The spiritual understanding that underpins my work is derived from a field of spiritual psychology called the THREE PRINCIPLES.  It shows how our entire experience of life is created. The combination of these three universal principles describes how all human experience is created. When you’re able to demystify what makes the engine work, the fear of failure seems less powerful. 


The principle of the universal mind describes the wisdom or intelligence that is the source of all life. It is the power source of all living things and is running through us, always.

The hope for you is this: Accepting this premise means you are not alone. You are part of this infinite intelligence and therefore you also have that innate intelligence or wisdom within you that you can tap into at any moment to face any circumstance that you face in your life

Your path of least resistance is always available to help you manifest the specific outcomes that you want. There is less to do thank you think.


The principle of thought is how we come to experience or create life. Everything we know comes to us via thought. The principle of thought is the bridge that transforms the energy pool of the universal mind into something tangible and real that we can experience.

The hope for you is this: Every experience  you have is created moment by moment. Life is not just happening to you. You may not be able to control the events around you, but you have control over how you experience it.

Our opinions, memories, judgements, blame, excitement and compassion are just a small sample of what we have to power to create in our minds.

And if you’ve always had that power, then your job is to learn how to leverage it. So you’re a space for amazing things to show up for you.


The principle of consciousness is what makes everything “feel real”. It is “awareness”. It is what brings your thinking to life, delivering a vivid, sensory experience of what is actually going on inside your head in reaction to any events that occur in your life.

The hope for you is this: understanding how your consciousness makes your thinking feel real, means you are no longer bound to that worry-filled thought that fills you with pain and dread. This is what allows you to easily find a new perspective that is less reactive and more compassionate to you. In other words, you can change the narrative for yourself at any given moment.

So this means that the “blocks” and “resistance” that you’ve been holding onto when it comes to money, relationships and all the things you want to manifest are things that can and will change very quickly.

Taken together, the three principles of mind, thought and consciousness account for every experience we ever have in life. Powered by the universal mind, thought creates our experience, and consciousness creates brings the experience to life for us. Every moment of our lives occurs within us by the interplay of these three principles.

We are not the experiences we have. We are the universal intelligence in physical form. We have been blessed with these wonderful resources and gifts of thought and consciousness that allow us to create and manifest an always-changing experience of life. 

want to learn how to use these grounding principles to create big transformations and lasting change?

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