Problem Solving From The Inside Out

The size of the problems we face is based on the volume of the thinking we have about them.


Today, we’re looking at problem solving from the inside out. 

I’ll show you how when you look at situations from the inside out, there’s no such thing as a big problem.

And that the size of the problems we face is solely based on how much we’re thinking about the situation.

You’ll also see how we define problems and how letting go of old thoughts will always make space for fresh solutions – always.

Let’s get started.

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The Principles Behind Our Experiences As Human Beings Are Always In Play

A while back, I had a conversation with a potential client.

We were exploring what she felt were the big things she was up against.

And the main thing I noticed that kept coming up so often was…


Intellectually, she understood that as human beings, our experiences are always created from the inside out.

She “got” that we’re all “feeling” our thinking moment by moment.

But the problem she had was seeing how this knowledge could “fix” the big problem she was facing in her life.

And it occurred to me that this is where a majority of us get stuck.


We view the inside out understanding of the human experience the same way we might view a recipe for baking a cake or something.

Or we think that the insight or knowledge of how we create our experiences as human beings can be used as a tool or process to “fix” things in our lives.


But what I’m always pointing you to, is that rather than see how we create our experiences as some process, recipe or tool…

Try to see it the same way that you would view the law of gravity or the sun that rises and sets each day without fail.


The difference between the two instances is this:

The sun will always rise and set each and every day.

And the law of gravity never changes regardless of what you do.

It is always in play.


Whether you choose to drop a plate from the 11th floor of a building or go bungee jumping or push something down from a great height… the law of gravity NEVER changes.

It keeps giving you the same result.

The law of gravity doesn’t care whether you know about it or not.
And it doesn’t care if you acknowledge it or not.

It just keeps showing up in your life at every single moment.


And this is the same for the inside out understanding of the human experience.

The mistake a lot of us make is that we think we can manipulate it as we would a recipe or process.

That just as we can use a recipe to get a particular type of cake, we can use the inside out understanding to get a particular type of outcome that we want…

And once we get the outcome we want, we can then set it aside and go back to living our lives until we need to use it again to solve another problem.


But that is where part of the problem comes from.

It’s not the fact that you can’t see the interplay of how we create our experiences as human beings but rather, it’s that your starting point and assumptions about it are slightly skewed.

Whether you acknowledge it or not, it is still in play in your life every single moment.

So here are 4 things that I’ve found helpful in keeping me grounded enough to keep seeing something different about how we create our experiences…

and most importantly, what to do when we face situations we believe are massive problems that can’t be solved:

1. Show up and respond only to what shows up.

A lot of us are stuck in our heads a majority of the time.

When we’re not dissecting the past, we’re most definitely trying to predict the future.

But here’s the thing:

The past is just a thought and so is the future. They don’t exist.


Yes, events in the past occurred, and you experienced and felt all that you had to feel about it when it was happening.

But is there any point in feeling those same emotions again?

Will they help you respond to what is showing up right now in your present moment?


Same goes for the future.

There are so many permutations to it that it doesn’t make sense to hold on to just one stale version of it in your mind.


The only way you can guarantee anything is if you show up without pre-conceived ideas about anything and respond to what is showing up for you at this moment.


And here’s the key part:

As you show up to respond to things that are coming up, you can either choose to view and define the situation in a way that is problematic or in a way that isn’t.


In other words, when you’re approaching situations that you face in this way, you’ll begin to see that there’s no such thing as a “big problem”

We make up things as problems based on the thoughts that we have about the situation we face moment by moment.

And the more thinking we have about it, the bigger the “problem” seems.


But why create problems that you don’t know how to solve?

A majority of us don’t realise that events are just that – events.

Situations simply occur moment by moment around us and we are the ones that get to define what is problematic or not about it.

We can make things up in a way that is problematic or make them up in a way that isn’t.

And we do this by simply showing up and responding to what’s showing up right now. 

2. Whatever shows up for you at each moment as you show up, is always the 3 principles in disguise.

Without exception, everything that shows up is based on the interplay of thought, consciousness and the universal mind

How you “see it” is how you respond and show up to it. 

And if you give yourself enough space to see something different about it, you will respond to it differently.

But here’s another place where most of us suffer.


We all have habitual ways of viewing situations. And because of this, we respond to these situations in our default and habitual ways.

And more often than not, these habitual responses are usually set up in ways that are problematic.


Usually, once a thought about something we believe is important crosses our minds, we latch on it and have a whole lot of habitual thinking about it.

We fail to see that there’s really nothing to think about as such.

It is just “thought” taking on a particular form and if we leave it alone, it will change again and again and again.

Because that is its nature.

That is why we’ve always been told that if we’re struggling to find a solution to something, it’s best to leave it alone and come back to it later.


The act of leaving things alone is what settles your mind and takes you back to your default state.

It is what also creates space for “thought” to do what it does in you… to change without any interference from you.

So that you when you come back to it, you’ll see something different without the stress, effort or unnecessary suffering.

Most importantly, you’ll not have to rely on your habitual behaviour for problem solving.

3. No change happens without permission

A lot us of say we want to change and we want something new in our situation and lives. 

Though, when it comes down to it, we hang on to what is familiar.

But here’s the thing:

What is unknown is simply what is uncreated.

That’s it.

It’s not strange or unsafe, it’s just not been created yet.


And when you give yourself permission to step away from what is familiar but stale and allow yourself hang out in the unknown…

…That’s when paths and solutions begin to open up for you.

But unfortunately, what causes problems for a majority of us is that we cling on tightly to those familiar thought patterns and structures.


The act of holding on to those familiar thought patterns is what tells you that you’re not ready for the change you want.

And that’s okay. 

It’s not bad.

But It just explains why you feel stuck even when you’re taking so much action to solve the problem.


When you truly give yourself permission to have a solution, you’ll know it… because you won’t spend so much time trying to justify why it feels good to do things in one particular way. 


You’ll be open to as many paths as possible to get you to your destination.

Because after all, it is the destination that is the end game here right?

4. Don't take yourself too seriously.

Honestly, if this is the only thing you get from this conversation, then you’re miles ahead of a lot of folks out there.

As we wrap up, this is what I’m going to say here:

When you learn not to take yourself too seriously, you begin to see that who you are, changes with each thought that passes through you moment by moment.

And so does the problem or situation that you face.

Nothing is written in stone, so there’s nothing that you MUST be or do at any time before anything can happen for you.

Life will keep unfolding as you keep showing up at each moment to respond to what shows up.

And you’ll get the freshest ideas for every situation at the moment that you need it and never before.

The more you relax and drop the lists in your head of what you think has to happen, the quicker things unfold. 

Coincidences and synchronicities arise.

Life really doesn’t have to be more complicated than it needs to be.

Final Word On Problem Solving From The inside-Out

Most often, when I talk about problem solving in this manner, I get people that say:

“Well, losing my job, getting sick, running out of money is a real problem.

It’s not something that I made up in my mind.”

But my response is this:

There are logistical issues that we all face moment by moment.

Losing your job, cash flow issues, illness etc..these are logistical issues that we have to deal with.


What makes them into a big problem, small problem or no problem at all in our minds, is what we’ve just been talking about.


You may have logistical issues that you have to deal with but what makes it seem like a big problem is how you’re making it up in your mind.


And when you can see that how big a problem seems always comes from inside you…

…It gets easier to allow your innate intelligence to guide you to a less painful solution when facing logistical issues rather than relying on your habitual responses that will most likely create more unnecessary suffering.

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