a temporary feeling.


Weight loss on its own can never make you “feel” a certain way.

Even though it doesn’t seem that way when you have awful feelings about yourself and your body,

The feelings are temporary.

And they come as a result of thought that pass through you moment by moment.


There is nothing you need to do about them.

You certainly don’t need to go on a fad diet or exercise even more.


Now, am I saying that wanting to lose weight is bad thing?


But what I’m saying is:

If you’re trying to lose weight so you can “feel” a certain way, you will always struggle and self sabotage.


It will always feel like you’re not secure.

Because there is no action you can take that will create and maintain “a feeling”

That’s just not the way the system of the mind works.

For weight loss to occur naturally and the results to be lasting, you'll have to separate your temporary feelings from fact.

Feelings are an inside job.

It’s like a mining process and you have to go deeper to get the feeling.

There’s no action you can take on the outside to create them.

Because everything you feel about your body and yourself is created from inside – regardless of what your body size is at the moment.


But results you want to create are an outside job.

They are like a manufacturing process.

You have to show up and engage with the facts to get the results.


Feelings have nothing to do with your manufacturing process but they can sabotage it if you’re not aware of how the system of your mind works.


The more I started seeing that my perceptions and feelings had nothing to do with anything outside of me including my body size, the easier to lose weight without dieting;

It was easier to lose weight without using exercise as punishment.


I actually started enjoying exercise and enjoying food without overthinking everything about that process.

And most importantly, It became easier not put pressure on myself to be a certain size in a certain time frame.


I could separate my temporary thinking about myself and events occurring in my life from my body and it’s function.

And in doing that, I could allow it to do what it’s supposed to do without constant interference from me.


I didn’t keep getting in the way of my body doing what it does.

So it was able to get back to its true size without interference from whatever crazy or fearful thoughts going on in mind moment by moment.

In effect I was able to lose weight from the inside out.

A natural weight loss that doesn’t depend on anything but just connecting to WHO I am at my core.

What if I told you that like your mind has its own system, your body speaks to you every single moment.

It sends you signals of what path to take moment by moment. And there is no need for you to “overthink” what you need to do to get the wellbeing and body you crave.

Because you see, just as innate wisdom is something that is fundamentally “baked in” to who we are, innate wellbeing is also our default state.


Just as we don’t have to work to get clarity and wisdom, wellbeing is not something that we have to work to get. 

They are all things are a natural part of us.


If we allow ourselves or permit ourselves to do so, we always fall back to that default state – no matter what.

The only time wellbeing seems far away from us is when we allow ourselves to get dragged away from it with the thoughts and feelings passing through us moment by moment.

And we take corresponding actions that lead to physical manifestations of this distance away from wellbeing.


Just as the feelings you experience are traffic signals that tell you the quality of thoughts you’re currently focused on; 

Your body is also a traffic signal for things that you eat or do it.

But your body already knows what works for it and what doesn’t. It can help you build your own bespoke plan.

Most of us get carried away with new diets and health plans every single year.

But when you focus moment by moment on the signals your body sends, it means you will never have to try any new diets again.

And I say this from personal experience.


Every time I eat or do something, my body immediately gives a response of how it feels about it.

I don’t have to wait for long. It always responds immediately.


And I what quickly realised is  that I didn’t need to buy or follow yet another diet; It seems that my body had already been giving me the information.

It had always been giving signals as I moved away from my innate wellbeing.

Learning these signals is what gave me back control.

What this means is that we don't have to think so many thoughts and feel so many feelings about food and so many other things.

All we ever have to do is show up and trust that our bodies would give us signals of how to navigate the rest.

Sure, at the start of your journey, you’ll have to learn more about what a portion of food looks like.

You’ll also have to learn how to listen to know when you’re full or not.


But here’s what’ve I noticed so far:

On the whole, I no longer feel like things are out of my control and that I have to subjugate my body or mind in any way.

And the weight loss has been happening


The point I’m trying to make is that your body will ALWAYS tell you when you’re going far away from your innate wellbeing.

It always gives a feedback to everything that you do to it. And that feedback is almost always immediate.


And if you choose to permit yourself to listen and look out for that feedback, you will find yourself back at your default place of wellbeing a lot quicker than you imagine.

At this default place of wellbeing, you body will find it’s true size.

Final word on how to achieve natural weight loss for good.

Food and your body are never the problem when it comes to your weight.

So trying to restrict them to create outcomes and feelings is always a surefire way of creating more problems in the long run.


Understanding how thoughts and feelings work mean that you can see the bigger picture, and not just the smaller temporary thoughts and feelings passing through you

As you see the bigger picture, you’ll also see that every part of you always works to guide you back to your true nature of innate health, well-being and wisdom.

There is less to do than you think but there is always more to see and believe – always

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