lasting change


Feel clear, calm and peaceful – no matter what

Here's what is really holding you back from the transformation and change you crave...

Learning techniques, tips and strategies is important for your continual growth – no doubt about it.

However, there’s a hidden danger that comes with constantly chasing new and endless information that no one ever speaks about.


The danger is mistaking all the information and techniques as your ability to connect with yourself and others around you.

And make no mistake, the ability to connect to yourself and to others is the key to any kind of transformation and reinvention that you crave.


A true connection to yourself and others is what ensures that whilst you may not have all the information, techniques and experience in every situation that you face,

You will ALWAYS get to the heart of whatever situation you face quickly and effortlessly, to create the outcome you desire with less struggle than you imagine.


The danger of mistaking information and techniques as the key to the change you crave is that it becomes a never ending race for you to keep finding more and better information and strategies.

Once you fall into this trap, you’ll be pushing aside your innate intelligence which intuitively knows how to deeply connect with YOU and to others around you. 


Forgetting to tap into your innate intelligence is what will go against your FLOW. 

And any technique or strategy can easily become a barrier between you and the spontaneous paths of least resistance of your innate intelligence.

This is why you can suddenly feel like your life is stagnant, stuck and unstable – even though the world thinks you’re doing great.


It’s the reason why you may sometimes feel like your life is on hold and why you feel like you’re constantly busy but not achieving anything.

And it’s also the reason why you may not feel fulfilled – even with all your graduate degrees and stuff you’ve done to meet the world’s expectation of success.

It is what also leads to you feeling trapped in your day-to-day life with no control over its trajectory or feeling distant and disconnected from it.

There is no deep connection. And without deep connection, there can be no profound transformation.


To unleash your “X-factor” to your life which doesn’t imitate anyone else nor bow to other’s expectations, you need to master the elements of how to create transformation and impact from the inside-out.

Ready To Get Clear, Calm And Peaceful - No matter what is going on around you?

Myth: If you have the steps and strategies, then everything will work out.

Fact: It’s never about having more information and strategies. You already have ENOUGH of that. It’s about seeing different with small moments of INSIGHTS.

it's time to set all the rules on fire and let go of all the myths we've been conditioned to think
is required to get the life you want.

Inside the PROJECT:YOU Course...

You will receive simple, practical tools and straight to the point guidance you've been wanting to help you navigate life with ease.

You will learn how to remain calm, peaceful, and at ease - no matter what challenges life brings you

what they say..


As soon as you enrol you will receive instant access to all training modules in the program so you can start taking inspired action in your life right away.

You’ll get your password where all the course materials are held privately online.

There’s no expiration date or deadline to go through the course, as long as the course is alive in the world, you’ll have unlimited access!

Take a look inside your journey
in the PROJECT: YOU Course


Creating Your Reality.

Discover what is true for all human beings and how we create our feelings and daily experiences.


The Search For Happiness.

Discover the false premises that create misunderstandings in our search for a happy life.
And how to maintain your sense of wellbeing – no matter what is going on around you.


The Future & Setting Goals

Discover how to make the future meet you at your present moment.
Better and less angst-ridden ways of setting goals. How to let go of trying to control every circumstance. Plus, a creative process that is more supportive to you.


Anxiety, Stress & Depression

A different but more helpful way of looking at anxiety and stress. Where your feelings come from.
Why positive thinking doesn’t work and why there’s no such thing as a “bad” day.


Making Effective Decisions.

Discover the implications of the inside-out understanding in making decisions.

Why most decisions aren’t as important as we think they are and why some decisions seem can seem so overwhelming and difficult.

A simpler and more intuitive way of making decisions.

And Why you can’t “get it wrong.”


Productivity & Getting Stuff Done.

Discover a more useful measure of looking at productivity and getting stuff done.

Learn the advantage of real time intelligence.

How to create consistent results by being average and why time isn’t an accurate measure of productivity.


Confidence, Rejection & How To Ask Anyone For Anything.

Learn what the word NO means and how to bounce back from rejection.
Discover how to ask for anything from anyone. Also, how to build unshakable confidence and improve your performance in any endeavour.


Relationships & Creating Connections.

The common and false premises we most often have when it comes to building networks and creating connections.

How to connect with anyone no matter what is happening around you.

Maintaining your sense of peace no matter what the relationship looks like in the present moment.

And how to set yourself up to create relationships aligned to WHO you are and not what you think you should be.


Money & Being Financially Fearless.

Discover what money is and the false premises that cause problems.

Also, how to create money from the inside-out.

Sales. negotiating and how to maintain your sense of peace regardless of what your bank account says.


Letting Go.

Discover the simple but powerful method for how to let go to allow more of the things you want. Learn why the chase for certainty is an illusion and what to do instead. How to use your past experiences more effectively.

6 Powerful breakthroughs you'll experience in this program

Learn The Universal Scientific Principles Of What Makes Us Human

You’ll understand the universal science of transformation so you can create phenomenal results for yourself at any stage of life/ career or business that you find yourself in.

Experience Insights-based learning to unleash your creative potential in any situation

There are no techniques to learn, there are only simple experiments that get you to see your own unlimited potential and create your own “ahas”

Get Better Results With Less Effort And Stress

Transformation based on the universal principles leads to change happening in a shorter span of time than with traditional methods so you feel more grounded and at peace much faster.

Connect At A Deeper Level Than You ever Thought Possible.

When you understand the universal principles of transformation, you’ll be able to listen and connect with yourself and others at a much deeper level. It is this connection that cuts out all the noise and enables you to get to the heart of any situation to create solutions and results quickly.

Grow Bullet-Proof Confidence And Create A Bigger Transformation And Impact In Your Life.

You’ll discover that it’s not certificates, qualifications and experience  that build confidence and creates lasting change. It all about your connection to yourself and others at a level most authentic to your and their nature. Once you do this, the impact you create will be bigger, faster and greater.

Expand Your Creative Potential and Unlock The Freedom To Live Your Best Life.

Because you’re no longer bound by techniques, strategies and routines, you’ll have the freedom to  approach life in a more dynamic way that is unique to you. you’ll develop your own techniques and know when to “set all the rules on fire.”

In other words, life will become more exciting and you’ll be more relaxed and at ease whilst creating more impact and prosperity moment by moment.


“I have read so many articles, listened to podcasts, watched YouTube videos and read quote after quote this week, as well as talking to family and friends and I can honestly say you are the first that truly resonated with me!

… It’s completely changed the way I feel about my life in my current situation of feeling completely stuck”

Katie M

Aren't Your Ready To End The Vicious Cycle Of...

  • Doing things just for the sake of doing them, and feeling like a prisoner to a life that no longer satisfies.
  • Constantly doing what is “expected” of you but still feeling stuck and stagnant?
  • Working hard for empty achievements and titles, while a certain sense of lightness, and the true meaning of things seems to elude you.
  • Missing out on opportunities because you’re waiting for the perfect time to share yourself, message and genius with the world.
  • Living with a lack of direction and motivation. Being unclear about who you are and where you want to go. Feeling like life is passing you by whilst you walk around blindfolded in a maze.
  • Feeling that no matter what you do, you’re not good enough to get the life you really want.

Are you ready to unlock the freedom to live your best life, expand your creative potential and start getting better results with less effort and less stress?

What They Say

A little more about me...

I’m Elizabeth Archibong. For a while, I was a girl who on the outside seemed like all was okay. But on the inside, battled with anxiety and depression and used binge eating as a coping mechanism. 

One day,  I decided to go all in and give myself a chance. I told myself I would give it 30 days to try out all I’d been learning about how we create our experiences as human beings. 

3 years later, I’m 40 pounds down with a healthy relationship with food , people and situations around me. 

Most importantly, I feel more secure than I’ve ever been about my ability to create whatever outcomes I want in my life – without the hustle and mental stress that we’ve all come to accept as normal.

I truly believe that you CAN be your own inspiration if you give yourself the chance to look in a different direction than the one you’ve been looking in so far.

It is possible to find true freedom. The only question is whether or not you’ll give yourself permission to try.

And on a lighter note, I’m a big fan of anything that has custard on it…just incase you were wondering.

Ready for your reinvention
and transformation?

  • Lifetime access to your 10-week journey designed to give you everything you need to continuously develop your art and mastery of transformation, reinvention and impact.
  • Training audios for every module of the course. Audios that are content rich and insight driven.
  • Experiments to get you into action and getting live and hands-on experience of what you learn.


Most frequent questions and answers

This insights based program is for anyone who is ready to create a bigger impact in their lives. People who want to move away from living by others’ expectations and beliefs to seeing themselves more simply and accurately so they create more of what they want to see in their lives with ease.

This program reveals the fundamental truths of what makes us human. And also the universal scientific principles of what drives our potential and transformation as human beings.

What you’ll love about this program is that it doesn’t tell you how to imitate or copy someone else’s style, techniques or outcomes. the results you can get are as endless and infinite as your creative potential and entirely unique to your insights.

As human beings, insight is what powers our creativity and makes our experience of life seem effortless.

Everything created via insight always seems simple and effortless. It’s when we try to “figure it out” as it sometimes is with traditional coaching that it feels like we’re pushing a boulder up a hill.

But when our minds are settled and space begins to open up in there,  insight flows with ease and all the answers we need to create the impact we want, present themselves without effort.

Whatever you learn via insight is yours for life – because you actually see it, no amount of rationalization or push back from the world can take it away from you. This will help you develop the elusive artistry and “X-Factor” life very few know how to achieve on their own.

Pop and email over through the contact page and we’ll get back to you usually within 24-48 hours.

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